Coming October, Disney Plus presents you with many new releases, including ‘Lego Star War Terrifying Tales’, ‘Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life’, ‘Black Widow’ like popular shows. If you have Samsung TV and don't have Disney Plus, it's the right time to know how to download Disney plus on Samsung tv. The popular streaming service Disney Plus with its different varieties of content, is ready to entertain you in the coming days. Are you ready? Quickly catch up on how to download Disney plus on Samsung TV and watch them with your family and friends.


If you purchase a new Samsung TV and get puzzled about getting Disney plus on Samsung TV, you are on the right page. We will brief you on how to add Disney plus on Samsung TV and enjoy exclusive shows.

In this article, we will cover:

How to download Disney plus on SamsungTV

How to turn on Disney plus LG TV

How to login to Smart TV

A brief note on Disney plus streaming service

Disney plus streaming service

After Netflix and Amazon Prime, the Disney Plus streaming service is growing massively on the OTT platforms. Started its journey as a Streaming service on 12 November 2019, it is widening its wings with its vibrant, magical, and heroic content collection and touches the glory of 116 million subscribers globally. Superheroes, animated series, magical world are the core attraction of the young generation, and Disney Plus screening all these fascinating shows for all ages of people. New releases, star Wars, Marvel presentations, Disney plus originals, and documentaries are the stars on Disney Plus.

With the increasing numbers of subscribers, people prefer to download Disney plus on their Smart TV and enjoy the shows.

Disney Plus compatible device list

Amazon FireTV

Apple TV


 Google Chromecast,

 Android TV


 Samsung smart TV,




 LG Smart TV

 Sony SmartTV


Special tips: Disney Plus does not support streaming on Nintendo devices like Nintendo Switch.

How to download Disney plus on Samsung Smart TV?

Before start, the download process, make sure your smart TV is connected to the active internet.

Press on 'Smart Hub' on the Samsung tv remote

Click on 'Apps' from the Smart TV Home Screen

In the search bar, type Disney Plus, and click on the app.

Lastly, select the Install button, and you can see the Disney Plus app on your Samsung smart TV app list.

Hope, now you understand how to get Disney plus on Samsung smart tv. Once installed, you can enjoy the exclusive shows on your smart tv.

How to download Disney plus on LG TV?

LG Smart TV is compatible with Disney plus. Here is the process on how to get Disney plus on LG TV:

Connect your LG TV with the active internet connection.

In-Home menu button selects LG Content store.

In the LG Content store Search bar, type Disney Plus

Go to the apps category.

Choose Disney Plus, click on install and then Launch button.

Log in to your Disney Plus account with user credentials and enjoy Disney plus shows on your LG TV.

Disney plus on LG TV would provide you high-end entertainment watching experience for your entire family.

How to turn on Disney Plus on a smart TV?

All kinds of smart TVs are compatible with the Disney plus app. If you have Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, VIZIO Smart TV, etc., you can apply the following process while download Disney plus on smart tv.

Connect your smart tv to the active internet.

Press Home Button and go to apps store or app content store

In the search bar, type Disney Plus app and select from the apps category.

Select the Install button and download Disney plus on your smart tv

Next, sign-up to your Disney Plus account and enjoy the superheroes and their power-packed drama on your smart tv screen.

Disney Plus live streaming gives you a fantastic watching experience. The online streaming mode provides you all varieties of entertainment. But some of the classic content you may wish to download for later watch with your family together. You can download Disney plus titles for the offline watch, but all the downloaded content has an expiry date to be deleted automatically after the time limit. Even Disney plus does not allows all the titles for download and watch offline.

We would recommend you a third-party downloader that provides you a better offline watch without any pre-set conditions.

How to Download Disney Plus for Offline Viewing?

Disney plus downloader is a third-party downloader that allows you to download various Disney Plus shows and save them on the device storage. For example, Y2Mate Disney plus downloader offers you its best service to download movies, TV series, documentaries, etc., and keep them for the offline watch with all the up-to-date features list.

Try Disney Plus downloader, try the best offline watch experience.


Disney Plus downloader

Let us tell you how the software features are helpful if you think of watching Black Widow offline.

  • You can watch the downloaded title in 1080p, which is standard picture resolution. The adjustable-range will get a 4k and 8k streaming experience that comes under excellent category picture quality.

  • The tool works with the fastest speed that ensures less time consumption.

  • The batch download facility provides an auto-detection mode that helps download an entire series by auto-detecting the following episodes.

  • Subtitles and metadata info in your preferred language ensure you understand the content better.

  • The soundtrack 5.1AAC is the standard audio quality you will get in Y2mate Disney plus downloader.

  • The tool supports HD downloaded content with MP4 format.

  • Country-specific support gives you access to Disney plus country-specific content, and you can access and download titles from Japan, The US, Dutch, French, etc.

Unlike the features, the installation process is handy that you must know how to download content with Y2mate Disney plus downloader.

How to install Disney plus downloader and download Disney Offline?

If you have the latest integrated device with 40GB and above storage capacity,i3 core processor, a stable and active internet speed, you can install Y2Mate Disney plus downloader. Let's check the process.

Step 1: Go to the official site of Y2Mate Disney plus downloader, click on the download button and wait for a few minutes.

Step 2: Open the interface and click on Disney plus streaming service from the service window.

install Disney

Step 3: Sign-up to your Disney plus account and browse the title you want to download

Disney plus

Step 4: Select the title, check the subtitle and metadata info language box and click the download button.

language box

Step 5: Once the download process starts, you can check other shows or watch whatever you want; the title will go to the device storage after the download.

Once you save the downloaded content, you can watch them anytime and save it for a long time.

How to Watch Disney plus 4k? 

Ultra High definition or UHD is a high-quality resolution that gives a sharp picture and provides you a theater-like watching experience. You need the following arrangements to watch Disney plus 4k.

  • 4k compatible devices: Amazon Fire TV 4K,

                                                    Apple TV 4K

                                                    Google Chromecast Ultra

                                                    LG Smart TV

                                                    Android TV

                                                    Roku (Premiere, Streaming Stick Plus, Ultra)

                                                    Xbox One

  • High-speed Internet: To watch 4K streaming, you need 25mbs stable internet speed as 4k streaming requires a large bandwidth.

  • Paid subscription: Disney plus charge $7.99 per month. However, Disney plus does not charge any extra cost to watch 4k streaming.

Marvel franchise, Star Wars series, and Pixar movies prefer streaming on 4K. It gives more picture clarity with standard sound quality. Altogether, you may feel you are inside the theater and watching your favorite superhero terminate the evil power from this earth.

Disney Plus's streaming service business is growing massively and has become the familiar name in every next-door neighbor of yours. But if you are new in the queue and still have queries regarding Smart TV and Disney plus shows, let's ask us, we answer you.

FAQ that sum-up all your doubts!

This quick FAQ bite can help you in your streaming journey. Let's begin.

How to log in to Disney plus on a smart TV?

  • Follow the steps to log in to Disney plus on smart tv:

  • Open Disney plus app on your smart tv

  • Click on Login

  • A sign-up direction will appear on your screen.

  • Paste the URL into the browser of your PC or laptop

  • Enter the eight-digit code that appears on your TV screen

  • Enter your mail ID and password

  • You can log in to Disney plus on your smart TV now.

Is there a Device Limit for Disney+?

Disney Plus Device Limit: hereis what you will need to learn.

Is Samsung smart TV Disney plus content list same with Disney plus on tv or Vizio Disney plus?

The content list depends on which region you belong to as Disney plus streaming service distributes its content library based on the region or country. So, Samsung Disney plus content list would be similar with Disney plus on TV or Vizio Disney plus if all these devices are streaming Disney plus from the same country or region.

Can I watch 4k streaming Disney plus on Samsung tv?

Yes, you can watch. Disney plus Samsung tv with the latest integration gives you a 4k streaming experience with all its beautiful presentations. Disney + Samsung tv supports all kinds of streaming variations.

What about the Disney plus app on Samsung TV?

In every smart tv, there is an App section that displays the OTT streaming services. The Disney plus app Samsung TV is not differently working but follows similar functions like other smart TV.

Can Samsung TV Disney Plus provide family package entertainment?

Do not worry if your family members love to watch Marvel superheroes, Pixar movies, Star wars science fiction content. You will get a complete family entertainment package on Samsung TV Disney plus.

If Disney is Not Working, How should I fix it?

How to fix Disney Plus Not Working? Learn the answers in this article about all the solutions to fix Disney not working issues.

Concluded words

Watching Disney plus on Samsung TV is a great experience indeed. Disney plus is famous for action drama, adventure movies, animated series, comedy, crime, biography, etc. It is growing its content library that includes all varieties of shows for all ages of people. You must arrange smart tv, a stable internet connection, and a cozy corner at your home to access those exclusive shows with your family.

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