Top 10 GAMES in SEP 2021

Updated on 2023-06-29
Yo guys, Sep is coming, there are many high quality games will release in this month as well, let's go for a look!

Yo what's going on, guys? Here we go there are more games will release in September, I will list top 10 new games in September. New games are always hitting the shelves, and we make lists so you can keep up with what games you need to give your attention to this month.

10. Lost Judgment

Starting off at number ten, it's "Lost Judgment," the second in the Judgment series, itself is spinoff of the Yakuza series. Now, if you recall, I did the "Before You Buy" for the first "Judgment," and I really liked it. It took a lot of the best stuff from "Yakuza," built on it, and gave you a completely different perspective, and it looks like they're really trying to keep plowing ahead with that formula. For instance, they're keeping the combat, but expanding it, giving you more styles, maintaining Crane style and Tiger style. They've added Snake style, which is a counterattack-oriented style, and then completely revamping the stealth segments, apparently giving you more to do during them, which is good because they were kind of the slower parts of the game. When I played "Judgment," I was like, this is really a winning formula. Did I think that it was so different from "Yakuza" that it departed? Not really, but I like that they're developing the little ideas they had to make it a different series, and it looks like they're really maintaining the tone well. "Lost Judgment" is landing on the PlayStations, the Xboxes, and it's landing September 24th.

9. Conic Colors: Ultimate

At number nine is "Conic Colors: Ultimate." Obviously, there has been a long time between the original game and this remaster, but because of how stylized and unique this game looks, seeing it in a higher resolution with various enhancements, it does not look like an old game. This might be a slightly controversial opinion. It's probably the best of the 3D Sonic games, and I cannot imagine a better one to remaster and bring to new platforms, particularly the Switch, where I will be playing it. They do actually add a new wisp to the game and a few extra features that were not there before, but mostly, this is just an incredibly solid 3D Sonic game that I am personally really excited to go through again. I also hope that the upcoming Sonic game is a sequel to "Sonic Colors," and that's the reason they're doing this, but that's my own little conspiracy theory for a Sonic the Hedgehog for 2022. In the meantime, "Sonic Colors" is landing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC through Epic Games, and Nintendo Switch on September 7th.

8. Life is Strange: True Colors

At number eight is "Life is Strange: True Colors," the third mainline game in the Life is Strange series and one that uses the mechanics of the game to tell the story of Alex Chen, as she tries to figure out who killed her brother and why. Obviously, "Life is Strange" is a game about people with supernatural powers, and hers is that she can experience the emotions of others, and as you might expect, that would be an easy way to figure out if somebody is lying when you're questioning them about, you know, killing people, and it also features one of the characters from "Life is Strange: Before the Storm." The game takes place in Colorado, and while you're traipsing around there, using your turbo empathy to figure out who killed somebody, you can actually influence how other people think and feel, but it also comes at the cost of you being, quote, unquote, "infected" by their emotion. Now, I will say some of those story elements sound like they could be really over the-top if done in a certain way, and I hope they aren't, because the series has always kind of bordered on that, but never really gotten too unbearable, and it always tells an interesting sci-fi story, and that's kind of my hopes for "True Colors."  "Life is Strange: True Colors" is coming to the PlayStations, the Xbox Ones, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch on September 10th. 

7. Tales of Arise

At number seven is "Tales of Arise," the latest in the JRPG series. This is a game that's been in development for quite a while actually, and takes the series into the Unreal Engine, producing what we all think is a graphically pretty big jump. Yes, it does retain the look of the series, of course, but it just seems that the amount of time they had to work on their own engine versus making the game in Unreal freed them up or something, because it looks a lot better. "Arise" focuses on developing the combat system, which isn't fundamentally changed, but they did go back to "Tales of Graces" from 2009 for inspiration and lean the combat towards dodging and counterattacking. They also added a feature called Boost Strike. I don't know exactly how this stuff plays out. Obviously, I haven't played it yet, but it's all very interesting sounding, and so is the plot, where this game takes place in a world that is divided between a medieval world and a technologically advanced world. Tales is a great series, and I'm really excited to play the latest entry. It's coming to the PlayStations, the Xboxes, and Windows on September 10th.

6. Diablo II: Resurrected

At number six is "Diablo II: Resurrected." And let me just go ahead and say how excited I am for this. It's not completely untempered excitement, but man, this looks good. It's mostly positive for me because you get absolutely all of the "Diablo II" and expansion content. You get it looking like this, which is way better than the original "Diablo." They have completely read on the game in 3D, and it looks amazing. All the effects, all the character models, all the animation, everything just looks amazing. There are a couple of quality-of-life improvements, too. Probably the one I'm most excited about is the new shared inventory feature, so you can move stuff between characters without long treks where you meet up with your characters or have a third character that you have specifically just for moving items. It's also the first time "Diablo II's" been on consoles, and I think it's probably gonna work out really well, because "Diablo III's" controller support was really good. I enjoy playing it the traditional way as well as on controller, so I kind am thinking this is going to work out basically like that. The only thing that some people are a little iffy about is that it really doesn't bring anything new to the table, other than, like I said, a few quality-of-life improvements. Yeah, they completely redid all of the cinematics from the ground up, but there isn't new content. Now, for me, I think that's good, but this is a contention within the community, and I wanted to acknowledge it, because sometimes, developers do go the extra mile and include some extra stuff, like there's a new wisp in "Sonic Colors: Ultimate," for instance. But for me, I'm just really glad that they are keeping the original game as is and giving it to us in the best possible graphical fidelity.I am so excited to play "Diablo II again." It's coming to the PlayStations, the Xboxes, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 23rd.

5. Aways: The Survival Series

At number five is "Away: The Survival Series," and let me just go ahead and say this. This is something that's non-standard, something you probably aren't expecting to be a thing. It's a sugar glider game. You have to survive as a sugar glider, and honestly, it looks really interesting to me. It's kind of a strange concept, but it's really pretty, and there's enough interesting mechanics that sort of make being a sugar glider an interesting thing. You can climb trees. You can glide, of course. there's various senses and perceptual things that you can do. The only thing is, I would probably never go, oh man, want a game where I play as a sugar glider, but now that I see it, it is something I really want to play. "Away: The Survival Series" is coming to PC, PS4, and PS5 on September 28th. 

4. Aragmi 2

At number four is "Aragami 2," a third-person stealth game and the sequel to the 2016 PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch game, which is oriented towards stealth. Aragami, the titular ninja, can use shadow accents to teleport. Honestly, the original game is a really interesting title. I enjoyed it a lot. I had honestly forgotten about it, so when I saw they were making a sequel, I was pretty excited, This story involves unraveling a mystery about the person who summoned you into existence. It's kinda convoluted, but it's also second fiddle to the mechanics, which is actually really good. I'm pretty confident that this will be a good sequel, and I'll be playing it when it lands on the PlayStations and the Xboxes, as well as PC, on September 17th. 

3. Kena: Bridge of Spirits 

At number three is "Kena: Bridge of Spirits," a game that was originally actually teased as a PlayStation 5 title. It is also landing on PlayStation 4 and Windows, but I'm particularly excited to really see how it lands on PlayStation 5. It's kind of inspired by Zelda. The studio that made it specifically became known for a short film they made based on "Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask," and the world that they've developed for this game is absolutely beautiful. It obviously does actually contain a lot more detail than "Breath of the Wild," but you can also tell there is an element of influence there. The trick to making combat unique to this game is that there are spirit companions, kind of familiar-type things if you're remember playing "Ni no Kuni" and how that plays out. It's obviously not turn-based. It is oriented towards an action-RPG-type thing. I am really excited for this game. It's one that I've been hoping is going to be very good. Obviously, we don't know, but it's always showed a lot of promise in my opinion, and I'll be playing it when it comes out, like I said, on the PlayStations and Microsoft Windows September 21st.

2. Hot Wheels Unleashed

At number two is "Hot Wheels Unleashed," a game that, actually, in my opinion, kind of came out of nowhere in terms of how exciting I think it looks. It seems like it's somewhere between "Mario Kart" and "Need for Speed," with the ability to make your own tracks, and that just honestly sounds like the recipe for something fantastic. I don't want to sit here and act like there's really a ton of details to discuss. I just get some old F-Zero-type, Mario Kart-type feel from it, but the cars also look a little bit more weighty, like a Need for Speed. The tracks, however, are so obviously inspired by "Mario Kart," and I'll be playing it. It's that simple. "Hot Wheels Unleashed" is coming to the PlayStations, the Xboxes, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 30th.

1. Deathloop

And finally, at number one, it's "Deathloop." "Deathloop" is a big one for me. I've been waiting for a new, full-on Arkane game for a while. I'm a huge "Dishonored" fan, and while "Prey" is great, there's just something about the way "Dishonored" works out that I particularly like, and "Deathloop" looks more like a successor to that. The premise is that you are an assassin stuck in a time loop against another assassin stuck in a time loop, and basically, you fight each other, as well as take out people. The mechanics are very, very oriented around what makes Arkane good. There's stealth, there's parkour, there's lots of powers, and it also even features a multiplayer aspect, where you can go head to head as the assassin. "Deathloop" is landing on PlayStation 5 and Windows on September 14th. Also, roll up your sleeves. I got quite a few bonus games for you.


1. WRC 10

First is "WRC 10," the World Rally Championship game, built on what they call a hyperrealistic and ultra-precise physics engine. That's landing on the PlayStations, Xboxes, and PC on September 2nd. "The Medium," that really intriguing, dual-world adventure game, where you have to solve puzzles in the spirit plane, as well as in the real plane at the same time, sort of assisting yourself. Then we've got "New World," which is an MMO from Amazon Games, a game that frankly has seen a little bit of controversy over its development cycle. It's one that's been delayed a times. It could in theory be pretty good. I don't know. There's been beta tests. I haven't played it, but it looks interesting. The graphics are good. That's landing on PC on the 28th.

2. NBA 2K22

Next is "NBA 2K22," really an outstanding-looking entry into the series. In all seriousness, the NBA 2K games just keep getting more and more insanely realistic looking. That's landing on the PlayStations, the Xboxes, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 10th. 

3. Lost in Random

"Lost in Random," an action-adventure game coming from the EA Originals wing of EA, the sort of indie-scaled games. Seems like it's got a little bit of a sense of humor, too. Coming to the PlayStations, the Xboxes, Windows, and Nintendo Switch on September 10th. 

4. Death Stranding: Director's Cut

And finally, "Death Stranding: Director's Cut," which gives you a whole bunch of new features that might make the game better, might make the game worse. I don't know if that depends on perspective or really what's happening. It's one that I do want to play. I enjoyed the original version of it, and the PlayStation 5 is, of course, a great place for such an epic-scaled game. That's landing on September 24. And that's all for today.