All You Should Know about Rob Lowe's Unstable on Netflix

Updated on 2023-03-23
Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe will be appearing in the upcoming American comedy series Unstable, which is being produced by the online streaming service Netflix.

Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe will be appearing in the upcoming American comedy series Unstable, which is being produced by the online streaming service Netflix. Victor Fresco is the show's executive producer, while Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe are also contributing to the production team. On March 30th, 2023, the first episode of the series will debut on Netflix.

Unstable - Netflix Series

A comedy about a father and son in which John Owen Lowe's character, who plays the son, is socially uncomfortable and starts working for Rob Lowe's character at the latter's high-tech bio research center to help prevent the latter from further spiraling after his wife's death.

Cast of Unstable

  • Ellis Dragon, portrayed by Rob Lowe
  • Jackson Dragon portrayed by John Owen Lowe
  • Playing the role of Anna Bennet is Sian Clifford.
  • In the role of Malcolm, Aaron Branch
  • Rachel Marsh portrayed the role of Luna Castillo.
  • Emma Ferreira as Ruby
  • In the role of Leslie, Fred Armisen
  • Tom Allen plays the role of JT, T.T. Parr plays the role of Chas, and Frank Gallegos plays Juan.
  • Brie Elay in the role of Melissa

It has been alleged that John Owen Lowe's trolling of his father Rob Lowe on social media served as the inspiration for the creation of the show, which was then taken up by Netflix for a straight-to-series production.

John Owen Lowe said of the project, "It's about a really realistic father-son relationship, but through a pretty specific lens: a dad who likes being the center of attention and a kid who feels the exact opposite."

In April of 2022, it was reported that Rob Lowe, along with his son John Owen Lowe and Victor Fresco, would be serving as executive producers on the project. The Netflix studio will manage the show's production.


In June 2022, Sian Clifford was added to the cast of the show, joining Rachel Marsh, Emma Ferreira, and Aaron Branch in regular roles. In addition, it was reported that Fred Armisen, Tom Allen, and JT Parr will be appearing in guest roles.

As was just mentioned, the show is mostly starring Rob Lowe and his son John Owen Lowe as the two major characters.

Now, Rob Lowe is both starring in and producing the third season of the 9-1-1 spinoff show 9-1-1: Lone Star. In addition to that, Lowe is presently working on his next biopic for Netflix, which is going by the title Dog Gone.

Ellis Dragon is a "brilliant, quirky biotech scientist and entrepreneur," which is the role that Lowe will play in the series.

John Owen Lowe is an actor, writer, and producer who is best known for his roles in the legal comedy The Grinder (which aired on Fox) and the comedy film Holiday in the Wild (which was released on Netflix).

John will play the role of Jackson Dragon in the series. Jackson is the son of Ellis Dragon and "has always had problems living in the great shadow that Ellis casts."

How Many Episodes will the Series Unstable Have?

Unstable, available on Netflix, will consist of eight episodes, roughly thirty minutes in length each (which in actuality are between 23 and 26 minutes).

What Stage Is the Creation of Unstable Currently At?

Filming for the Netflix original series Unstable began in June 2022 and took place solely in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Production Weekly said that the production would end in September 2022. However, it ended in late August 2022, which was earlier than expected.

Reports say that the show costs between $8 million and $16 million to make.

Where Can I Find Unstable Being Released?

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, Unstable will make its premiere on Netflix. Netflix provides a number of different plan options, beginning with a basic plan that consists of a membership that is supported by advertisements and costs $6.99 per month. The basic plan costs $9.99 per month, the standard plan costs $15.49 per month, and the premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

The total number of episodes in the first season will be eight. On March 30, every episode will be made accessible at once. The comedic format is a half-hour, and the length of each episode will be close to or exactly thirty minutes long.

How to Download Unstable for Offline Watching

Netflix supports download function, which means you can download Unstable from Netflix for offline watching. Moreover, you can also choose some easy to use Netflix downloader to download all your favorite Netflix videos. For example, Y2mate Netflix Downloader and KeepStreams for Netflix can help you download high-quality videos without any ads.

Is There a Teaser for Unstable That We Can Watch?

Unstable has finally released a trailer after months of buildup and tease leading up to its release. The teaser depicts Rob Lowe going through a difficult time, and it stars him alongside his son, John Owen Lowe. In the role of biotech engineer Ellis Dragon, Rob Lowe channels his legendary performance from the television show Parks and Recreation, in which he played the chirpy and germ-phobic Chris Traeger.

The mayhem that is to come is alluded to in the teaser by the protagonist's behavior at work, which ranges from wildly erratic to even including him being naked in his workplace at one point. Throughout Ellis's gradual decline, his coworkers and assistants struggle to keep the business operating, and as a result, they become so desperate that they try to get in touch with Ellis's son.


John Owen Lowe enters the trailer posing as his estranged son, Jackson, and he is left to pick up the pieces of his father's shattered mind. Jackson is playing the role of John Owen Lowe.

If the trailer for the film Unstable was not enough to satisfy your appetite for more information on the film, there is now a teaser trailer that includes video from behind the scenes, in which Rob and John Lowe discuss the process of playing on-screen father and son.

In this film, which offers unique views of the new Netflix comedy series, both of the Lowes describe how they negotiated their professional and personal connection while also discussing what the program will be about and how it will be about.

Who Is the Producer of the Unstable?

Rob and John Lowe are both contributing to the series as executive producers. Co-executive producing duties are shared by Victor Fresco (Better off Ted). This is Fresco's second time working with Netflix; in the past, he served as an executive producer for the horror comedy series Santa Clarita Diet, which was starring Drew Barrymore (2017-2019).

The concept for the project was developed by both Lowe's. The Lowes' interactions on various social media sites, which went on to gain widespread attention, were the seed that eventually grew into the concept for the series. Their witty banter served as the inspiration for the upcoming series, and its creators are optimistic that viewers will respond positively to the show's examination of the intricate dynamics that exist between fathers and sons.