Explains how to migrate/transfer data from PS4 to PS5 with steps!

By momoka

Explains how to migrate/transfer data from PS4 (PlayStation 4) to PS5 (PlayStation 5) with procedures. We also introduce how to use the extended storage from the online method, so please refer to it when you can not transfer data well.

Is it possible to migrate/transfer data from PS4 to PS5?

The latest home game machine "PS5 (PlayStation 5)" released by SONY in November 2020 .
The PS5, which has become a hot topic for its overwhelming game performance, is equipped with a function (compatibility) that allows you to play PS4 software .

For those who had a PS4, it is possible to experience games that take advantage of the performance of the PS5 by transferring the data and save data of the games that were played in the past to the PS5.

And for data migration to PS5,

  • ①Transfer data directly between PS4 and PS5 connected to the same network
  • ②Use PS4 online (PS5 cloud) storage
  • (3) Use extended storage

There are mainly three methods.

In this article, we will introduce these three migration methods with procedures , so please refer to them.

① How to transfer data directly between PS4 and PS5 connected to the same network

(Image quoted from PlayStation official)

When you hear the word network, you get the impression that it's a bit difficult, but do n't worry, it 's a very simple method .

As a preparation to do,
"Connect PS4 and PS5 to the same network device (ONU or router) with a LAN cable"
"Connect PS4 and PS5 to a network with the same name of wireless LAN"
Just follow the on-screen instructions and you're done.

A wired connection is recommended because the data transfer ends faster , but it's okay if you only have one LAN cable.
If you connect the PS4 and PS5 to the same wireless network and connect the PS4 and PS5 directly with a LAN cable, you can transfer at the same speed as a wired connection, so be sure to remember.

■ Procedure

Start PS4 and log in with the PlayStation Network account used for PS5
(PS4 will remain on until data transfer is complete)

Update system software on PS4

Start PS5 and connect PS4 and PS5 to the same network wired or wirelessly
(Since this procedure and later will be operated on the PS5 screen, it is OK not to connect PS4 to a TV or monitor while it is running)

From the PS5 home screen, select [Settings] > [System] > [System Software] > [Data Transfer] > [Continue]

After selecting "Continue" on the "Prepare data transfer" screen, when the message "PS4 found" appears, press and hold the power button on the PS4 until you hear a sound.

After selecting the data you want to transfer, select "Start data transfer"

After the data transfer, the PS5 will automatically restart and you're done

② How to migrate data using PS4 online (PS5 cloud) storage

(Image quoted from PlayStation official)

Cloud storage (PS5) / online storage (PS4) is a function available to subscribers of PlayStation's paid service "PS Plus" .

It is a service that allows game data to be saved on the Internet. Although the name is different for PS5 and PS4, the functions and storage capacity are the same .
It is possible to take over and transfer data from PS4 to PS5 via this storage.

Note that only save data can be saved in this storage, so the game data must be re-downloaded from a separate disc or the PlayStation Store .

■ Procedure

Start PS4 and log in with the PlayStation Network account used on PS5
(If automatic upload is set, step 3 can be skipped)

From the PS4 home screen, select [Settings] > [Application data management] > [Saved data in system storage] > [Upload to online storage].

After selecting the game data you want to transfer, select "Yes" to upload

Start PS5 and log in with your PlayStation Network account

From the home screen, select [Settings] > [Saved data and games/Apps and saved data] > [Saved data (PS4)] > [Cloud storage].

After selecting the game data you want to transfer, select [Download to internal storage] and execute, and when the download is completed, the transfer is completed.

③ How to migrate data using PS4/PS5 extended storage

(Image quoted from PlayStation official)

The third migration method is to use extended storage .
Expansion storage is a peripheral device that can expand the storage capacity by connecting to the game console, such as HDD and SSD . (also called external HDD/SSD)

If you were using extended storage on PS4, you can play PS4 games just by connecting it to PS5, so it's very smooth.

In addition, in the case of this method, it is possible to transfer the game main data and save data at once, and there are also merits such as being able to download faster than re-downloading from the PS Store .

Also, although it is not directly related to game migration, it should be noted that PS5 games cannot be played if they are saved in extended storage.

■ Procedure

Check if the performance of the extended storage can be used with PS4
(USB 3.0 or more, 250 GB or more, 8 TB or less capacity, if the extended storage is already used on PS4, do not execute from this step to step 3)

Start PS4 and select [Settings] > [Peripherals] > [USB Storage Device] from the home screen.

After selecting the extended storage to be used for migration, select [Initialize as extended storage] (* Note that all data in the extended storage will be deleted
when this procedure is executed ! )

After the initialization is complete, select [Settings] > [Storage] > [System storage] > [Applications] from the home screen
. saved data] > [Copy to USB storage device])

Press the OPTION button and select [Move to Extended Storage], then check the data you want to transfer and select [Move]
. so replace accordingly)

Turn off the PS4 and remove the extended storage after confirming that the power lamp is off

Boot PS5 after connecting extended storage to PS5

If the extended storage is recognized and you can play games for PS4, migration is complete

If you do not want to use the extended storage on the PS5 in the future, move the data from the extended storage to the internal storage
(PS5 has less internal storage capacity than PS4 (1TB type or Pro), so it is recommended to use the extended storage as it is! )

Is it possible to carry over the theme used on PS4?

At this time, it is not possible to set the theme on PS5 .

Information on the topic is summarized below.

Also check PS4 game software that can be upgraded to the PS5 version!

So far, we have introduced the procedure for transferring PS4 game data to PS5, but some PS4 games have PS5 versions that have been adjusted for PS5 .

Some of these software can be upgraded from the PS4 version to the PS5 version for cheap or free of charge, so it is recommended to upgrade according to the data migration.
Let's experience the graphics unique to the PS5 version and the improved loading speed.

However, in the case of PS4 software purchased in the disc version, it is necessary to be careful because it can not be upgraded unless it is a PS5 with a disc drive