How to Use SoThinkMedia Guest Post Service! (Coupon Distribution)

Updated on 2023-02-16
Sothinkmedia offers Guest Post service. This article will show you how to submit an article ad to Sothinkmedia.

SoThinkMedia offers guest post service. This article will show you how to submit an advertising article to SoThinkMedia.

What is Guest Post?

Guest post is an advertising method in which media companies partner with advertisers to create PR articles about the advertisers' services or products and post them in the media to increase their appeal to the target audience belonging to the media. It is also a type of "word-of-mouth" advertising, and is characterized by the fact that it is easily trusted because it is transmitted not from the advertiser but from a third party, such as the media or an individual, whose perspective is the same as that of the consumer.

Effectiveness of Guest Post

Guest post has the following six advantages: "Improved appeal," "Reduced advertising color," "Acquisition of new content," "Selection of target audience," "Easier to convey strengths over competitors," and "Easier to aim for higher SEO rankings.

Improvement of Appealing Effect

By borrowing the brand power of the medium, the appealing power (appealing effect) is increased compared to banner ads and other forms of advertising.

Reduction of Advertising Color

By reporting from a neutral media company's (not the advertiser's) perspective, such as interviews and experience reports, the advertisement color is reduced and a highly credible appeal to the reader is possible.

Acquisition of New Content

Articles can be made available for secondary use, making them semi-permanent in-house content.

Selection of Target Audience

Efficient targeting by selecting media with the target audience you wish to reach.

Easily Communicate your Strengths over the Competition

The characteristic of article advertising is that it can include a large amount of information, which differentiates it from competitors. The key point of article ads is that they convey information from a third party's viewpoint with less advertising color. Therefore, it can convey the features and usage of products and services that are difficult to appeal to in advertisements.

Since the volume of information conveyed in article advertisements is large, it is easy to emphasize the strengths of the company's products and services and communicate how they differ from those of the competition.

It is also recommended that you interview users about your company's strengths in article ads through questionnaires or other means. User feedback can be utilized for business purposes, as it can reveal unexpected strengths and weaknesses that you may not have noticed from your own perspective.

Easy to Aim for High SEO Rankings

In addition, article advertisements can be expected to have the effect of easily aiming for the top of SEO. The effectiveness of your advertisement depends on the content you have created. In order to attract a wide range of users, it is necessary to increase SEO effectiveness and increase the inflow of visitors from search engines.

Article advertisements have strong originality, making them ideal for SEO, and they have the potential to rank highly for a long time for trademarked keywords, which is a great advantage for companies.

Features of SoThinkMedia

SoThinkMedia Guest Post

Official Site:

DR: 56

■Price of Plans

For a detailed explanation of SoThinkMedia Guest Post's purchase options, please have a look at our price list.

Simple Post:$80 (1 dofollow link*1 Article)
Advanced Post:$150 (1 dofollow link*2 Articles) OR (1 Article*2 dofollow links)
Premium Post:$230(1 dofollow link*3 Articles) 
Enterprise Post:$300(1 dofollow link*4 Articles) OR (2 Article*2 dofollow links)

Guest Post Checkout

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■Distribution Period



A site distributing a variety of information such as software, devices, and streaming service.


  • The ratio of male to female users is 5.5:4.5, mainly from 20~40 years old
  • Users are interested in various categories such as software, lifestyle, apps, and living, and are highly motivated to consume in order to enhance their lifestyles

How to Use SoThinkMedia Guest Post Service

Submitting an article ad to SoThinkMedia is easy.

  • First, purchase the plan of your choice at the link below.

Checkout Page

  • Next, upload the article you want to submit (and fill out the basic information).
  • Finally, wait for the article to be reviewed (within 3 business days).


We will refuse to publish articles with inappropriate content.

For example:

- Dissemination of illegal information

- Phishing sites and illegal software

- Content related to pornography, drugs, gambling, etc.

If your article is refused, don't worry, we'll give you a full refund! For more information, you can also check our purchase policy.


As mentioned above, we have shown you how to use the SoThinkMedia Guest Post service. We also distributed a 10% off coupon. We look forward to receiving your articles. If you have any questions, you can contact Yvonne by emailing [email protected].