Let’s play Golf together. Review for Mario Golf: Super Rush

Updated on 2023-06-29
Let's play golf with your friend on Switch. Mario Golf: Super Rush review. A good family & party game.

Introduction for Mario Golf: Super Rush

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Mario Golf: Super Rush may look like your typical Mario Golf game. But underneath, Mario Golf is friendly and familiar exterior lies some of the most frantic action that Mario golf or heck, maybe even golf entirely, has ever seen with two action-packed? Modes? An in-depth single-player campaign. Pauline, Charge and Chuck and King the bomb joining the roster. Well, there's a lot to unpack here but is it enough to justify the almost 20 years wait for the series to finally. Return to consoles. Well, let's find out in-game.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Speed Golf

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In-depth review Mario Golf: Super Rush, and let's kick things off or hit something off. I've never been good at sports, Analysis with speed golf, which is arguably the most significant addition. Here everyone swings simultaneously before racing after the ball to hit it again, all in hopes of being the first to land. It's in the hole you want to be quick, but. Also careful as each stroke adds a 30-second penalty, encouraging quick but cautious play, though it can be challenging to keep that second part. In mind when you see a legion of bombs rushing their leader to the pin, which is just one of the many special. Dashes you'll see in the game a stamina meter governs how long you can dash for with a unique dash depleting. It is incredibly quickly. But it massively boosts your speed while letting you knock opponents out of the way. 

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Every character is slightly different in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Both in speed and the exact movement. Pattern. But they're always a delight to watch a Wario jetpacking around is a definite stand out! And I have to say it's pretty satisfying using it to blow over your opponents while on the way to your ball. But it would have been nice to be able to look behind you instantly, so you can. Try and avoid becoming a victim yourself. The catch to the special dash is he turned it out and a freight train when using it, and you can't cancel Alvin either, which means you might find yourself barreling. We'll pass your ball if you're timing or aim is off, which will force you to backtrack and lose precious seconds. The general lack of control over it can be frustrating, especially when you factor in the terrestrial that automatically happens during it, resulting in you hopping, right? Over your ball or other courses, collectives like the coins that power up your unique shots or the Hearts, which restore your stamina. And it hits peak annoyance when you activate it by mistake or when facing the wrong direction, which can send you Sekunden out of your way. The special dash certainly adds a risk factor, but the result can be frustrating due to the limited controls, despite these quirks. 

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In Mario Golf, speed golf is otherwise brilliant. It will transform how you think about golf encouraging snappy but smart decisions next to some light platforming action as you dash and your way across a fairway and around enemies and other hazards to be first. There's never a dull moment during speed golf, which is impressive for A. Sport that's well known for its downtime. It makes going back to standard golf in the game feel weird and slow by comparison. However, there's still a place for that more measured, less stressful experience. Speed golf probably won't be for everyone, but it is a genuinely novel addition that adds exciting news.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Battle Golf

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Eleven to a time-tested sport, everything I've just said is also true, with the second primary mode being battle golf. Except this one cranks the intensity up to 11. Here you compete in the custom, built arena to be the first one to land the ball in three of the nine open holes. But since you can only claim each hole once, it quickly turns into a mad dash. The ones that are left with the battle for the last hole usually amounting to complete Chaos. Especially if you play with Special Shots turned on, which allow characters to launch devastating attacks that affect any nearby balls in the landing zone. Such as creating giant explosions or etherifying any nearby balls. Togglable random events also add to the Chaos, such as with a barrage of bombs. That my parachute in, or everyone's ball being turned into a Yoshi egg, yeah! That one's pretty enough. It all amounts to a model that's super fresh and fun. Unfortunately, there are only two courses at the time of this review and both within the same state setting. It limits its replayability. The flat blue colour scheme is also visually off-putting, especially since it makes a water hazard hard to consent to, which sucks me spotted way too late, but overall, battle golf can be a complete blast.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Standard Golf Improvements

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Just one that's perhaps enjoyed most in short bursts now, if neither speed golf nor battle golf is quite a cup of tea. Don't worry because standard golf is back too. They are playing precisely as you'd expect it to the slower, more methodical playstyle, which can be a nice change of pace from the pressure of always being under the gun in the other modes. Heck, it Even takes a page from Speed Golf's book, now offering the option to let everyone swing at once too. It's not a race or anything. It just dramatically speeds up the pace of the game since you no longer must wait for the other players to finish their turns first. And this is a truly fantastic option, possibly reducing a game's length to just a quarter of what it would typically be with four players.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Multiplayer Issue

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Yeah, it's an enormous downside to that option, along with the entirety of Speed Golf & Battle Golf, is that they're all limited to just two Players and playing on the same Screen. However, you can play with four players locally if you have multiple switches and copies of the game. But that's an unfortunate encumbrance as multiplayer is truly where Mario Golf. So, it's a bummer that four players Split Screen isn't supported. Now, of course, standard golf works just fine with any amount of players when taking turns, even allowing you all to share a single controller, which is nice.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Online Multiplayer

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And every mode except for the single. Player Campaign works online too. And well, in my experience, allowing for up to four players to compete at a time. Most games ran close to flawlessly in my several hours of playtesting with only the occasional stutter or rare in the instance of like popping up. But as always, your experience may vary and while the game does support both public and private lobbies. You have to create a room anytime.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Golf Courses

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You want to switch modes, which is a Little annoying. Now, what would a Mario Golf game be? I know and love exotic locations to play in, like a country club, lake, desert, or forest. Wait a sec this isn't the Pilfoon Kingdom. Now, sure they are populated by the occasionally Mario enemy. But it never feels like you're in the Pillow Kingdom, which I enjoyed about the previous games. Even the more generic courses in previous games had fun touches to make them stand out. Whereas the choruses in "Super Rush". Though beautiful, they feel uninspired, and I struggle to remember much about them outside of those Mario enemies. The only course that gets a little close to the classic feel is Bowser's castle. While the graphics truly do look great with solo details like trees that shift in the breeze. It all skews perhaps a little too. Realistically for the mushroom kingdom setting. Although, to be fair, it does seem that. More exciting courses may soon be on the way in the form of free DLC.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- New Golf Controls + Mechanics

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But until then, I can only review at I played now when it comes to the actual swing mechanics. Super Rush is like past games but has some critical differences in achieving and power up your shot work. Almost the same way with a timed button press dictating the strength of your shot. But you no longer have any direct control over its accuracy, which is now determined entirely randomly within the preset range based. On the terrain, the club you're using and the power of your shot. The stronger your swing, the riskier it gets, as indicated by the red zone on the meter.

On the one hand, I like that it. Adds a risk versus reward element to your shot based on the immediate conditions. But on the other hand, it sucks. You have no control over that outside of the parameters as it can screen over at times, which can feel frustrating. Through no direct fault of your own, it reminds me a bit of tripping in, super smash brothers' brawl. One change that I love, though, is how the terrain slopes. Is it now reflected in the power meter? It is leaning one side or the other to show. Your Shaw's trajectory will be affected. By it, genius, you can try to offset the curvature by curving your shots with a tilt of the control stick during your swing.

Comparison to Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Which is way more elegant than before, but those elements aside, as a long time Mario Golf fan. I found the overall interface a little subpar, especially as it obscures or hides helpful information. Details about the wind speed and direction that used to be displayed by an easy to read on-screen boo. Is now relegated to a tiny box easily? United in the corner. Similarly, the game now only shows a series of vague arrows to indicate the pin's relative height difference 'Forcing you to use the annoying' Rangefinder to get the exact height. Super Rush also doesn't show a total expense of the ball's expected flight path in advance, making it harder to predict what exactly? It might happen when you hit the ball, and Which hazards might?

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Joy-Con Motion Controls

In this way, now you can also swing using motion controls in a single Joy-Con if you want to. I tried it for around, and I'm not sure whether it was my specific Joy-Con or what? But I ran into some significant detection issues despite being just a meter or two away from the switch. And it made for a very frustrating.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Golf Adventure (Single-Player RPG Campaign)

Experience that I won't be trying again. Now, even though multiplayer might be the star of the show, Super Rush also includes a robust single-player campaign called 'Golf Adventure'. That comes complete with RPG like levelling up mechanics. Here you play like me, which starts as a rookie before. Hopefully becoming a master by playing in a variety of tournaments right across the different regions. Although there are curveballs in there is to make the story a little bit. Interestingly, the entire mode harkens back to Mario Golf's portable roots with its light Story and RPG/like progression. You even, however, at specific a curveball so improves it's a clear step up from the shallow castle club and Mario Golf World Tour. And it makes a great first impression, offering impressively detailed hubs to explore alongside each of the courses. Which include shops to explore and a Plethora of NPSCs to chat with, complete a dialogue that routinely refreshes, granted most of it isn't that? Important, but hey, the flavour text is excellent; there's Just a feel to the hitching that can't help but describe as solid and which, trust me, is a perfect thing.

The hub areas look beautiful. And feature so the flavours like with Birdo being the camp, Mama. I also like the characterization of the fellow Noobs. I'll join you in part of the adventure like how self-self 'assured. Toadette's adventure is surprisingly varied, with you exploring every corner of the Kingdom playing in all kinds of tournaments, including different variants of speed golf and standard golf, a self-self-fan only way of playing called Cross Country. Where the entire golf course is your oyster, but it's up to you to figure out. How to land in a certain amount of holes within the limited number of shots, and I wish the game explored the concept even more. Particularly with how every hole in the course takes place within the same geographic space, which feels like a wasted opportunity outside of the one or two times that the adventure mode takes advantage of it while the entire quest will run you about 10 hours or possibly a bit less. If you don't talk to every character like I did. There isn't a ton of depth to it. The overall progression is as linear as it gets with the only. Variables being the gear that you equip. And which skills do you choose to power up? There are no side quests or anything optional to explore outside of NPC dialogue, and although the story has a file surprise in store. Including things like actual boss battles. It fails to offer a satisfying climax, ending just when it feels like items are starting to heat up. There is also a severe lack of Mario characters here outside of cameo observations. It's love to the typical Maria Baddies to do the heavy lifting, which is a bit of a bummer when you have a roster as strong as this, although to be fair, I'd say that any game has Pauline or King Ba bomb in it. The overall adventure doesn't leave much of a lasting impression. But it can still be fun and is among the better single-player offerings in the. Series. Which is a good thing as it's pretty. Much the only single-player mode here. Outside of playing one-off matches.

Mario Golf: Super Rush --- Review & Summary

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Taken all together, I liked Mario Golf. It's not quite the hole in one. I may have hoped for it, but it still has some of the freshest ideas of the entire series. I wish the courses themselves were as inspired and that the swing mechanics and general interface were as helpful as in previous games. But no matter how you slice it, Mario Golf is indeed added best in playing with friends. At least in the screams of rage, having a ball blasted away from the hole in battle golf is anything to go by, and I'm hopeful that the upcoming DLC will only make the game even more convinced, especially if it starts adding some more creative golf courses. And there you have it, the game explains. Review: Mario Golf: Super Rush. Thank you so much for reading. Love you all, guys.