Quillbot: AI Technology Makes Writing Easy

By Yvonne

QuillBot is a tool for summarizing and paraphrasing text that has enabled millions of students as well as professionals to cut the amount of time they spend writing in half. To rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or essay, it makes use of the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. 


The Features of QuillBot

Reduce your Writing Time

QuillBot's paraphrase tool employs cutting-edge AI to rewrite a sentence, paragraph, or entire article. QuillBot may immediately improve your writing by removing unnecessary words and assisting you in conveying your message.

Find the Appropriate Word or Phrase

QuillBot includes a thesaurus that allows you to easily alter specific words so you can always find the appropriate word.

Clarify and Enrich the Meaning

QuillBot's writing modes allow you to write in any way you desire. You'll get the results you need right immediately, whether you want to correct your grammar, make your work shorter, or be more creative.

Implement Vocabulary Development

QuillBot's Synonym Slider allows you to edit more (or less!) of what you write right away.

Include it in Your Work Process

QuillBot integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, Microsoft® Office, and Google Chrome.

Make Use of a Tool that Millions of People Already Rely on

Students, authors, bloggers, and business people from all over the world trust QuillBot. Join the more than 50 million individuals who use QuillBot to write more effectively, quickly, and clearly.

QuillBot Premium

QuillBot Premium now has even more tools to make writing easier. You will be able to save time and improve your work right away thanks to the absence of a character limit, the addition of five more types of paraphrases (Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten), and access to the highest level on the Synonym Slider.

QuillBot Review

What is the Cost of Quillbot? 

The premium version of Quillbot is divided into three levels:

  • If you pay monthly, the cost is $19.95.
  • $79.95 every six months ($13.33 per month) or $99.95 every year ($8.33 per month).

The premium edition offers access to each and every one of the features. However, some premium features, such as the summarizer and plagiarism checker, still have limitations. You can't summarize a million articles at once.

Is There a Free Quillbot Plan?

There is a free version of Quillbot that offers a lot of great features. The free edition of Quillbot includes access to a number of the tools; however, the plagiarism detection is not one of them. You are only allowed a certain number of uses before they become invalid.

But I've already discovered that the free version is sufficient for paraphrasing short passages of text or checking my grammar on something minor.

QuillBot's AI Writing Platform

The QuillBot AI Writing Platform's Grammar Checker is able to identify mistakes in grammatical structure, spelling, punctuation, and word choice. Even if you don't feel like it, it's a quick approach to polish your work.

It assists you in overcoming common writing issues such as "writer's block."

It teaches you multiple methods to compose a sentence; it teaches non-native English speakers how to write faster and more fluently; it teaches you how to get your ideas through quickly; and it makes it simple to adjust the tone and style of your writing.

The rewriting or paraphrasing tool is similar to other tools in the same field. It just rearranges the sentences in your text and replaces a few words here and there to create "new" writing.

This is an excellent method for avoiding detection by plagiarism checkers.

We do not support plagiarism in any form, even if you use a tool like this one to edit it. Instead, this might be a great tool for editing what you've written if you don't like the way it sounds or repurposing your own content on social media.

When I tested the tool, I discovered that it is adequate for short paragraphs of text, particularly if you are ready to make a few adjustments. There are frequently a few sentences that do not make sense.

It also works for fiction, but I find it a little more awkward than, say, a nonfiction article or an academic paper.

You can also choose from a variety of speech patterns within Quillbot, and the paraphraser will adjust itself to accommodate the many styles of writing you prefer. Among these styles are:




Condenses news stories, lengthy emails, papers, and anything in between. Keeps you up to date on the latest news and activities, allowing you to stay current and involved in your areas. To measure reading comprehension and summarizing skills, ELLs can use this tool to compare their manual summary to the AI-generated summary. Analyzes writing to determine what the AI believes are the essential elements. It can be used as a reading comprehension test for dense and difficult-to-understand literature such as academic papers.

Another AI-powered tool used by Quillbot to extract the most relevant bits of articles, papers, and other documents is the summarizer.

This was quite intriguing to me because it can help you determine which sentences in a block of text are the most significant. You might choose the most important sentences or construct a paragraph that summarizes everything.

However, I'm not convinced most authors need to do this. We do need to summarize our novels in a book description, but the technique to do it is completely different, so this text summarizer would not be the ideal choice.

Furthermore, the free version of the summarizer can only handle 1200 words. The premium edition supports up to 6000 words. It's a little disheartening that the premium version has any limitations at all.

The Plagiarism Checker

Quillbot plagiarism detection software is ideal for students and writers who publish their work online. It immediately detected anything that resembled someone else's work in any way.

However, even with a premium subscription, you can only access 20 pages per month. If you only need this for the odd paper, then that's OK, but if you write for a living, it's not even close to being acceptable.

You can purchase additional pages, but why would you pay more for something you already own?

The Co-writer

The co-writer is a tool that lets you combine all of the other tools into a single outlet, thus it's useful for reducing the number of outlets you need.

It includes a simple word processing window where you may compose your article or essay, as well as tools for paraphrasing, summarizing, citing, and more.

These files can also be saved on the cloud, which is a convenient feature.

The research tab another wonderful function that can be found in the co-writer. It allows you to search the web for any topic and provides a summary of each item that comes up for that topic. It's a terrific method to gain a broad overview of the subject and perhaps figure out what the most crucial points are to cover in an essay or article.

Quillbot's Substitutes

Jasper AI

One of the most helpful tools for writing copy is called Jasper AI. It's also my personal fave.

Using GPT-3, you can write any type of content, from big blog entries to Facebook advertising.

The tool use AI technology to examine your work and offer methods to improve it. It also features a tool that allows you to rework your content into shorter chunks suitable for Twitter and LinkedIn updates.

I use their paraphrase feature for my personal brand as well as the businesses with which I collaborate at my content firm.

Jasper is a program that provides a huge selection of features, templates, and other kinds of recipes. Because they can write long-form text, I believe they are one of the greatest Quillbot alternatives. In addition to that, they come with sample content for social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as advertising text, email copy, and headlines.

The use of Jasper is not intended to replace my natural creative ability but rather to supplement it.

Their basic plan costs $24 per month when paid in full. However, you should select boss mode, which costs $49/month and higher. They also have a money-back guarantee for the first five days.

Copy AI

Copy AI is a help for copywriting that is driven by AI.

You will be able to write better copy, more content, and more sales copy with the assistance of its patented algorithms and templates.

Copy AI is an useful tool for organizations who wish to create search engine-friendly, entertaining, and high-quality content.

Which is the best? To get started, you don't need to know how to write, design, or even use WordPress. Copy AI makes it simple for anybody to create visually appealing content. All that is required is a solid content brief and some imagination on your part (AKA instructions for the AI).

The charge is $35 each month. (but they do provide a free version with a lot of features that you may test out). 


WordAI is a natural language processing engine that can produce a vast amount of content that is original, simple to read, and of high quality. WordAI was developed by Microsoft.

The WordAI platform use advanced artificial intelligence to determine what the text is attempting to convey and then rewrites it in a natural and human-like manner.

WordAI is great for coming up with original content, but it also seems to improve writing by making it more interesting and simpler to read. All of the copies they make pass the Copyscape plagiarism test. You can begin with a free trial, and the most affordable plan begins at $57/month after that. The following components are incorporated into this plan: 

  • Using artificial intelligence to rewrite
  • With a single click, you may access human-written information.
  • Rewrites are OK. Copyscape
  • API access for rewriting a large number of articles at the sentence and phrase level

The fee is $57 each month. (we recommend beginning with a free trial)