Tesla Phone's Price and Date of Expected Publication

Updated on 2023-07-01
The idea of a Tesla phone, which supposedly would be called the model Pi/P, has been making the rounds on the internet.

The idea of a Tesla phone, which supposedly would be called the model Pi/P, has been making the rounds on the internet. However, how likely is it that a smartphone will be released? Even while we do not have any evidence that it actually exists, it has sparked our curiosity as to what a smartphone produced by the most valuable automaker in the world may look like.

When can we expect to receive our Tesla Phones?

A whistle made of stainless steel, an umbrella with their logo embossed on it, and an all-electric vehicle for children inspired by Cybertruck are just a few instances of the strange yet nonetheless on-brand products that Tesla has previously offered. Smartphones are a potential addition to the mix, despite the fact that the introduction of these devices is not as believable as that of the other things, at least not yet.

Because of the following primary factors, we are unable to speculate on when exactly this mobile device will be made available to consumers:

  • The vast bulk of the rumors derive from the early 2021 YouTube video uploaded by adrstudiodesign; nevertheless, it is made abundantly clear that the statements in question are the designer's conceptions and not genuine leaks or Tesla knowledge. It appears that the vast majority of the rumors that we have heard are founded on that information.
  • The features of this phone, such as compatibility for Neuralink and connectivity on Mars, are a little bit too futuristic to be useful at this point in time. Below, you'll find a more in-depth discussion of these. Because those characteristics are not essential to be present in the prototype for the first version of the phone, the development of the phone could continue even without them. It is acceptable to be skeptical when those ideas are being discussed at such an early level, as it gives rise to legitimate concerns.
  • Investing time and energy on a phone would be pointless if the eventual elimination of phones entirely is one of the potential side effects, or possibly the intent, of brain-connected technology such as Neuralink.

If you're still not convinced, take into account what the CEO of Tesla has to say about the trajectory of the smartphone market:

The technology of the future is known as neurolinks, whereas smartwatches and cellphones have become obsolete.

Neuralink app concept

Musk is reported to have responded by saying, "I will design an alternative phone," in response to a post that discussed the removal of Twitter from the app stores operated by Apple and Google. Musk is the owner of Twitter. In spite of the fact that this has not yet taken place, it seems as though Musk would be open to the idea of developing his own phone in order to ensure the continued existence of Twitter.

Date of Expected Publication

The fact that Musk tweeted about Neuralink gives us reason to believe that the speculations regarding the phone are not real. There is currently no evidence to support the hypothesis that Tesla will market a phone in the near future.

However, it is not impossible that the company would do so in the future. Even if (and this is a big if), this phone is genuinely being created in secret, there remains a remote potential that we won't see this phone until much closer to the year 2030.

Speculations regarding the Tesla phone's price

The price of a smartphone equipped with the cutting-edge technologies described below would easily exceed several thousand dollars. We do not anticipate that the first generation will have prices that are affordable for the majority of people; but, succeeding generations may become more cost-effective as more people start to use the technology.

If the rumor were to turn out to be true (again, we don't think it will), the price of the phone would presumably range from $800 to $1,200, and it would probably start out relatively basic, with only a small number of the claimed capabilities.

Pre-Order Details

It's possible that pre-orders may get underway a few months before the product's introduction and formal launch. Due to the lack of a known release date, however, we do not know whether or not pre-orders for the Tesla Pi 5G will ever commence.

If we come across reputable information regarding an upcoming release, we will provide any relevant links to pre-ordering information in this section.

Specifications of the Tesla Pi 5G

Given the extravagant features that Tesla already incorporates into their products, such as the exoskeleton of the Cybertruck, which is nearly indestructible, and the bioweapon defensive mode that is included in some of their other vehicles, the reports regarding this phone do not come as a surprise.

  • Internet through Satellite: Considering that all new phones come equipped with 5G, and despite the fact that a Tesla Pi 5G phone would undoubtedly be there as well, the company may opt to employ Starlink, SpaceX's space-based internet service (Elon Musk is the CEO of both). It is possible that the Tesla phone may help raise money for the colonization of Mars, which has been a goal of the company ever since it was founded.
  • However, in addition to concealing the big antenna that satellite phones have, they would need to find a way to provide adequate service from such a little device. This would be a challenge for them. According to one hypothesis, it would work in any location where there is already a Starlink base, such as inside a building or, in the event that it ever materializes, inside a Tesla vehicle that is fitted with the appropriate antenna.
  • Since Tesla manufactures both automobiles and solar panels, the concept of solar charging is not completely out of the question. It is quite improbable that the phone will be able to run totally on solar power; however, it may come with a case branded with the Tesla logo that enables partial solar charging.
  • Control of the vehicle: At the moment, Tesla offers a mobile application for smartphones that enables users to lock and unlock their vehicles, control the media that is played in the vehicles, and summon them. If it were not already part of the operating system, this application would be installed on the phone so that it could be quickly accessed from the lock screen or via the buttons on the outside of the device. There is also the possibility that only users of Tesla phones would have access to certain options within the app.
  • Astrophotography: Today's smartphones come equipped with high-quality cameras and artificial intelligence, both of which can be utilized to help take photographs of the night sky. This potential, when combined with SpaceX's emphasis on interplanetary exploration—which would unavoidably infiltrate this phone—results in a device that is capable of producing high-quality photographs of extraterrestrial subjects.
  • The mining of cryptocurrencies is said to be another story that has been circulating. Since Musk has been public about his interest in cryptocurrencies in the past, it is reasonable to assume that he would like to incorporate the capacity to purchase them into a mobile device. Even though Bitcoin is used by more people and Elon Musk presumably prefers the current iteration of Dogecoin over it, there is a rumor going around that Tesla's phone will mine a new coin called MarsCoin (a name Musk himself has tweeted about). For this to function reliably, a significant amount of specialized gear would need to be designed.
  • Neuralink help Neuralink is one of the companies that is working on it. The concept of computers being able to communicate with the human brain is primarily one of science fiction at this point.
  • Their website states that they are "developing the first neural implant that will allow you to handle a computer or mobile device wherever you are" (simply by thinking about it), and that this is what they are working on right now. Would it be possible for Tesla to manufacture the first phone that could achieve such a feat? There was an early version that could be used on any phone by downloading the Neuralink app, but seeing it here would make the most sense considering that Musk is the owner of Neuralink.
  • A rendering of a Tesla phone reveals that the device will include a Starlink connection.
  • Original rendering done by ADR Studio in collaboration with Antonio DeRosa.
  • It would make far more sense to offer something more manageable first, such as the first four or five functionalities only, along with an Android version that bears the Tesla name. This would make the release much more logical.

If Tesla decides to hold off on putting this phone on the market until implantable brain-machine interfaces are commercially available, then we will have to wait a few more years for it to become available. Musk is confident that Neuralink will be ready for human usage by the end of the year 2022; but, given that the primary purpose of the technology is to treat paralysis, not everyone will have immediate access to it.

Starlink connection

Is this a fake or an authentic Tesla Model Pi?

You ought to know by this point that the Tesla Model Pi is a knockoff product. It's feasible that we'll be able to do it in a few years, but we can't do it right now. If we are honest with ourselves, there could be a number of reasons behind that.

The majority of rumors concerning the device began to spread shortly after an Italian graphic designer by the name of Antonio De Rosa unveiled renders of the Model Pi in a video on his YouTube channel. People, however, failed to notice the description, in which he made it extremely clear that he does not have any familial relation to Tesla and that all of the photographs are merely a respect to him. People did not notice the description.

Some users assumed these to be the truth and started thinking about the Model Pi as a possible solution. In my opinion, there is no point in contemplating it until Elon Musk tweets that the device is real and that it is now in the development stage.