Best Bandcamp Downloader to Rip Music from Bandcamp

Updated on 2021-11-25
To download Bandcamp songs to MP3, you need a Bandcamp downloader, and here are the top best options to choose from.

In times like this when you can download virtually everything you find on the internet, Bandcamp users will find these Bandcamp downloaders pretty handy for downloading their favorite songs on the platform. Just like Spotify, Pandora, and the likes, Bandcamp is a platform for streaming audio content of high quality.

The music streaming service was launched in 2008, and it's currently one of the top players in its space. Bandcamp users can either stream music for free on the platform or pay to purchase the songs. Many artists (especially upcoming acts) prefer to use Bandcamp because it allows free music uploads. 

Can I Download Bandcamp Albums?


Sure, you can. There are pretty many tools out there that allow you to download and rip Bandcamp songs to MP3 format so you can play them on any of your devices for free. This does not require purchasing the music from the platform; instead, you will use Bandcamp to MP3 converters to achieve the purpose.

Well, there are free Bandcamp downloaders and there are paid ones too. The free ones typically come with limited features and tools, while the premium (paid) options support advanced features, which include Batch downloading, fast speed, and more.

How to Convert Bandcamp to Mp3? 

It’s quite simple. You only need the right tool, and interestingly, there are Bandcamp to MP3 converters that work on mobile devices.

On smartphones (iOS and Android)

1. Free Online Video Downloader

Bandcamp Mp3 Audio Downloader Online

The Free Online Video Downloader Bandcamp Downloader is a clean web app you can run on any mobile device. It runs through web browsers, and as such, it is not limited to any mobile OS. You can access and use this tool on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

This downloader is entirely free to use and the interface is super clean. With this Bandcamp Music Downloader, you only need to copy the song URL from Bandcamp and paste it into the address bar on this downloader. You will be able to download multiple songs with this tool, but that’d be one after another.

2. Locoloader Bandcamp Downloader

Locoloader Bandcamp Downloader

Locoloader is another powerful online downloader that lets mobile users download their favorite songs from Bandcamp. The Locoloader downloader works on both Android and iOS devices, and its interface is just very cool. With this downloader, you can also grab videos from YouTube and other similar video hosting sites.

Furthermore, Locoloader Bandcamp Downloader is entirely free to use. It automatically converts the songs to MP3 and lets you choose a decent quality. More so, it can download Bandcamp albums to MP3

3. Download Music School

Download Music School Bandcamp Downloader

The Download Music School tool has a dedicated Bandcamp Downloader. This downloader lets you rip Bandcamp songs to MP3 format. It can also download Bandcamp albums and works very fast across devices. You’d find the interface very friendly and intuitive.

Download Music School Bandcamp Downloader runs on Android and iOS devices via web browsers. To make things more interesting, this downloader randomly suggests trending albums on Bandcamp. It is a good Bandcamp downloader to use on mobile.

4. Bandcamp Mp3 Audio Downloader Online

Bandcamp Music Downloader

This downloader does not only download songs from Bandcamp, but it also downloads content from Soundcloud and many other websites. Bandcamp Mp3 Audio Downloader Online can run on any mobile device with a web browser application. It is quite intuitive, and the interface is easy to understand. 

On Computers (Windows OS and macOS)

These programs and web apps allow you to record or download songs from Bandcamp to your computer's local storage drive.

5. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Y2Mate DRM Downloader is an all-inclusive DRM downloader program capable of downloading content from over 1000 websites, which includes Bandcamp, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Max, and many others. It supports Batch Mode, which means you can download multiple Bandcamp songs at the same time.

This downloader program is designed to feature the best, lightweight interface you’d expect from a downloader of its level. More so, it is very fast in downloading the songs and it runs on all Windows OS versions from v7 to v10. Y2Mate DRM Downloader saves Bandcamp music in MP3 format; however, it supports many other audio formats.

6. Leawo Music Recorder 

Leawo Music Recorder

The Leawo Music Recorder lets you record music from 100+ websites, and that includes YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and many others. It is a professional app designed for macOS and Windows OS computers. The interface is pretty intuitive, even though it has several parameters you’d need to set before recording audio.

This Bandcamp recorder software is best recommended for professional audio enthusiasts who need to further tweak the music they want to download from the Bandcamp website. Furthermore, the recorded music would be saved in WAV or MP3 format.

7. WonderFox Bandcamp to MP3 Converter


WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a professional software program that runs seamlessly on PCs. It can download an entire Bandcamp album and save the songs in MP3 format. This downloader has an intuitive interface, supports many other similar websites like Mixcloud, SoundCloud, and Vevo. 
One of the reasons to choose this downloader is because it is pretty fast in downloading Bandcamp songs. More so, this converter supports various digital audio formats, so if you don’t want MP3, you can choose other formats like WAV, AC3, and many others.

8. Tube Ninja

Tube Ninja

Tube Ninja is an online downloader tool capable of downloading both videos and audio from various websites. It helps you grab Bandcamp playlists and save them in MP3 format. This Bandcamp to MP3 converter is completely free to use and it runs on all computer systems (both Windows OS and macOS). 

More so, Tube Ninja provides you with a detailed guide on how to use its website to download music and playlists from the Bandcamp platform. This is generally a resourceful website for downloading videos and audios online.

What More?

These are the top best Bandcamp ripper apps and downloaders. Interestingly, a good number of them are available for free. The Y2Mate DRM Downloader is actually the best out of this list. It comes with unique features and downloads Bandcamp playlists very fast. 

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