Top 5 Best 80 82 85 inch TVs of 2022

Updated on 2022-02-10
These TVs support streaming apps, which means you can access various streaming services with the TVs.

Recently, a lot of people fancy bigger screen televisions, which led to the invention of 80+ inch TVs with mind-blowing display technologies. Companies like LG, Hitachi, and other top brands now produce large-screen TVs for both home and cinema usage.

Gamers would love these 80 - 85-inch TVs because they make gaming look so real and intriguing. Well, these TVs support HDR, offer 4K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. However, depending on the brand you buy, you may get exclusive cutting-edge technologies on your 80+ inch TV, such as solar charging support.

Definitely, you’d be spending a fortune to get any of these TVs, but they’re really worth the buy - considering their features. Also, these TVs grant you instant access to streaming services, and you can actually download streams from those services, including Disney Plus streams.

Top 5 Best 80 82 85 inch TVs of 2022

You can buy these TVs from Amazon, Walmart, and other online stores; you can also find them in some offline stores.

1. SAMSUNG AU8000 Series

  • Smart TV
  • 3 HDMI Ports
  • Voice Assistant Support
  • HDR10+, 4K UHD
  • 85-inch

This minimalistic 85-inch TV from Samsung is one of the best you can ever get. It features a QLED display and produces 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space - supporting HDR and Tap View for Samsung Galaxy devices with Android OS 8.1 or newer Android versions.

The Crystal UHD resolution is top class, and of course, this is a 4K HDR Smart TV with up to 3 HDMI Ports. This TV goes on to support built-in voice assistants - Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby Voice - so you can easily search for movies, adjust volume, and perform other voice actions.

Furthermore, in addition to the HDR10+ support, this TV is built with Motion Xcelerator to ensure smooth performance. The built-in speakers are pretty loud and deliver clean audio. Overall, this trendy 85-inch TV from Samsung is a great buy for people who love big screens.

2. TCL Class 4-Series

  • 85-inch
  • 4K UHD
  • Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, HDMI
  • Smart Roku TV
  • Sleek and modern

TCL is a notable brand that produces top-quality TVs for home and office use. This 85-inch smart TV from the brand is built as a Roku TV - integrating various streaming services apps and channels. It is a decent big screen TV to buy; however, it uses LED display technology with a 60Hz refresh rate - pretty poor but still decent.

This TV eliminates the need for getting additional hardware (streaming device) to access your favorite streaming services. As a Roku smart TV, this TCL 85-inch television lets you access the Roku Channel and many other streaming networks. Well, the specifications look very good; you can connect wirelessly via WiFi, and there are dedicated ports for HDMI and Ethernet connections.

Voice assistant is supported - you can control this TCL TV with Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa. The 15W built speakers deliver decent audio - clean and precise. You’d enjoy your gameplay, movies, or music playback with this TV. Another thing to like about this TV is the modern, sleek appearance.

3. Sony Class X91J TV

  • 4k UHD
  • Full-Array LED Display
  • Google Smart TV
  • HDR Support
  • Motionflow technology
  • Dolby Vision

Here's a powerful 85-inch smart TV from Sony. This TV is built with cutting-edge technologies to ensure seamless performance, and to meet the latest demands for large screen TVs. It comes with a 4K HDR Processor X1, which delivers smooth and clear pictures with full colors and detailed contrast.

Also, this TV is built with a Full-Array LED display, which aids the realistic contrast delivery. Sony had included the TRILUMINOS Color technology for a full, rich color display. You can access lots of streaming services on this TV - gaining access to browse 700,000+ movies and TV episodes.

The streaming services' apps are pre-installed and you can control your TV via Google Assistant. This is a 4K HDR TV that brings your gaming to life with real-world detail and texture. The X-MOTION CLARITY technology promotes brighter and clearer colors. Furthermore, this TV works with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

There are dual tweeters on the sides of the TV to deliver clean audio with Sony’s Acoustic Multi-Audio technology for a truly immersive experience.

4. LG OLED C1 Series 83-Inch

  • Alexa and Google Assistant built-in
  • 4K Display
  • OLED with a9 Gen4 AI Processor
  • Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync support
  • Voice-enabled remote
  • Game optimizer mode

Here comes an ideal option for gamers. With a refresh rate of 120Hz, this LG 83-inch TV is a great deal for gamers. Well, it's not just about the refresh rate, this TV comes with various impressive features and technologies; plus, the specs sheet looks good too. It is a powerful 4K UHD TV with an OLED display and support for Dolby Vision.

Also, this LG TV supports Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, as well as offers a Game Optimizer where the user can customize a set of configurations to personalize their gaming experience. There are up to four HDMI inputs - you can connect all your consoles at a go, and switch seamlessly.

Of course, this is a smart TV with built-in streaming services apps such as Netflix Paramount Plus, YouTube, Prime Video, and a lot of others. It comes with a voice-enabled remote and offers a 120Hz refresh rate. Furthermore, with support for WiSA connectivity, you can easily connect your high-fidelity speakers wirelessly for immersive surround sound, up to 5.1 channels.

5. Vizio P-Series Quantum X (P85QX-H1)

  • 120Hz refresh rate
  • 4K HDR10+
  • VRR, Freesync, and G Sync support
  • Full-Array LED

If you'd be using an external sound system - of course, you should - then this is a good buy at the price. The sound delivery isn't impressive but other aspects of this TV are good and acceptable. It is a smart 85-inch TV with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

This TV is good for all forms of entertainment - movies, gaming, streaming, everything. It supports VRR, Freesync, and G Sync for seamless performance. The display is Full-Array LED with a 120Hz refresh rate at 4K. There are 4 HDMI ports - a dedicated HDMI ARC port to promote neater setups with less wire clusters.

The TV is powered with Vizio’s SmartCast OS and pre-installs a lot of streaming services apps. It is more affordable than most 85-inch models from other top brands. Asides from the poor sound, this TV beats most of its higher-end competitors in display and overall performance.

What More?

These TVs support streaming apps, which means you can access various streaming services with the TVs. Well, you cannot download the streams you watch on those streaming services right on the TV, but with a third-party downloader program, you can download movies from Netflix, Paramount Plus, and other streaming services.