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Updated on 2022-01-12
Want to make your photos look perfect? Try these easy online photo merge apps for android, windows, and iOS. Know about the features, pros, cons, and more.

If you're a photographer, we can understand your struggle. Clicking photos is just 50% of the whole work; the other 50% includes photo editing. A good photo editor tool can make even a dull photo look lively, all you need is a good photo editing software. With a photo editor tool, you can merge photos, add filters, and do other such work to create a unique picture. 

We have gathered some of the best photo editing applications and photo merge apps that are available on the market; some of them are paid, while some are free.

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1. Gimp

Are you a beginner? Even if you are, this photo editor can help you. For years, Gimp has been ruling the hearts of people with its free and top-notch functions. In 1996, it came to light for the first time, and since then, people have been pouring their love over it. One of the best editors for those who used to search things such as how to merge two photos, how to merge photos, and other such things. Because this software is best for beginners. 

It's okay; we know that it must be embarrassing for you to accept that you have been paying a huge sum of money till now to edit pictures. But with Gimp, you can avail yourself of the benefit of several incredible editing functions without losing a penny. Isn't it like a dream come true? Whether you want a photo merge free option or you want to fine-tune the contrast of a pic, you can do it all here! Moreover, Gimp supports many photo file formats to give you a seamless editing experience.


1. It has a bunch of high-quality functions, which are better than most of the expensive editing software. 

2. It comes with more than 150 filters and effects—to increase the quality of your pictures.

3. Gimp is open-source and Free.


1. Intuitive interface to help new users.

2. Numerous tools with excellent quality.

3. Available to everyone


1. Some amateur editors may feel overwhelmed with its technical tools.

2. Prone to bugs and glitches

Supported Platforms 

MacOS, Windows, Linux

Why we picked it 

What could be better than a free photo editor software with a bunch of excellent functions. The best photo editor software on the internet. That's why it deserves to be on #1.

2. Adobe Lightroom

The most popular software has arrived. Although there is a lot of tough competition in this genre, Lightroom can still surpass all with its unique functions, which are very useful. If you're one of those editors or photographers who have a huge volume of work, Lightroom can help you with its ability to batch-edit. 

This editing software can meet all your photo editing needs; want to edit extensively? You can. Want to change the background of the skyline? Consider it done. Almost everything is possible in it! If you are ready to spend money on an editor, then it could be a good choice too.


1. Great features like HDR and panorama integration, and face recognition can make most of your tasks easy.

2. It also comes with optional cloud storage and a mobile app.

3. Profile-based lens corrections and a healing brush to adjust noise and chromatic aberration is similar to that of Photoshop's


 1. Various files can be shared easily with it.

2. Great app for those who have bulk work

3. Supports all kinds of RAW file formats.


1. Even a non-professional editor has to buy its premium account to get access to its features. 

2. Not a decent option for beginners. 

Supported Platforms 

Windows, macOS

Why we picked it

Everyone loves Lightroom. It has tons of great features which are hard to find. Between #1 to #3, all of them deserve to be on the top. We have differentiated them based on their prices. And because it is cheaper than Fotophire. That's why we have given Lightroom this position. 

3. Wondershare Fotophire

Wondershare's Fotophire comes with a lot of advanced features, but at the same time, it's expensive too. We always hunt for an application where we can edit photos, crop photos, photo merge, and other such things. But your hunt ends here with Fotophire. This all-rounder photo editor can resolve all your editing issues. Its amazing features, such as Photo Cutter and Photo Eraser modes, can remove unnecessary objects from the background within seconds.

Furthermore, Fotophire has over twenty blending modes that are handy while blending and photo merging. Also, this photo editing software supports several various image file formats so that you can edit your pictures in their original file formats.


1. It comes with exclusive features such as a Photo cutter, Photo eraser, Photo focus, and Photo maximize, which can help you to edit pictures professionally.

2. Its Eraser mode can help when it to comes to retouching old photos or remove watermarks, 

3. You can edit photos in batches also.


1. Elegant and user-friendly interface.

2. Intelligent colour correction tools.

3. The before and after modes simplify the editing process.


1. A beginner editor would face problems while using Fotophire.

2. Limited RAW file format editing capacities.

Supported Platforms 

macOS, Windows

Why we picked it 

When it comes to paid photo editing software, then it is probably one of those creams of the crop software. With Fotophire, you can edit pictures professionally. It's on #3 because beginners’ editors would face problems with this app; also, it is a paid software.

4. On1 Photo RAW 2022

Another great application is to edit photos. On1's interface is similar to that of Lightroom; even some of the names of their tools are similar to Lightroom. You can think of it as an alternative to Lightroom. 

It comes with new features such as Sky Swap AI, Time-Lapse Creation, Integration of ON1 No Noise AI, Photoshop Plugin Support, Newly Retooled Export, Line Mask Tool, Backup, and many more. A photographer who loves doing portraits may fancy using On1 because of its legacy portrait plug-in. On1 has improved a lot over time, and its new update has made photo editing a lot easier than it was ever before.


1. Great choice to edit portraits with its features to retouch the skin, teeth whitening, eye and mouth controls, and other such features help in creating a perfect portrait.

2. You can use and even create custom brushes. 

3. Export panel allows you to export multiple formats simultaneously. 


1. It can create timelapse videos

2. You can do focus stacking on multiple pictures.

3. HDR looks better than ever before


1. Very confusing and unintuitive interface

2. Portrait AI is good but still needs improvement.

Supported Platforms 

macOS, Windows

Why we picked it 

It's a very popular software for professional photo editing. Although the new version On1 has improved a lot still there are a few issues that need to be resolved. However, overall, it's a great option. 

5. Paint.net

Best for those who are inexperienced in this sector. Many photographers don't want to spend a huge sum of money on editing apps; for them, this software is heaven. The photo merge free tool is organised neatly in different menus, so you can access them easily. And if you are a busy guy who has a lot on his plate. Then, paint.net can help you with its multiple editing images simultaneously option. For a better multiple tasking experience, each photo is displayed separately, which allows you to work and switch between them quickly. 

The range of functions is very wide, from cropping pictures to adding filters to them. You can do everything related to photo editing on this software. Moreover, you can also merge two or more images within a photo by using its software's selection tools. Paint.net is a great option for all amateur photographers.


1. Open and edit multiple pictures simultaneously.

2. Every editing action performed on an image is saved in history so that you can observe your actions.

3. Support multiple file formats.


1. Neat user interface

2. Very easy to learn, irrespective of the experience.

3. Rich effects and filters libraries


1. Compatible only with Pc

2. Only common photo file formats can be supported.

Supported platforms


Why we picked it 

It's difficult to find decent photo editing software that is free to use. But, your search ends here. And if you are a beginner, who is in the learning stage of photo editing, then you must go for Paint.net. 

6. Photo apps for macOS

Mac owners don't have to look anywhere to search for a photo editing app. Because they already have this powerful editing software. We know that macOS is not suitable for professional photo editing. However, it is suitable for normal usage, and you can even use it professionally sometimes. Here you can also merge photo libraries mac. 

macOS has a wide range of effects and filters to add to images; also, its colour correction tools prompt you to control lights in your shots. Additionally, it is equipped with modes like Live Photos that augment the dynamics of a still picture. Suitable for all of the Mac owners, who like to give their pictures that last polish before posting them on Instagram.


1. Apply filters to make your pictures beautiful even with zero editing skills

2. Use facial recognition to find people in images

3. Photos can be shared very easily


1. Free to use for all the mac owners

2. Simple user interface

3. Great collection of photo editing tools


1. Adjusting filter is not available

2. Only for basic photo editing 

Supported platform 


Why we picked it 

This section was for someone who already owns a mac; they can easily edit pictures for regular usages. But it is not suitable for professional uses. Overall, still great software.

7. PhotoScape X

PhotoScape is maybe the best editing software for beginners, which won't take you long to master. It comes with numerous unique features, which makes it quite a valuable editing software. PhotoScape is equipped with all the basic editing tools which are needed to create stunning pictures. Moreover, it has some functions, such as batch-processing to edit several photos altogether. Also, it allows you to create GIFs from your images, and you can also capture screenshots of your PC with it.

This could be a great option for all of the beginner photographers who just bought a new DSLR. It also allows users to convert RAW files to JPEGs easily. 


1. Unique features such as GIFs animation transform multiple images into GIFs.

2. You can capture the screen easily.

3. Merge multiple images into one frame to create a beautiful collage.


1. Numerous editing tools to choose from.

2. You can easily merge or combine photos with it.

3. Batch-processing is its USP.


1. Sometimes the language is not clear when describing a function.

2. Do not contain advanced photo editing tools. 

Supported platforms 

Windows, Mac, Linux

Why we picked it

Although it still needs improvement, it's a great deal to edit photos for beginners. Novice photographers can learn from here later; they can opt for some advanced editing software such as Gimp, Lightroom, etc.

8. Canva

Canva is more of a graphic designing tool but a great option to create photos for social media. Canva is a comprehensive design tool for a beginner; it is more than just an image tool. From pdfs to flyers, you can design almost everything.

It already has a bunch of templates for a beginner to create images from scratch. If you want to learn photo editing, it could be a great option to start with. Canva is suitable for small business owners, online entrepreneurs, or marketers who want to design images quickly. 


1. Canva has several photo effects to improve the quality of pictures.

2. You can have access to 75+ million photos and videos and over 420,000+ templates to create different images every time. 

3. Canva has numerous shapes, stickers, and icons to help you create attractive pictures.


1. A bunch of features is free to use for regular usage. 

2. In-built font library.

3. Drag-and-drop editor eases the whole editing process. 


1. Easily accessible templates cause a problem; you can't create unique photos.

2. Generic photos and templates.

Supported platforms 


Why we picked it 

When it comes to free editing apps, then how can we forget canva, it is a great application, suitable for freelancers. Not suitable for those who do photo editing professionally.

The aforementioned editing set of software is some of the finest editing software available in the market. They can create all kinds of pictures, but if you are someone who wants to use an application precisely to merge pictures. Then check out the following ones:

9. PhotoGrid

A decent app to create wonderful collages and for merging images. PhotoGrid is available online for free and is an intuitive interface. Even a beginner can start creating photos with its easy-to-use interface. Moreover, this app lets you resize images, and you can personalize them with free filters, texts, stickers, and doodles also. 

Moreover, you can merge a bunch of pictures into one collage. Also, you can edit images separately and all together; the choice is yours. It comes with a plethora of stickers to use, and you can even create more if you want. 


1. Over 3000 collage layouts are available.

2. You can merge up to 15 pictures together.

3. Options to personalize stickers, texts, and filters.


1. Lots of features which can attract kids.

2. Easy-to-use interface so that even a beginner won't face a problem in usage.

3. Flexible tools.


1. The features are not intuitive all the time.

2. Not many editing options are available. They are specialized in merging photos only. 

Supported platforms 

android and ios

Why we picked it 

If you are looking for an app to create great collages and merge bundles of pictures, then you must use PhotoGrid. It has some terrific features which is why this photo merge software deserved to be a part of this list. 

10. PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the most loved photo editing apps. It not only lets you edit pictures but also helps you to create graphics and collages. It comes with over 100 available collage layouts to select from. Also, you can give it a personal touch with emojis and texts to make it look more attractive. 

And the package doesn't end here after editing pictures separately and putting them together in a collage. Then you can edit collages too with different filters, and you can adjust their contrast, saturation and brightness, and other such edits. Moreover, PicsArt has a community where you can share your work and boast in front of your friend about your creation. It is one of the best photo merge app android; and someone, who is in the beginning stage of photo editing should consider using it.


1. It has plentiful of free filters to edit pictures. 

2. PicsArt comes with a huge filters library including impressive backgrounds, and callouts. 

3. Stunning effects to give pictures a professional look. 


1. Most of these great features are available in the free version

2. PicsArt has an intuitive interface.

3. It has an in-built clip art library.


1. The app performs some functions slowly.

2. Regular advertisements can be very annoying sometimes.

Supported platforms 

Windows, ios, android

Why we picked it 

How can we skip the world's favorite editing app? Some of its are functions still need work to take this app from good to the best category. However, if you were looking for an application to give a final touch to your pictures before uploading them on Instagram, then this is the one.


Q.1 Which photo editing software is suitable for a beginner?

Ans. Initially, you should practice in-built software such as PhotoApps for macOS or Photos app for windows. After you have gained experience, then you can try editing on Gimp or Lightroom.

Q.2 Which is the best editing software in the world?

Ans. Adobe Photoshop is the most loved photo editing software. Some of its functions are remarkable which makes it stand out from the crowd.

Q.3 Which photo editing software would you suggest to a professional?

Ans. Most of the professionals use Lightroom for their work. So, it is a great option, and you must give it a try. 


The abovementioned editing set of software is some of the finest editors available in the market. This list has software for everyone; whether you want to pay for software or not—you can have it all; the choice is yours. So now you don't have to go anywhere for photoshop photo merge, photo merges online, how to merge google photo accounts and photo merge online because such editing needs can be resolved with these editing apps.