Functions of WordAi and WordAi's Competitors

Updated on 2023-06-30
WordAi uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to rewrite content that is just as good as what a person would write.

WordAi uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to rewrite content that is just as good as what a person would write.


Functions of WordAi

Complete Sentence Restructuring

WordAi reads and understands each sentence before rewriting it and testing how easy it is to understand. By doing this, WordAi may change the order of your sentences but keep their meaning.

Improve Text

Ai can read your material and determine the meaning of each word. So, the AI can correctly identify and add LSI keywords, which makes each rewrite more unique and ready to rank higher.

Explain the Same Ideas in Different Ways

WordAi may come up with hundreds of different ways to say the same thing. This keeps you from writing the same thing twice, gives you great alternatives to the original, and might help you get past writer's block.

Quality Got Better

WordAi fixes any spelling or grammar mistakes when it rewrites your content, so the end result is even better than the original.

Clarity Improvement

WordAi takes information that is long and complicated and rewrites it in a way that is simple and clear. This helps you express your ideas better.

Separate Sentences

When you use short, clear sentences, it's easier for people to understand what you're saying. WordAi naturally breaks up long, wordy sentences so that they are short, clear, and powerful.

FAQS of WordAi

Can You Work with More than One User on WordAi

WordAi does not currently support more than one user, but this feature will be added to a future version.

Does WordAi Have an API

Yes! Each WordAi plan comes with access to the API.

What Does WordAi Often Help You Do?

WordAi can be used by anyone to improve the way they make content. But WordAi is best for two different types of users: those who want to improve their SEO and those who want to improve the process of making content.

How WordAi Works

The old version of WordAi had a lot of options and settings, and the spinning quality levels could be changed.

With the first spinning quality setting, you can choose the level of quality you want WordAi to produce. Extremely Unique, Very Unique, Unique, Regular, Readable, Very Readable, and Extremely Readable options were available.

With the second spinning quality setting, you can choose whether or not you want WordAi to automatically rewrite full sentences for you.

In the third spinning quality setting, you can choose whether or not WordAi should automatically add, remove, or change the order of sentences.

You could choose whether or not you wanted WordAi to spin paragraphs for you at the fourth quality level.

You will no longer get anything from that. Everything has been made easy so that content rewriting can be done quickly. Even though this has some good points, many users would rather have more control over the process and choose which settings to use.

You have three ways to spin right now. More Regular, More Adventurous, and More Conservative describe these.

I will choose the More Conservative option if you need material that will be easy to read after being spun. Keep in mind that this method of spinning will result in a lot fewer unique copies of your work, even though the words will be used less often.

Using the Regular option, you can make different versions of your work that are easy to read. This setting should be perfect because it strikes a good balance between being easy to read and making unique content.

Most original rewritten content will come from more exciting places, but it may be harder to read.

Prices of WordAi

WordAi has two different price points. The monthly pricing plan costs $57 per month and $27 per month if you pay for it for a year at once. No matter which price strategy you choose, you will get the same features.

WordAi also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always get your money back if it doesn't meet your needs.

There is also a Custom plan, which has all of the regular features plus a few more. The most interesting thing about this is that you can set or turn off certain rewrite features with customized rewrites.

WordAi's Competitors and Other Options

You might want to look at WordAi's competitors or similar options to find the best answer. When looking for WordAi alternatives, it's also important to think about how reliable and easy to use they are. Writesonic, Grammarly Business, and Rytr are some of the best alternatives and competitors to WordAi, according to reviews.

Grammarly Business: Grammarly makes your writing better by finding and fixing up to ten times as many mistakes as your word processor.

Rytr: Rytr is an AI that helps you write and helps you create content automatically. Rytr can make you unique, compelling copies in seconds and at a fraction of the cost for everything from emails and blogs to commercials and social media.

Writesonic: You can make effective landing pages, product descriptions, ads, and blog posts in a matter of seconds with Writesonic. is a copywriting tool that is powered by artificial intelligence and can help you write better and faster. It's like having your own personal writer on staff! To write convincing and interesting copy, you need to be moved. can be used to make a blog, a landing page, or more posts on social media.

Anyword: In any case, marketers pay attention to every word. Digital media are used to make about 1 billion marketing communications every day. Most of them are biased, expensive to make, and don't help anyone. Anyword's goal is to get rid of these problems. With the help of Anyword, a platform that generates natural language, marketers may be able to better reach their target market with their messages.

Our technology helps you create expert-level messages across channels and formats by using a model trained on millions of marketing messages and your own historical data. Anyword is used by some of the best publications and businesses in the world, like The New York Times, PetCareRx, the NBA, Red Bull, Ted Baker, and more.

Simplified: Simplified makes designing everything, growing your brand, and working with your team easier than ever. You can make beautiful designs, videos, and written content with the help of our AI copywriting tool. Then you can start using our free plan forever. With Design Simplified, you can start making designs right away. There are thousands of beautiful themes that you can use for free on social media posts, Instagram stories, Reels, TikToks, banners, and just about anything else.

Enjoy AI wizardry that works with just one click to resize images, remove backgrounds, and make animations. You'll never have to use more than one tool again! Use our resource bank of millions of images, tens of thousands of fonts, and design elements to make changes right away.

Just drag, drop, and you're done. Writing using AI Because of how fast Simplified's AI copywriting works, it seems like magic. You won't have to waste time staring at a blank screen because Simplified's AI can help you rewrite, improve, or make new content from scratch (or scrolling an app, or screaming into the void).

Make copy that works well for search engines, ads, product descriptions, social media, blogs, and anything else you need it for. Your day got a lot better because of this. Collaborate Get everyone on your team on the same page and you can say goodbye to workflows that are hard to understand and a lot of feedback. You and your team can share, tag, and leave comments right away.

Have more than one team? Make more places to work so projects can be split up. Folders can be used to set up projects, assets, and other things. Publishing on Facebook With in-app publishing and scheduling, you can start and finish all of your marketing in the same app.

LeadIQ: With LeadIQ, you can automate sales prospecting. You can get leads, find contacts, and improve leads in just a few seconds. Frase is making a word processor with AI that will let marketers search without being watched and make them more productive.