How Can You Activate ESPN on Roku, Xfinity, Fire Stick, Apple TV?

Peter Parker
Updated on 2023-02-23
ESPN is now available for all-time and anywhere to watch. Ensure that you follow all the specific steps to download the app using different devices.

Are you crazy about sports and games? Do you want to watch the sports analysis and highlights? Here is the perfect choice to watch your favorite match, anywhere and at any time. In the digital age, time and distance are no longer considerable constraints. Entertainment is available 24/7, right under your fingertips. Only a few clicks can show the magic. Therefore, to simplify your situation, we will teach today ESPN com activate Procedure.

ESPN brings you the fantastic opportunity to watch all the matches coming on the channel of ESPN. To obtain every privilege of the ESPN network, you have to download it primarily from Playstore. However, the only thing that you have to do is activate the app on your smart device. You can do so by opting for

What is the function of ESPN?

ESPN app is the latest in the market to make sports lovers enjoy some more. It allows the users to have unlimited access to the whole ESPN network. This network includes a number of channels like;-

  • ESPN
  • ESPN+
  • ESPN Goal Line
  • And others

Therefore, can make you connect with the link and watch the desired channel on your preferred device.

Incredible Features To Enjoy

The ESPN app's latest version consists of the ESPN+. It is famous for streaming live sports events. Along with that, it also offers you multiple original programs and exciting shows. Not only that, but you also get the chance to play enjoyable games and watch the premium content.

The Subscription to this app will not be out of your budget. Check out the outstanding features and the packages for an exceptional experience afterward.

You can even go for the WatchESPN option for viewing all the content free of cost.

Here we give all the information about the activation of the ESPN app. Stop worrying about the missed matches. You do not have to be satisfied only by watching the highlights. Live games will continue to run without any hassles if you have this app.

The compelling features of the ESPN app include access to the following:-

  • Sports radio
  • Live scores of every match
  • On-demand library
  • Sports analysis (discussion of the latest games)
  • News of sports
  • Podcasts
  • Additional games and programs not available on the cable channel

On top of these excellent options, you can also get the accessibility of the SportsCenter roundup. Every day, you will have the right to enjoy the digital version. Therefore, with one app, you can have so much fun. It is a fact indeed. Please go for it today for a superb experience. 

Prices For All The Plans

Before you opt for espn com/activate, it is better to understand the prices clearly. Different plans are there for the ESPN app users.

The plans will vary in rates depending on the combinations. Moreover, some programs also come with special bundles, including the chances to view the content of some other apps. Therefore, it is an all-in-one package providing suitable options for the whole family. So, forget about the everyday family quarrels for having the remote. ESPN app is a perfect solution to satisfy almost everybody.

You can go for the Monthly or the Annual Pack. The cost details for both the alternatives are here;-

  • Monthly plan is for $6.99
  • Annual plan is for $69.99

Therefore, by opting for the annual pack, you can save up to 15%. Not only these but also, you can enjoy the bundled services.

A bundle of ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu comes for only $13.99 per month. Isn't that great to obtain so many advantages by spending on one app only?

You can sign up to access the brilliant library. Watch all the videos, both past, and present, for the same pack, archives in one place only.

It's Time To Get Smart Devices

If you want to get rid of the standard cable packages, bring home a smart device today. If you possess any of the devices from below, the ESPN app is very easy to download.



-Fire Stick

-Apple TV

These will give you abundant joy apart from the usual YouTube views.

In this content, we will mention the detailed procedure to download the app and activate the same. Read every point minutely to change your idea about sports streaming services. Schedule your match timing today.

How To Activate ESPN On Different Devices?

If you are a regular user of Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, or Xfinity, it is necessary to activate the ESPN channel as per the cable or DTH services. After that, you can run the ESPN shows on your device. It requires authentication from the service provider for your television.

Of course, it is implied that you cannot utilize the app's services without downloading it on your device. In the first step, you need to download the app, be the device is a phone or any other media player. Make sure that you enter a country where ESPN provide their services.

Here is a guide describing all the steps in detail. Apply the one suitable for you according to your device.

For Roku

Go for ESPN app activation on Roku by following the appropriate steps;-

  • Select the Home button on your remote
  • Now, open the option Streaming Channels
  • Choose Channel Store
  • Search for ESPN among many app options
  • Now click on Add Channel
  • After getting the prompt, you need to enter the specific PIN generated
  • Roku will make the necessary addition to the Home screen
  • Launch the app now and select Settings
  • Go for the Subscriptions menu and choose ESPN or ESPN+
  • Log In is necessary now
  • You will get a code for activation
  • Open the respective browser and click on or
  • Now give the activation code generated by Roku
  • Press the Continue button

Roku will refresh the page after adding ESPN. With the loading of the new page, you will get to see all the icons and channels coming on the screen.

For Xfinity

Do you have an Xfinity box and want to watch ESPN? Here are the necessary steps to activate the app on Xfinity.

  • Take your remote and click on the Xfinity button
  • To watch ESPN on X1 and go for sports on Demand, go to the On-Demand option
  • Now select Sports
  • Navigate the rows for Sports Guide on X1
  • Enter code for activating the ESPN app
  • Now tap on the Continue option
  • Sign in to the ESPN account for watching the preferred games

You need to complete the process for linking your ESPN account to the Xfinity X1 box. It is highly crucial to activate the app properly. Thus, any supported device will be able to make you enjoy your preferred games only on Subscription.

The same process is applicable for the Xbox One.

For Fire Stick

Fire Stick is one of the recently launched devices of Amazon. However, this is an ideal device for watching intriguing content of different apps. Thus, ESPN is one of the apps that you enjoy here. Follow these steps necessary for setting up the app. 

  • Fire Stick is also famous as the Fire TV
  • For convenient controlling, the stick is there
  • Open the app by going for the appropriate option on the Fire TV
  • Select Settings
  • If you are not subscribed, click on the Subscriptions option
  • Now, the activation code will come in front of you
  • Please click the link on by operating the respective browser
  • Type in the activation code
  • Now, it is time to Continue
  • Logging in to the ESPN account
  • For new subscribers, you can open a new account

For Apple TV

Taking a subscription to ESPN is a mandatory requirement for activating the app on Apple TV. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to enjoy uninterrupted services if you are already a subscriber.

  • Open the ESPN application using the Apple TV
  • Now, move to the Settings icon
  • Click on the option of Subscription
  • The above step is applicable only if you are still not a subscriber. 
  • Go for the option of Subscribe
  • Now you can proceed by logging in
  • An Activation code will come up 
  • Click on the link using the respective browser
  • Now give the activation code generated previously
  • Click on the Continue button
  • Give your credentials and go for the ESPN app log in
  • After this process, your Subscription will be linked to your Apple TV

Download ESPN Shows Offline

A smooth internet connection is a priority if you are willing to watch online shows. But it may not be available every time you wish to switch on a show or game. You have to depend on a specialized downloader for such a case. 


However, not every downloader is fast enough to view the favorite shows offline. To view the ESPN shows without the internet connection, go for the KeepStream ESPN Plus Downloader. This software is available online in both paid and free versions. 

Check out more at this ESPN Plus Downloader, other alternative ways to download ESPN Plus videos offline:

The steps are as follows:-

  1. Open the KeepStream ESPN Plus software

2. Go to the left column and choose DRM downloader

3. Select the video of ESPN that you would like to enjoy again offline

  1. Play the video quickly
  2. Press on the Download button
  3. The game will automatically get downloading at the time playing it in the background

  1. Batch download option is also there for downloading the whole of the tournament
  2. You can go for saving of the metadata

Please make sure that downloading the tournaments requires lots of space on your device.


Here is a set of questions to clear most of your doubts regarding the activating of ESPN on different devices.

Are the ESPN games enjoyable online for free?

No. You have to subscribe to a plan to watch ESPN shows and games on any device. However, to view them without any cost, it is better to go for Watch ESPN.

Can I watch the games later on using the ESPN app?

Yes, you can. Only you have to download a suitable ESPN plus downloader like KeepStream. It is a fast source to watch the games offline without any issues. 

Will the ESPN app function in case of Wifi connection only?

No, there is no such mandatory requirement. It will work smoothly on any type of internet connection, like broadband, 3G, and 4G. Only the video subscription must have authentic and valid.

I was unable to watch the last football match on my smartphone. Is there any alternative?

Except for the TV, you can enjoy full-on services of the ESPN app on various kinds of devices. If the games are not compatible to open on your smartphone, go for a smart device like Roku, Apple TV, etc. WatchESPN is readily available on all these devices. Currently, Amazon Fire Stick is an affordable option to watch ESPN shows.

Can I view the ESPN app outside the United States?

Yes, ESPN is providing non-stop services to many other countries, apart from the US. However, you need to enter a valid country name while opening the account on the ESPN app. Please check beforehand whether your country is eligible to receive the services of ESPN.

How to activate the ESPN if the network error arises after the generation of the activation code?

You need to make a note of the concerned activation code after generation. Now, go to the option for and enter this code. From that time, you can utilize the app’s services. 

Concluding Points

It is essential to observe that you are an active subscriber to the ESPN or ESPN+ app. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate it on any of the smart devices like Roku, Apple TV, and so on. Finally, installation of the channel is crucial on the concerned device for watching the programs. Launch the app for uninterrupted usage.

Espn com/activate is the general activation link for these devices. You can pay for the services as per the plan online through your debit or credit card. Nowadays, the facility of paying through specific payment apps is also available.