How to Gift Subs on Twitch?

Updated on 2022-11-16

Twitch is renowned as one of the well-known streaming stages where different types of users broadcast themselves cooking, live computer games or whatever other action which could be effortlessly recorded through a camera. It offers the chance of spilling to users alongside cooperating with a live crowd. It was renamed Twitch due to the development of gaming based jams in 2014. Amazon obtained Twitch for $970 million. Peruse this article till the finish to know how to gift subs on twitch.

To extend your support towards streamers, one of the first steps you can start is subscribing to their Twitch channel to showcase your love and support. The streamer earns money from each gifted subs twitch. Custom emotes are added to those chosen channels which receive a huge number of subscriptions.

The subscribed viewers constitute the access to use their custom emotes. You can support them by visiting subs to them on Twitch after subscribing to their channel. Read this article to know how much is 100 subs on twitch.

This article would be brief about the ways to gift subs Twitch and how KeepStreams for Twitch downloaders can make the whole process easy and accessible.

Know More About Gifting Subs on Twitch

Twitch gift sub are regarded as subscriptions on Twitch given by a streamer or viewer to another user in the form of a gift. Although in terms of features there are no or fewer distinctions between a regular sub and a gifted sub. A user having twitch gifted subs enjoys overall access to emotes or chatting in an only subscription chat.

Gifted Subs consists of three wide categories namely tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3 subscription. Users can buy a gift subs twitch for other followers or viewers in their chat or specific users of Twitch. Even if a user has never been to Twitch there's still an option to purchase a subscription for them.

It doesn't matter whether the streamer is online or offline, one can purchase gifted subs in either case. The users who receive a gifted subscription are notified that they are a recipient of a gifted subscription on Twitch.

How Easy Is Gifting Subs on Twitch?

Gifted subscriptions are one of the popular ways for genuine followers to shower love on specifically chosen or random viewers by gifting subs to them. Similar to a regular subscription, a gifted streamer gets access to every advantage like badges, emotes etc.

The cost of gifting subs is more or less the same. The creator would receive the same amount as on a normal sub. There are numerous alternatives to gift subs on Twitch. One of the easiest methods to gift subs on Twitch by choosing a member randomly from the community is as follows:-

1. Below your stream, tap on the 'subscribe' button. Select for gifting a sub.

2. Amongst the three subscription tiers, opt for one to gift. Choose the required amount for gifting between 1-and 100.

3. You can pick a particular viewer to gift subs by tapping on the 'Gift to a Specific Viewer’ option and you can do this being anonymous. Just click on the ‘Gift Anonymously’ option.

4. Users can also give subs to a particular user after tapping on the name in the chat.

What Is Keepstreams for Twitch Downloaders? How Would It Make the Overall Process of Gifting Subs on Twitch More Accessible for You?

KeepStreams support different OTT stages as well as film continuous components to deal with the general streaming experience of a user.

KeepStreams guarantees steady video association to users with premium sound and video quality. Additionally, users can also set their desired possibility of their video going from 320p to 1080p as demonstrated by their necessities.

With the strengthened parts, most recent advancements as well as a massive streaming of shows, KeepStreams is the one-stop answer for users who need to race significant distances to watch their favorite TV shows along with movies without any interruption. 

Why should you choose KeepStreams for Twitch to gift subs?

Some of the benefits which KeepStreams offers to its users are clear:-

1. Free of any regional limitation 

KeepStreams for Twitch downloaders is free from any topographical block. KeepStreams for twitch gives users a medium to download their ideal video from a typical prime video site page which also joins nations like the United Kingdom, US, Germany, Japan and others.

2. Introducing accounts in high picture quality

KeepStreams for twitch downloader guarantees a smooth download association with mind-blowing speed for all the disclosure in addition to notwithstanding accounts. KeepStreams is maybe the most remarkable instrument to enjoy quality content in addition to notwithstanding downloads with no hindrance.

3. Various soundtracks for a transcendent encounter

KeepStreams for twitch downloaders permit users to scrutinize different soundtracks going from EAC3 5.1, and AC3 5.1 to AAC 2.0 sound stations, perhaps the most appropriate disclosure in addition to notwithstanding downloaders for audiophiles.

4. Gives the choice to skirt disturbing progressions from films

KeepStreams gives users the choice to skip progressions. You will not be bothered about the annoying advancements any longer while watching your desired video content on KeepStreams.

5. Mass downloading of various records at fast

The bundling download on KeepStrems gives you the choice to download isolated content which is not available easily. You are free to watch the entire series of any kind of show or series as per your preference at any place and at your required time.

6. Follows all the latest trends in the technological world

To take special thought of the most recent necessities as well as instances of users, the developers of keepStreams ensure that they are updating the software consistently to stay aware of the most recent changes being developed. That is the clarification KeepStreams is viewed as one of the worthwhile video downloaders.

How Are the Functions of Keepstreams Unique in Comparison to Other Downloaders?

The functions of KeepStreams for Twitch  are unique in the following ways:-

1. Saves metadata for making up a reliable media library

KeepStreams goes presumably as a video boss. It saves metadata near the user #1 records which go probably as required to make a media library.

2. Elevates downloading speed in MP4 structure

With the assistance of KeepStreams, you can download higher speed downloads in the MP4 change offering the best likeness.

3. Moving HD records to different contraptions

The users utilizing KeepStreams can without an entirely surprising stretch plan with their downloads by moving them to tablets as well as cells.

4. Built-in Browser

You can look at a wide degree of things with the part of the secret program of KeepStreams.

How to Download Twitch Content with KeepStreams?

You are required to follow three fundamental stages to download their content on Twitch with the help of KeepStreams. The means are demonstrated under:-

1. Visit the live streaming section, and copy the URL of the video which you are willing to download.

2. You have to paste the URL of the desired video in the address bar.

3. Click on "Download Now". You are finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is 100 gifted subs?

A: The cost of gifting tier 1 subs on Twitch is around $4.99. If you want to gift 100 tier 1 gift subs at $4.99 it would amount to $499 including taxes. Depending on the geographical location, 100 tier 2 gifted subs would amount to $999 including taxes. Tier 3 gifted subs will cost you $999.60. You can give subs a maximum of 40 tier 3 subs. The user is required to repeat the whole gifting process to give more.

Q2. How long do gifted subs last?

A: Every gifted sub on Twitch expires after a month. Unless the user has received or chosen a gift for the various monthly subscriptions. To gift numerous monthly subscriptions to a user,  you are required to click on the “Gift a specific viewer” option to gift subs on Twitch.

Q3. What is a gifted sub on twitch?

A: The process of gifting a sub can begin by simply finding a particular name in the chat, and tapping to open the chat card. This marks the beginning of the process of gifting subs on Twitch. After proceeding with such a step, you would have to select a particular subscription tier to gift to a particular subscription.


A viewer gets the opportunity to watch desired streamers without any interruption of ads, proper utilization of the emotes, or to chat in subscription-only mode. Many streamers constitute leaderboards showcasing the users who have gifted the maximum subs. This simple way showcases the top contributors by giving them a badge next to the mentioned name. They are often at the topmost position of the leaderboard. And in this overall process KeepStreams for Twitch is highly useful because of its advantageous features. This article would brief you on the ways to know how to gift subs on twitch.