How to Fix Xfinity Outage

Updated on 2022-11-04
Our Xfinity troubleshooting guide can be useful if you're experiencing equipment issues. You may create a hotspot on your smartphone during an Xfinity outage.

Equipment difficulties with Xfinity

If your TV or home internet equipment is operating below optimal levels, they could be the source of your service issues. If any of the following situations apply to you, hardware issues rather than an Xfinity outage may be the cause:

  • Your Wi-Fi signal is weak or your connection is unstable.
  • Despite receiving a consistent TV signal, your picture seems wrong.
  • Your modem, router, or TV box's lights are steady and not flashing.

Your TV or internet equipment may only require a tune-up in certain circumstances. For some assistance with your television and internet, refer to our Xfinity troubleshooting page.

Xfinity outage

Xfinity outage/network problems

If your internet or TV service is completely down, Comcast most certainly has the issue. These indicators of an Xfinity outage include losing your TV or internet access.

  • The error lights on your modem, router, or TV box are flashing.
  • neighborhood is experiencing extreme weather, such as a power outage

If you're experiencing these issues, get in touch with Xfinity customer service to find out if there's a service outage nearby.

How to verify an Xfinity outage

Use the links below to determine whether there is a service outage for Xfinity in your location if you're still having issues after checking all of your Xfinity equipment cables.

Map of Xfinity outages

The local outages in your area are listed on the Xfinity Outage Map along with an anticipated time of repair. With the Xfinity My Account mobile app or the Status Center on Xfinity, you can access the map (available on Google Play or the App Store).

Xfinity customer service number

With Xfinity's callback service, you may arrange a phone conversation with a customer service representative without having to wait on hold all day. Additionally, Xfinity offers live chat assistance daily from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET as well as a support Twitter account.

Xfinity text message alerts

For text message warnings on Xfinity outages, text OUT to 266278. Your phone number must be linked to your Xfinity account in order to get text alerts.

What to do if Xfinity goes offline

During an Xfinity outage, your only option is to wait for Comcast workers to complete restoring your TV or internet connection. You can still utilize some Xfinity services while reading by candlelight or doing the Sunday crossword, though.

Make a hotspot with your smartphone

You might be able to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot to connect PCs or tablets to the internet depending on the brand and plan you have.

Even though mobile data connections won't be as quick as your home internet, they can be used as a backup in the event of a power outage. To avoid paying overage costs, confirm that your smartphone plan includes hotspot usage.

Utilize the Xfinity Stream app to watch TV

You may still use the Xfinity Stream app to watch on-demand movies or TV shows even if your Xfinity TV service isn't working due to a power outage. Find out more about the app by reading our comprehensive Xfinity Stream review.

Join a Wi-Fi hotspot from Xfinity

Customers of Comcast without prepaid plans can connect to a nearby Xfinity hotspot for quick Wi-Fi internet access. For additional information on the service and to locate the closest hotspot, visit our Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots page.

If Xfinity workers are working nearby or if there is a power outage in your neighborhood due to extreme weather, Xfinity may not be working. To check if Xfinity services are down, go to the Xfinity website or text OUT to 266278.

Why is there a problem with my Xfinity network?

Check our Xfinity troubleshooting guide to get assistance if you think your equipment is to blame for the network problem. You might have an Xfinity outage in your area if that doesn't resolve the issue.

To check if Xfinity has an internet outage in your location, go to the Xfinity website or the Xfinity My Account mobile app. For updates on internet outages, you may also text OUT to 266278 if your phone number is linked to your Xfinity account.

Call +1-800-XFINITY to speak with customer support for Xfinity. If you don't want to search through your keyboard for the letters, that is +1-800-934-6489.

Xfinity outage troubleshooting guide

How to fix your Xfinity WiFi

The foundation of your home internet setup is your Xfinity Wi-Fi, which supports everything from laptops to those posh refrigerators with built-in cameras that keep an eye on your food. These suggestions are a good place to start if your Wi-Fi connection keeps going out and you don't want to wait for Xfinity's internet help to fix it.

A network connection check

Even though it seems apparent, plugging in your cables is a smart place to start when troubleshooting your Xfinity internet.

Look for unlit LEDs on the front of your modem, router, or xFi Gateway. Verify the security of the cables on your Xfinity equipment. Older Ethernet cables, for instance, may break or lose their plastic locking clip. Cables may appear to be inserted without actually forming a secure connection when this occurs.

Find the name and password for your Xfinity WiFi network

Finding out whether your Wi-Fi issues are caused by network or hardware issues can be done by disconnecting and reconnecting your device to your Wi-Fi network. But you're not alone if you can't recall your network's name or the random characters that make up your Wi-Fi password.

The network name and password for the device are located on the underside of your xFi Gateway. On the bottom of your router, if you're using one of your own, you can also find this information.

Restart your Wi-Fi router and Xfinity modem

Although modems and routers are designed to offer continuous service, they can always benefit from a break, just like any other gear. If your Xfinity Wi-Fi isn't working, rebooting can be an option.

Unplug the power adapters for your modem and router from the wall socket, wait one minute, and then plug them back in to reboot your device. The internet connection on your Xfinity modem and router is refreshed during this operation, and any hardware problems are resolved. You can arrange automatic daily or weekly reboots on many more recent Wi-Fi routers.

The My Xfinity Account app also lets you reset your modem if you need to resolve network issues while you're away from home. Like Wi-Fi routers, modems that link Xfinity to your house gain from periodic reboots.

Scroll down to your account modem by selecting the Internet tile in the My Xfinity Account app on your mobile device. To begin a reboot, select Restart this device.

Your Xfinity internet service's troubleshooting

The next step is to verify your Xfinity connection if your Wi-Fi is still falling out or you're still getting sluggish download speeds despite restarting your equipment.

Your internet-connected devices should restart

Slow PC performance can occasionally be misinterpreted as slow internet performance. Your device will undertake routine maintenance to return to normal after a fast reboot. Consider testing your internet speed if you're still having connectivity issues.

Test your internet speed

You may determine whether your real download speeds are significantly lower than what you're paying for by doing a speed test on your Xfinity internet connection. The strength of your Wi-Fi router and the age of your laptop, smartphone, or tablet are two major causes of persistent speed issues. Internet performance depends on a variety of factors, including home network traffic and the time of day.

The further you are from the router, the slower your internet will typically be. The range of your network can be increased, and your entire home will receive consistent service thanks to extenders like the Xfinity xFi Pod. Current Wi-Fi standards can't be used by older tablets or laptops, but if upgrading isn't an option, think about utilizing an Ethernet cable to connect your devices to the internet.

Even with the best Wi-Fi hardware, if your internet speed is still slow, it might be time to switch internet service providers.

Your Xfinity internet device should be reset

Most internet issues may be resolved with a simple reboot, but if your Xfinity internet is still down or you've forgotten your Wi-Fi password, it may be necessary to perform a complete hardware reset.

A reset clears the memory and configuration of your router, unlike a reboot. A full reset can add extra work if you had customized your network settings, but it also creates a new internet connection and resolves any router conflict difficulties.

On the back of your router, if it is not an Xfinity model, you should look for a tiny reset button. Use a small-tipped item with a small tip, such as a stapler or pencil, to press and hold the reset button while your router is on until you see the lights flash.

Verify an internet outage with Xfinity

The Xfinity Status Center and Xfinity My Account mobile app both allow users to view Xfinity outage maps. These maps display the areas of outages and an estimated number of subscribers who were impacted. For updates on outages, you can also text OUT to 266278 if your phone number is listed with Xfinity.

How to troubleshoot your Xfinity TV system

There are quicker cures for dropped TV connections than scaling the roof to smack the satellite dish. Use our advice to stay grounded.

Verify your connections and cords

Perform a simple cable check on the back of your cable box, Xfinity Flex, or Xfinity X1, then. Are all of your cords in good working order and securely attached? A loose or damaged cable will reduce your picture quality, even if it is hooked into your TV device.

Refresh the Xfinity TV device's signal

To renew your TV signal on older Xfinity cable boxes, manually disconnect and replug the power cable. The unit will fully update your signal and programming guide in 15 to 45 minutes. Your cable box will establish a fresh connection with Xfinity during the refresh, eliminating the majority of TV signal problems.

You may even update the TV signal without leaving your sofa if you have an Xfinity X1 or the Xfinity My Account mobile app:

How to re-buff your Xfinity X1's TV signal

  • To access Help, select the Settings tab and press the A button on your remote.
  • Click Refresh System.
  • Ten minutes must pass before the refresh procedure is complete. You won't be able to view recordings or TV programmes during this period.

How to re-broadcast TV using Xfinity App My Account

  • On the Overview page, click TV.
  • Select the TV box you want to refresh under Devices.
  • To troubleshoot, click. Continue by clicking the next page.
  • Watch for the diagnostic scan to be finished.
  • System Refresh should be clicked, then Continue. The refresh procedure will be finished in around 20 minutes.

How to fix issues with the Xfinity TV app

You can continue to watch TV even while you're away from your sofa with the help of the Xfinity Stream mobile app (and we won't criticize where that may be). If the app is performing strangely, follow these instructions.

Xfinity TV app update

The Xfinity Stream app receives frequent upgrades from Xfinity to enhance functionality and features. Check the Xfinity Stream page in the App Store or Google Play Store if your phone or tablet doesn't update itself.

Reinstall the Xfinity TV app after uninstalling it

A complete uninstall can typically solve issues with mobile apps that aren't functioning properly. Reinstall the service by uninstalling the Xfinity Stream app and visiting the app store on your device.

Look into your parental controls

Want to prevent your child from watching Showtime while they mean to watch Sesame Street?

Parental Controls can be accessed in the app by clicking Settings. You can set a safe surfing mode on this page, which limits information depending on its title, channel, or rating and censors program names or descriptions.

The last word

You can correct your network connection once you've established if your Xfinity equipment is malfunctioning or you're a victim of a widespread outage.

Our Xfinity troubleshooting guide can be useful if you're experiencing equipment issues. You may create a hotspot on your smartphone during an Xfinity outage. Try out Xfinity Stream to watch your favorite shows online if there is simply a TV outage at this period.