All you Should Know about Xfinity Customer Service

By Yvonne

Important Information For Xfinity Customers Service Issues

On, you can find useful information for troubleshooting TV picture or signal quality problems. If the issue still persists, feel free to contact them by live chat at or by phone at 1-800-XFINITY, and a customer service agent will make an effort to resolve it. Any issues you may have with the signal quality will be swiftly and effectively addressed by them.


Except in unusual circumstances or situations where events are beyond their control, they shall react to your report of a service interruption no later than 24 hours after you tell them. If you advise them of any further service issues, they will respond no later than the following business day. In order to resolve a service-related issue, they might require entry to your house.

If a service call is necessary, it will be planned for a time that works for you. You can speak with your local franchising authority to discuss the issue with your service if you are unhappy with how they handled your service issue. Please call them at 1-800-XFINITY to obtain the name and address of your local franchising authority if it is not specified on your bill.

Payment or Service Complaints

The My Account section of the Xfinity website ( contains information about your Xfinity services and billing. For instant access to the most recent account information, you may also download the Xfinity My Account app to your smartphone or other device. On, you can find information on how to get in touch with them by phone or chat if you have a complaint about your Xfinity TV service or your bill.

Additionally, you are welcome to stop by one of their Xfinity store locations. To locate the local Xfinity shop, go to If you would want to send them a letter with your feedback, please do so at the regional address provided on the How to Reach Us insert.

They'll do their best to address your issue quickly. You can get in touch with your local franchising authority to talk about your complaint if you're unhappy with how they handled it or if they were unable to do so. Please call us at 1-800-XFINITY to obtain the name and address of your local franchising authority if it is not specified on your bill.

Please contact us by phone at 1-855-270-0379 or by email at [email protected] if you have a problem about closed captioning.

Using Comcast's Automated Phone System to Pay Your Bill

Online payments are quick and simple. You can sign in to My Account to pay your bill if you don't know your username or password.

Information needed to use the automated phone system to pay

  • Billing account number
  • Xfinity Voice number (phone number associated with the account)

Using credit or debit:

  • debit or credit card number
  • Date of expiration
  • CVV, or card validation value The CVV is a four-digit number that may be found on the front of American Express cards and on the back of all other cards (three digits).

If a checking or savings account is used:

  • Number of a savings or checking account
  • Routing number for a bank (nine digits)

How to Pay Using an Automated Telephone System

  • Contact 1-800-Xfinity (1-800-934-6489).
  • Select the Billing and Payments prompt #2.
  • Pay your bill by following the steps.

Note: You can sign up for automated payments using this system to prevent forgetting when your bills are due.

Additional Details

To find common answers and self-help options, troubleshoot issues, manage your account, and more, visit the online support center.

The Xfinity app is the best tool for managing and troubleshooting your Xfinity experience. You can either text "APP" to 266278 to download it for nothing from the App Store or Google Play.

Customer Service:

(866) 366-5756
Wi-Fi Service Termination: (855) 709-1197


(855) 270-0379
Support Center For Customers With Disabilities

Business Customer Service:

(877) 761-7401
Business VoiceEdge: (866) 950-3789
Cloud Solutions: (800) 741-4141
Ethernet: (800) 391-3000
Existing customers: (877) 229-5999
Hospitality: (877) 543-3961
PRI Trunks: (866) 511-6489

Business Sales:

(866) 429-2321
Business VoiceEdge: (855) 867-5010
Cloud Solutions: (866) 429-0152
Enterprise Business (new customers): (855) 869-7188
Hospitality: (866) 524-7482
PRI Trunks: (855) 452-0168
Small and Medium Business (new customers)


(888) 565-4329
DMCA Inquiries


Before you move, kindly check If your new house is within the service area, this is the best way for them to set up your service to be disconnected and to schedule an installation there.

Hardware Compatibility

Each television you desire to utilize with the Xfinity TV service must have a TV Box, TV Adapter, CableCARD, or other navigation device that is compatible with the system. With the Xfinity TV service, you might not be able to use any unique features or capabilities of your TV, VCR, or DVD player/recorder.

Signal splitters and/or other auxiliary equipment that can be purchased from them or other electronic retailers may be able to remedy some of these issues. If you have any inquiries about additional equipment compatibility concerns or if you would like to discuss the kind of special equipment required to solve specific compatibility problems, please contact them.

By purchasing a "tune adapter" device, owners of TiVo digital cable-ready DVRs can access switched digital video services. To access switched digital video and other two-way cable services if you have a TiVo DVR or other digital cable-ready devices, you will need a TV Box, TV Adapter, or CableCARD from them.

They will give you the technical specifications required for a navigation device you rent or buy from a store to work with our system upon your request. We will not permit the use of a navigation device that does not meet all necessary signal security criteria because we need to secure our Xfinity TV service. Please visit for details on various navigational aids.

Units for Remote Control

They will give you a remote control that works with your TV box or TV adapter if you rent one from them. Additionally, you can buy appropriate remote controls at nearby electronics shops or other retail establishments. Local merchants presently carry the following models of compatible remote controls: Philips PHL PMDVR8, RCA RCR612, and Sony RM-V202.

Your neighborhood Xfinity store should be able to provide you with a list of additional suitable remotes. These remote control units are compatible with the TV Box or TV Adapter that they presently rent, but if they change the type of TV Box or TV Adapter that they rent, these remotes could not work. Please get in touch with them if you have any questions about whether a specific remote control would work with their hardware.

Installation and Service Modifications

Standard installations typically take 7 business days to complete. You might have to pay an installation or change of service fee if your services are changed. Additional details regarding our current services, charges, and prices are available online at or by calling 1-800-XFINITY.

Current and Coming Programming Changes You can call 866-216-8634 or visit for information on recent and coming programming changes.

Additional Information

Some of the policies, methods, and services described here may not be applicable to the clients who get service under business accounts, bulk rate agreements, or other similar arrangements. For further information, please contact one of the customer service specialists by calling 1-800-XFINITY.