XTRFY M4 Ultra-Light Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Review

By Yvonne

The XTRFYM4 mouse is a budget-friendly, lightweight option. Stay tuned for the XTRFYM4 Ultra-Light Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Review.

Review of XTRFY Ultra-Light Ergonomic Gaming Mice M4

It is a great privilege to be able to enjoy a wide range of gaming mouse options. The gaming mouse market is very competitive right now. It's always good to have competition, because it gives us more products to use. There are many light mice on the market, so it can be easy to miss some of the best. The trend for lightweight gaming mice is exciting us.

The XTRFY M4's gaming mouse is very interesting. The XTRFY M4 is almost like looking through a haystack. It doesn't get much attention. This should not deter you, however. XTRFY, a Swedish company with a unique brand of products adds a lot to the personality. It's refreshing to find this in an industry that is filled with boring and generic gaming peripherals. The M4 is a great example of quality over gimmicks. You can read our XTRFYM4 Gaming Mouse Review.

M4 Black – Xtrfy

You can tell this is a mouse that has been played a lot. These mice are remarkable for their attention to detail and clever design decisions. But don't take our word for this. This excellent gaming mouse is a great choice. We will dive in and give you our results. Here's our detailed review of the XTRFYM4 black.

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The Unboxing Experience

The XTRFY M4 has nothing boring. It makes an immediate impression right from the start. The mouse arrives in an attractive cardboard box with yellow and black colors. On the front, you will see a photo of the mouse.

XTRFY M4 Mouse Review

In the top left corner, you will see the logo of the company. The text in the lower right announces the name and model of the mouse. Below that is proudly displayed a 'Designed In Sweden’ stamp.

One side shows information about the materials and construction, the other has an image of the mouse from the side. All features are briefly described on the back. The box is opened by slicing the seals using a knife. The mouse will be there right away. Two backlit ABS keycaps will be visible. The one that matches the mouse's color is the ABS keycap, the other has grey. While the former bears XTRFY, the latter has GG.

We meant to say that the mouse is very individual. We'll get to that in a moment. You also get the keycaps and mouse, as well as a manual and an XTRFY sticker. An extra pair thick PTFE feet is also included. These can be placed around the sensor on the mouse. This is all there is to it.

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Designers and closer looks

The XTRFYM4 can be described in a few words. It is clever, unique, and maybe even unusual. The best way to describe the mouse is "thoughtful". The mouse is a little familiar right out of the box.

It is easy to see why it stands out from the rest of lightweight gaming mice if you just focus for a few seconds. It does feature a skeletal design that has holes. It uses circular holes instead of hexagonal patterns.

Next, you will notice the shape. It's incredibly different and unique. This unique shape is being patented by the company. It comes in a variety of colors which is always nice. There are three color choices: black, white and pink.

The retro edition is also available. It has a similar color scheme to the original NES console. This colorway is quite distinctive, however we do have the black version available for you to review. All of the colors are great. It's all about your preference.

Thanks to its skeletal design, the mouse weighs in at 69g. It is comfortable and grippy, with a smooth shell. The side panels are strong and thick. All surfaces are matte and UV-coated. The mouse feels solid for the most part. Although there is very little flex in the current model, older revisions did have a bit more creak. This is not evident on the unit and should not bother you. It is lightweight and medium in ergo form.

The mouse seems to be designed for medium-sized hands. Later, we'll discuss comfort and grip styles. Let's talk now about RGB. It is one of the most impressive RGB lighting implementations we have seen on a gaming mouse. The RGB strip starts underneath the buttons and goes under the front button. It then continues to the opposite side. It also features a tiny RGB strip.

Xtrfy M4 Review

The circular pattern makes it easy to see the XTRFY logo underneath the shell. This mouse is already beautiful and glows with the logo. We have the RGB button located near the scroll wheel. There are a number of modes and color options. You can also adjust the brightness. These LEDs can be found on the PCB and bounce light off of them all around the mouse. It gives the mouse a soft, diffused appearance.

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Comfortable and firm grip

The XTRFY M4 ergonomic gaming mouse. It does have a unique ergonomic design. It is actually quite the opposite. The mouse is quite different in shape which makes it difficult to discuss. We'll still give our best effort and show you what we see with some photos. We'll start with the measurements. It measures 120mm in length, 56mm on each side, 68mm on its rear flare and 60mm at the grip. The mouse measures 39mm high, with a distance of 23mm from the scroll wheel to the desk.

The front triggers are low, similar to the Zowie ZA mice. It is quite difficult to get used to the curves here. The shape is similar to a Zowie EC2A, but it has a smaller hump. This mouse is sure to appeal to you if you like the design. This mouse is ideal for those with medium-large hands who prefer to grip their gaming mice in a palm grip. Although it is possible to use the mouse fingertip-grip, most users will prefer a palm grip.

We know there's a lot of demand for this mouse. It is unique and will make you feel amazing. Some people may find the shape too aggressive. It's quite sharp and will require some getting used to.

You'll quickly get to know it if you have ever used a Rival 310 or a Zowie EC1B Razer DeathAdder. It's easy to hold, it is stable, and the sides have curves that make it easier to lift. This might be a problem if your mouse is small or ambidextrous.

Buttons, Scroll Wheel and Cable

A good mouse is incomplete without the proper scroll wheel, buttons and cables. The scroll wheel will be our first topic. The scroll wheel overall is very impressive. The scroll wheel is quiet and smooth. It has very low resistance, making it feel different to other mice that we have tested. Although it's not clicky, the resistance is low and smooth. There are 24 steps on the wheel. This wheel also has a near-perfect coating. The rubber housing with RGB strip makes it look great. This scroll wheel is the perfect example of a nearly-perfect scrollwheel.

Let's now talk about cable. When it comes to mouse cable options, we're spoiled for choices. It's hard to find a good stock cable these days. The cable is not great, but it's still good. The blue unit has a more loose weave. The cable has a soft and flexible feel. We feel the cable could be a little more flexible. This is their EZcord, and its length is 1.8m.

Let's finally get to the buttons. The buttons feel satisfyingly clicky. They are also easy to use, thanks to the low triggers at the front. It has little play and the right button feels especially great. The left trigger, on the other hand does have some movement. This minor detail can be easily noticed if you look closely. While it won't affect performance, some may find it annoying. These switches are Omron-rated at 20 million clicks. These switches are great for pre- and post-travel.

The side buttons are located in an excellent position. They are both well-designed and large. You won't missclick them, but they will be easy to press. Huano switches are used on both sides of the buttons. They're sharp and clicky. Although they do have some pre-travel, there is nothing too intrusive. Although they feel slightly floaty it is a minor issue. A Huano switch is used to make the middle click on scroll wheels.

Gaming performance

It doesn't matter if your mouse is the most beautiful in the world or has all the bells and whistles. But if it fails to perform, what good does that make? Fortunately, the XTRFYM4 doesn't suffer from these issues. This system is focused on the performance and not on gimmicks. Gaming performance overall is very solid. You'll soon be able to flick solidly once you become familiar with the form.

This mouse is equipped with a PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor. It is a high-quality optical sensor we use in many gaming mice, including those for CSGO or other FPS games. There are eight steps and the default DPI of 1200. The sensor is located near the bottom. You'll see an XTRFY logo right above. Below that, you'll see microprinted text that reads GLHF (good fortune and have fun). It is located below the plate and uses an LED indicator. The maximum DPI is 16,000.

A switch located at the bottom allows you to adjust the polling rate. This mouse does not have an LOD adjustment. The feet are very thick and gliding well. These feet feel slightly better than stock Zowie mouse feet. In terms of their smoothness, these feet are very similar to Hyperglides. We have a sealed PCB and an ARM32 processor for internals.

This all adds up to a fantastic gaming experience. This sensor is very good. The tracking is very precise, so you will not miss any shots. The XTRFY mouse is a great product.

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