Reviews of the Top 5 Free Proxy Scrapers for 2022 | Advantages & Disadvantages

Updated on 2022-10-25
You may scrape webpages without entering any credentials thanks to free proxies. Every need has a corresponding proxy type.

You may scrape webpages without entering any credentials thanks to free proxies. Every need has a corresponding proxy type. By employing this proxy to perform web scraping, it can access your browser history and share your information with other IP addresses.

Free proxies operate in an easy manner. You contact the proxy, a third party, with your request. After then, it routes the request through a number of IP addresses. However, there are certain drawbacks to this tool, such as privacy violations and third-party access to your unencrypted data.

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Free Proxy Scrapers Reviews

Free-proxy. Cz is one of the older websites with free proxy lists that offers proxies. There are no paid or premium versions of this free proxy list website. Its availability of free web proxies sets it apart from other free proxies in this regard. Server-side scripts like Glype, PHProxy, and CGIProxy can use these proxies. This Proxy's wonderful feature is that because it has been pre-filtered, it cannot retrieve IP address feeds with repetitive IP addresses. They also have a number of distinctive proxy servers in their database.

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A table containing a list of all free proxies is present on the website's home page. It's impressive that there are numerous options to filter these proxies, such by protocol or nation. In the event that they are anonymous proxies, you can filter them based on how anonymous they are.

You may do the same with the proxy list table. Based on the uptime, proxy speed, or response time, you can make this decision. Because the table displays the paginated output, you'll save a lot of time.

The Your IP Address Info tab is important to remember. At the top of the interface, there is a key that is quite important. It includes the current IP address, proxy variables, and geographic data. This tab gives you access to your location on Google Maps.

A website called offers access to an endless supply of free proxies. More than 12,000 IP addresses from more than 137 different countries are supported on this website. In the website's interface, a table lists every proxy that is accessible there. This list is available for download or copy-paste to local storage.

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Four distinct proxies are available on They consist of SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies, often known as socks proxies. Additionally, there are HTTP and HTTPS proxies. It's really easy to use these free proxies.

The proxies can be filtered by protocol, nation, and level of anonymity. You can classify the proxies as anonymous, elite, transparent, or distorting by sorting them according to their level of anonymity.


An proxy with two versions is called ScrapingBee. Both a free and a premium version are available. We'll talk more about the free version. You will receive 1000 free credits when you sign up for this proxy. You still have access to effective and secure IP addresses despite the fact that it's free. Additionally, the proxy ensures client service.

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When you sign up, the credits you receive are made up of dependable features like JavaScript, headless Chrome, and other things you won't find on other free proxies. Navigating the proxy scraper is lot simpler because to these features.

The rotating proxies provided by ScrapingBee's free proxy are yet another amazing feature that enables you to scrape data from dynamic websites without being detected or blocked.

The fact that this free proxy has its own API is even more astounding. Data scraping from websites is considerably simpler and more secure thanks to this capability. Additionally, since you have unrestricted access to the proxy server, it may run more quickly, ensuring a quick and easy data extraction.

The code snippets for using the ScrapingBee proxy to scrape websites are available in NodeJS, Python, and PHP.

Take advantage of ScrapingBee's adaptability by customizing its various setups and features. You can change the geolocation, headers, and cookies connected to your requests. Additionally, you may set it up to automatically restrict photos, advertisements, and other things that might impede data extraction.


Among the most reliable free proxy providers is ProxyScrape. This application is fantastic if you need to rapidly deal with numerous proxy scrapers utilizing different IP addresses. You can download the proxy list to a.txt file with this free proxy.

You can use ProxyScrape to carry out numerous unique procedures. Its free proxy list has several filters that you can use. Additionally, you can utilize the sort by their country or level of anonymity. You may rapidly access the proxies you require by using the connectivity filter, whether an SSL connection is enabled or not.

The variety of proxy kinds that ProxyScrape offers sets it apart from other free proxies. Socks4 and Socks5 are two examples of this, as well as HTTP proxies. More filters are available on HTTP proxies than on Socks4 and Socks5 proxy lists.

Python is supported by the ProxyScrape compatible API, allowing for use with Python. The only request kinds available to you are the following four. This free proxy has the drawback that it cannot ensure security when scraping websites. You can use the premium service, which enables datacenter proxies, to make sure you are secure while scraping and that you are not blocked.

You may verify whether your free proxies are functioning with the online proxy checker ProxyScrape. You must enter the IP addresses for testing in order to do that.


You can access as many free proxies as you like on the website Proxyorbit. Free, paid, and premium proxies are all available. The free version still allows you access to a number of free proxies even though the paid version has additional functionality. You can access the HTTP, SOCKS4, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 proxy lists for free.

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All you need to increase lead creation is Proxyorbit. You can view a number of websites anonymously and unblocked thanks to its rotating proxies. It can be the ideal tool to use to boost online traffic. Additionally, it is trustworthy when used on websites with fewer scrapers.

Proxyorbit is served proxies using the RESTful API. You can use this feature to filter request output based on a variety of criteria. Your search results can be filtered based on protocols, speed, or location (preferred). It's fantastic that you can use as many scraping features on different websites as you like. In addition, you can employ numerous scrapers concurrently to address data capping issues.

You must first register in order to utilize Proxyorbit. The proxy pool will then be displayed to you, where you can sort the free proxies by anonymity level, nation, or port numbers. The latter is used in scraping procedures that are more specialized.

With the premium subscription, you have access to more comprehensive and advanced features. The basic, advanced, and limitless packages are among the three premium options that are available.

What Purpose Serves a Proxy Scraper?

An IP proxy scraper disguises the IP address of a request so that it looks like a typical user request. You can access and extract data from websites that forbid web scrapers thanks to it. The protection of web users' personal information also makes use of proxy scrapers.

Rotating proxies are what?

When a person uses a rotating proxy, they receive a different proxy IP address each time they access the internet. This keeps their identify and location secret and guards against being barred from websites or other internet services.

Is it legal to scrape information from websites?

It is permissible to extract data from a website. The welfare of the website cannot be harmed by the usage of scrapers, nonetheless. Any action that would interfere with the website's regular operation should be avoided, including activities like excessive data extraction, data processing (such as running queries slowly), and repeatedly requesting the same data. If a website requires a password, you must abide by its terms by making an effort to obtain the information in a method that complies with the agreement.


Internet marketers and researchers can benefit greatly from free proxy scrapers. They can assist you with finding the data you need to make informed decisions and can be used to acquire data fast and easily. Therefore, a free proxy scraper is the ideal choice if you're seeking for a technique to gather data from the web.