720p Streams | Best Free Sites to Stream Sports

Updated on 2022-11-08
There are quite a number of websites that allow you to stream live sports for free, and you can download live sports videos to your PC.

You don't need to pay to stream live sports events; you just need to use any of these free sports streaming services. There are a lot of streaming services out there - both free and paid ones. All of them allow you to stream a wide variety of digital content; the likes of Hulu+Live TV and Tubi TV allow you to stream both live TV and on-demand titles.

Streaming services like 720p Stream, ESPN+, and many others allow its users to stream sports events in HD quality, across devices. Interestingly, you can even download sports streams from ESPN+ to your local storage; this is possible using a streaming video downloader like the StreamFab ESPN+ Downloader.

Best Free Sites to Stream Sports

These are websites that allow you to stream live sports events without paying for a subscription. However, ESPN+ requires a subscription before you can stream - it is the only paid sports streaming service listed here.

1. 720p Streams

720p Streams

Website: https://www.720pstream.xyz

Sports to Stream: Football, NFL, Hockey, Basketball, etc.

720p Streams is a website that allows you to stream various sports for free on your PC or mobile device. It serves intrusive ads; if you can deal with that, this site provides detailed information about various sports events. It is completely free to everyone, regardless of your location.

Whether you're a fan of soccer, hockey, basketball, or any other popular sports, you'd be able to follow up on your favorite teams on this website. The interface is not so intuitive, but it's yet easy to navigate.

2. ESPN+


Website: https://plus.espn.com

Sports to Stream: Football, NFL, basketball, super bowl, and many others

While ESPN+ does not offer a live stream for Thursday Night Football, it provides you with commentary and live sports shows from experts in the field. ESPN+ is a premium sports streaming service you can access on any device, including gaming consoles, but the service is available in only a few selected regions.

The service is different from ESPN TV service, and you can't access ESPN+ with an ESPN subscription. One of the most interesting reasons to subscribe to this service is because you can download its content using a 3rd-party downloader software - all the exclusive talk shows, highlights, sports videos, etc.

3. SonyLiv


Website: https://sonyliv.com

Sports to Stream: Various sports events and on-demand titles

SonyLiv doesn't only offer sports streams - the service provides content across many genres. On SonyLiv, you can stream on-demand titles, Originals, and live TV shows (which includes live sports). It is an India streaming service owned by Sony Pictures Networks India.

This service is not available globally, if you live outside the Asian continent, you will need a VPN to watch SonyLiv streams. However, US residents can access the service via Sling TV. The SonyLiv app is available for free across platforms and devices.

4. SportSurge


Website: https://sportsurge.club

Sports to Stream: NFL, Football, Basketball, NBA, etc.

Whatever your favorite sport is, this website allows you to stream virtually all events of that sport. Interestingly, it is available worldwide, so you don't need a VPN to access the app from any country.

SportSurge is a mobile sports streaming app that allows its users to stream live sports. It is completely free and the interface is intuitive. The web version shows you a detailed schedule of different sports events so you can follow up. Apparently, SportSurge is the "Go-To" app for every sports lover.

5. BossCast


Website: https://bosscast.eu

Sports to Stream: all known sports events

BossCast is a free sports streaming website that lets you follow up on your favorite sports and teams in real-time from any device. The website is intuitive, fast-loading, and you can easily find the sports to watch using the navigation options.

Interestingly, you can access the BossCast website from anywhere in the world. But, to be on the safe side, you mane need to use a VPN to protect your identity and private information.

The BoSSCast website also features a #Chat option on the right pane (on the Desktop view version).

6. Markky Streams

Markky Streams

Website: http://markkystreams.com

Sports to Stream: NBA, NFL, Football, Hockey, Cricket, and many others

Markky Streams replaced Reddit sports live streaming; since Reddit no longer supports sports live to stream, Markky Streams is the website to visit if you want to keep up with your favorite teams for free.

The website allows you to easily navigate and find the sports you want to stream. You should use a VPN while streaming on the site because it still runs on HTTP and not HTTPS - so, it’s flagged as an “Insecure” website.

7. Stream2watch 


Website: https://my.stream2watch.sx

Sports to Stream:

What is it you want to stream? Soccer, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Boxing, NFL, MLB, Baseball, MMA, Tennis, etc? Stream2Watch offers Reddit-based broadcasts for all the major events. If you wouldn't mind dealing with intrusive pop-up ads, then you can enjoy live streaming on this website.

The site is a free live sports streaming site you can access from any part of the world.

It actually gathers streams from a wide range of other sites. The interface is quite easy to navigate and get to what you need to watch.

8. Sportrar.TV


Website: https://www.sportrar.tv

Sports to Stream: All kinds of sports

Lastly, Sportrar.TV is one of the best websites to follow live sports news, scores, stats, and other important information. The site covers virtually all sports events going on around the world.

SportrarTV allows you to quickly choose the sports you want to follow up. You can also choose the league(s) you want to track, and focus on your favorite teams. This website provides detailed information about ongoing matches and events.

How To Download Live Sports Streams

This guide deals with downloading live sports videos and exclusive events from ESPN+ using Y2Mate DRM Downloader.

Y2Mate ESPN+ Downloader

Y2Mate Downloader

Y2Mate ESPN+ Downloader is a premium software solution for downloading live sports videos from ESPN+. It is easy to use, supports Batch Mode, and saves sports videos in clear HD/FHD quality. Also, this downloader software runs on all Windows 7/8/10/11 computers and comes with useful features.

Features of Y2Mate DRM Downloader

  • Saves subtitles as SRT files or remux them into the videos
  • Preserve the movies’ metadata info
  • Customizable settings and intuitive interface
  • Saves online videos, movies, and shows in MP4 format.
  • Supports AAC and EAC3 audio channels
  • Up to 4k resolution support

How to Use?

First Step:

Firstly, you need to download and install the Y2Mate DRM Downloader on your Windows PC. Launch the program and click on the VIP Services option at the left pane; select ESPN+.

Second Step:

Sign in to your ESPN+ account find the video you want to download, play it. While the video plays, Y2Mate ESPN+ Downloader would automatically pop up a download box/button so you can set your download preferences.

Third Step:

The download progress is available in the "Downloading" tab, and you can pause/resume any ongoing task. You can download bulk videos simultaneously, and at a fast speed.


These streaming sites allow you to follow your favorite sports team and watch them live. They are mostly free to use, and you can access most of them from anywhere in the world.

If you need to download those sports events, use Y2Mate DRM Downloader; it is fast, easy, and packed with flexible features you would find useful for the purpose.