Where To Watch Bleach And Bleach Movies?

Updated on 2022-05-26
Bleach is a great shonen anime to watch. However, do remember that Bleach does have a complicated timeline and it is big and has many episodes for you to catch up on. I have tried to sequence the OVA, Movies, and shows the best I can. Do give it a watch, it’s a great fit for those who crave anime action.

Bleach just like any other shonen anime focuses on extremely beautiful action, immense characteristics of one piece, and Naruto. The good thing is, that Bleach stands out in all parameters to be the ‘one of a kind’ anime series. Bleach is a very long show. It has a total of 16 seasons and 366 episodes. That’s a lot of content to gobble down. But the interesting thing is you will get to witness a lot of characters and How they became better as the show progressed. Let’s discuss the Bleach show and its movies.

Brief on the plot of Bleach

Kurosaki Ichigo visits his dying mother’s grave and he discovers life rambling things. He discovers that his sister has problems far bigger than him. A hollow tracks him and he has a lot of tricks reserved for the young man. He is witty and also ruthless in his ways of operation. Will Ichigaro trample on his burden or rise to the occasion only time can justify what will happen. He however is also fighting for his self-respect.

Ichigo also met Rukia Kuchiki and he learned the art of soul reaping from her. He has been given the primary task of being the soul reaper and advancing humanity to its purest origins. Bleach was not only an excellent show sooner or later it also became a movie, OVA, and an extended Manga that will soon be part of screens.

Where can I watch Bleach episodes and movies online for free?

Want to watch Bleach but yet you do not want to get a Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Funimation subscription. Interestingly all three of these platforms do have a free subscription trial of some days, but the free subscription only lasts for some days. In order to do away with the money aspect, you can easily watch Bleach on other platforms as well. Let’s know more about it.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is actually a subsidiary of Fox entertainment. The good thing about Tubi TV is it’s almost free. It has a total of 40,00 different types of content, shows, and movies available in its database for you to watch. Same Bleach is also available on the platform, you can check it out here.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is probably the best deal out there to watch Bleach. First of all, Pluto TV is an amazing streaming platform, it has both on-demand and live channels. It has over 50 million accounts and people watch a lot of content for free. It has so much to offer it’s amazing. You can watch the English dubbed Bleach over there too.

4 Anime

4 Anime is another platform where you can watch a lot of anime content. Here, the thing is, 4 anime is specially created for anime lovers and it has an amazing collection of anime movies for the viewers. It has a host of Anime genres that cannot be accessed on other platforms. In order to watch Bleach on this website, please click here.

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is another fan-created database where you can watch your favorite anime. You can also watch Bleach over there. The great thing about Anime-Planet is, that it has so much to offer and it is all crowd-managed. Anime nerds wanted to provide a good anime viewing experience to the public and hence the website. People can contribute to this website so that the people creating the platform can put more content on their page. Here’s a link for Bleach over there.

How to watch bleach in order?

So Bleach is a big mammoth show and it can cause a lot of strain and make you overwhelmed, however in its outset this is just a normal transition. In order to be of any primary importance, do understand How great Bleach as a show is? It has amazing episodes and well-put seasons. It can really keep the Shonen Pride alive. Before understanding the order. Do know that the chronology of Bleach is well understood, when you know about arcs. Arcs are fundamental points of the story where the story takes a new route. Here’s more to its chronology:

Origin & Soul Society Arc

  • Bleach (Episodes 1-7)
  • Bleach: Memories in the Rain
  • Bleach: 13 Court Guard Squads Omake
  • Bleach (Episodes 8-63)
  • Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy
  • Bleach (Episodes 64-109)
  • Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody
  1. Hueco Mundo Arc
  • Bleach (Episodes 110-137)
  • Bleach the Movie: The DiamondDust Rebellion
  • Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black
  • Bleach (Episodes 138-214)

2. Fake Karakura Town Arc

  • Bleach (Episodes 215-299)
  • Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse
  • Bleach (Episodes 300-342)

3. Substitute Soul Reaper Arc

  • Bleach (Episodes 343-366)

4. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

Many arcs are part of the Bleach. Some arcs do play an unnecessary role. As those arcs act as agents of elongating the story. Do not worry with time all of the intent will steer through you.

Are there any legal streaming sites that air all the latest Bleach episodes as soon as they come out in Japan?

Sadly, it’s not possible. Simply because all anime certainly tends to cater to the Japanese audience first. Then after the Japanese audience gets the crux of the show, you can expect the western audience to get access to the content through platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation. First, you can see the subtitles. If it’s directly under the banner of Crunchyroll, trust me they will release the show as per the official date in the entire world. But sadly dubbing and work of subtitles take time. The same things also apply to Funimation as well.

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Is it possible to purchase DVDs of all the Bleach seasons and movies so I can watch them offline?

So, Viz Media and Aniplex have provided DVD support for Bleach as a show. All Bleach episodes and seasons in DVD format first came in the Region A compilation of Aniplex and it was released in 2005. The VIZ media took the charge of distribution in the US alongside 32 compilations and got released in 2008. Bly Ray sets started to pop up too, it was first released in 2016. It had set-1 cases, had episodes from 1-27 and it was released in 2016. In a similar fashion, in the set-13 case, you get 4 DVDs for episodes 338-366. It was released in 2021.

Best Method to Watch Bleach and Bleach or any Other Movie?

Although there are online services which you can access to watch movies, it is always a wise choice to have the movie stored on your device so that you are not dependent on the internet in order to watch the movie later. So, for that, download your favorite movies from the platform they are available and keep them with you. Watch them at your ease.

For downloading, Crunchyroll Downloader is one of the best third party tool which is made to download movies and videos from Crunchyroll. Moreover, it supports downloading from other OTTs too.

Final Words

Bleach is a great shonen anime to watch. However, do remember that Bleach does have a complicated timeline and it is big and has many episodes for you to catch up on. I have tried to sequence the OVA, Movies, and shows the best I can. Do give it a watch, it’s a great fit for those who crave anime action.