Technology innovations have helped to reshape how we do a lot of things. Today, if you don't want to have a physical remote controller for your TV or device, you can install a software or application on your device to be able to control your device. In the case of Insignia TVs, there's remote control app you can use with the TVs.

The Insignia remote control app is available on Android and iOS devices. It is free to download and works with virtually all Insignia TV models - it is a universal remote controller that’s pretty intuitive to use. This article explains how to use the Insignia TV remote application on mobile phones.

Insignia TVs

Insignia is a brand of BestBuy, an American retail giant. The brand manufactures a series of smart TVs, including Roku TVs. Generally, the Insignia TV brand is remarkable for affordability; even the 4k-capable TVs from this brand are priced competitively.

Typically, when you purchase an Insignia TV, it comes with a remote controller. But for quite many reasons, the remote may get spoilt or physically, which implies you’d go in search of a new Insignia TV remote replacement online. However, instead of spending money to purchase physical remote controllers, you may want to consider a virtual option.

Is There a Virtual Remote for Insignia TVs?

How to Use Insignia TV Remote APP

Yes, you can download the remote controller mobile app for Insignia TVs on your smartphone device. It is free on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. Interestingly, the remote controller has a clear interface and works even with older Android devices - down to the Android 4.4 version.

How to Use Insignia TV Remote APP?

Using the Insignia remote app on your phone works like a normal physical remote controller. The buttons are clearly printed and they perform exactly what they are indicated to do. Now, here are steps on how to use the remote controller app.

  • Download and install the app from your device’s app store, Google Play Store, and Apple's App Store.
  • Set up the remote with your TV following the on-screen instructions that would appear when you launch the remote app after installation
  • Your device needs to support IR functionality for mobile app remotes to work
  • Once the setup is complete, you can control your Insignia TV using your mobile device.

Note: Any Insignia remote TV app you install from app stores is “Unofficial;” they are not developed by the brand itself. Also, you’d definitely have to deal with annoying ads while using free remote controller apps downloaded from app stores.

Insignia TVs allow you to stream movies and shows from a wide range of supported streaming services, including the Roku Channel, Netflix, HBO Max, and many others. Quite interestingly, you can download the movies and shows you discover on the Roku Channel or any other streaming service available on your Insignia TV.

To download those TV shows and movies, you need to install Y2Mate DRM Downloader - a universal, professional video downloader app for Windows OS computers, with support for over 1000 websites, combining premium streaming services and free video-sharing websites/social media platforms.

Y2Mate Downloader

With the Y2Mate DRM Downloader, you can grab Roku videos in 720p or 1080p quality. It supports MP4 format and lets you either save subtitles as separate SRT files or remux them into the videos. Yes, this downloader can also down videos from other streaming services.

Y2Mate Downloader removes ads from the downloaded videos and runs on all Windows OS editions. Interestingly, it won’t affect your PC’s performance. Currently, this is the best downloader for grabbing your favorite shows from a Roku channel.


How to Use Insignia TV Remote APP

First Step:

Download and install Y2Mate DRM Downloader on your PC; launch the program after installation and click the “VIP Services” option on the left pane. Look out for the streaming service you want to download from and double-click on the card. For example, if you want to download from Netflix, click on the Netflix card to launch Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.

Second Step:

Sign in to your account on the streaming service and search for the movie or TV show you want to download. When you find the movie/show, click the "Play" button to start streaming; a download button would pop up, click on it to download the playing video.

Third Step:

If you need to download more movies, find the movies, play them, and click on the download button to add them to the download queue. All videos in your download queue would download simultaneously; however, you can pause and stop some of them if you wish.


Summarily, the Insignia remote app lets you operate your Insignia smart TV using your phone. You’d find universal Insignia remote control apps for Android and iOS devices, and they are typically free. To download the movies you stream on the services supported on your smart TV, use Y2Mate Downloader.