Will Welovemanga be unavailable when I move out? Free manga sites to replace Welovemanga.

Updated on 2022-09-22
"WeLoveManga, an illegal free manga site, is getting a lot of attention. Here's what you need to know about its possible closure and alternative sites!

An illegal free manga site called WeLoveManga is getting a lot of attention.

This is because MangaPLAY was recently shut down and MangaRaw is no longer available.

Under such circumstances, the illegal manga site WeLoveManga has become a hot topic because it allows users to read manga without logging in, and it is free.

For a while there was a fuss about not being able to see it or not being able to display it, but now when you access it, it appears.

We are wondering if there are any free manga sites that can be used in place of WeLoveManga when it does not show up.

In this article, "Researching alternative free manga sites when WeLoveManga doesn't show up or can't be viewed! " will be summarized in the article "WeLoveManga.

WeLoveManga not viewable or not displayable?

There was a phenomenon where WeLoveManga could not be viewed or displayed, but now it is available again.

Various illegal manga sites exist, and they are repeatedly closed and revived.

There is a high possibility that you may suddenly not be able to view or display them, but since they are illegal sites to begin with, it is inevitable.

Not only the closure, but also the phenomenon of not being able to view or display the site occurs when the line is full due to too much access.

Even if you know it is an illegal site, if you think you can read manga for free, you will want to see what kind of site it is, and if there is a manga you want to read, you will read it.

What is an alternative free manga site when WeLoveManga cannot be seen or displayed?

WeLoveManga is said to be the successor to LoveHug.

Since it is an illegal site, it is only a matter of time before it closes down! It is rumored to be closed down in a matter of time.

If I can't see WeLoveManga or can't view it, are there any manga sites I can view instead?

Currently, you can view it at the following sites

Manga Raw (manga Raw)

After Mangamura and Mangabank (漫画村) are closed, this is the most accessed illegal manga site. You can read manga without downloading.

They seem to be operating multiple sites under the domains of manga1000 and manga1001.

There are many uploaded works, and the loading and image display speed of the site is fast. The number of advertisements is small, but when you click on a manga work, you may be sent to the URL link of the advertisement.

== ==



A successor piracy site in place of MangaBANK, which appeared with a domain change after the closure of MangaBANK. The name was changed from Manga Bank to Combay to Fbay.

It has been revived as a piracy site, but not many manga are uploaded. After the closure of MangaBANK, access has flowed to MangaRaw.

Combay (Manga Bay)


Illegal site created to replace Manga Bank. Ended up closing without uploading most of the manga. Exists only in name and revived as Fbay.

magapro.top (Manga Pro)

Mangapro.top's manga site has the same site structure as Manga raw. It is probably the same site administrator. It is almost Manga raw.

Raw Manga

A search for Raw Manga brings up the Raw Manga site at Manga Raw.

Raw Lazy

Raw Lazy's domain is rawlazy.com and has not yet closed.

The loading time of the manga is slow and the manga is not readily available.

== ==

Kiss Away

I got "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" and could not read the manga. This site is dangerous. It was posted that I should not enter my credit card number or personal information. I do not recommend reading the manga.


This is an illegal manga site where you can read manga in Japanese.

kisslove and many other similar sites.

Lovehug (formerly loveHeaven)

Loveheaven was closed and changed to Lovehug.


Illegal manga site where you can read manga in Japanese.

KLManga and mangakl are different sites.



I can't read manga easily because all I see are annoying ads.


Rawlazy.com, but I don't recommend it because it is hard to read manga. Many times I can't access the site.

MangaTaro (formerly Mangasun)

Mangasum has changed its name to MangaTaro. Uploaded manga are in English. Manga Reading Site. Manga are uploaded by story (chapter).


I tried to access the site but could not read the manga due to a 404 error.

Synobook (formerly DigiCoca)

Synobook (formerly Digicoca) is a BL manga version of Manga Bank.


Synobook (formerly Digicoca) has moved to Flyly, a BL manga site.

The site seems to be connected to MangaBank, which seems to have closed down. You can't read the manga even if you jump to the URL link on the site.


A manga reading site where you can read manga by chapter. It is difficult to read because of the trouble of turning the pages. English translation.


hakaraw.com has now been changed to hamiraw.com.

Manga Gohan

Illegal site with Japanese-language display. It is divided into Action, Adventure, Comics, Science Fiction Fantasy, Shojo Manga, and Shonen Manga categories. It is easy to read manga without downloading. But it is an illegal manga site.


Same site as Raw Manga.


Illegal site similar to manga raw. The page transition is also fast.


Previous domain site of welovemanga.com. redirects to welovemanga.

Free Sharing Raw Manga

Some photo collections of idols.


You will be redirected to the free share Raw Manga.


FreeRawManga Free Manga Box

Manga site is heavy and site is difficult to use.


You will be redirected to Manga Raw page.


You will be redirected to raw-manga.xyz page.

Manga Mura

Manga Mura, which was the largest manga village in Japan, has closed. Manga Mura was closed after the arrest of Hoshi no Romi.

The latest version in 2022: Manga Mura's alternative successor sites.

Manga Mura Z

Currently does not exist. Closed.

Manga Town (Manga Town)

Mangatown appeared after Mangamura closed, and closed after about three months.

Manga Bank (Manga Bank)

After the closure of Mangamura, Mangabank (漫画バンク) became its successor. The manga site closed down after succumbing to Shueisha's lawsuit preparations.

Manga BANK (漫画バンク) is back from closure! The alternative illegal manga site is Manga Bay (Combay)

Manga ZIP (Manga Zip)

Illegal manga site in Japanese. Easy to view.

Successor to Manga ZIP (Manga Zip) and 130 free manga recommendations

13DL.NET (13DL.me)

A search for 13DL will now take you to M.A.G. (Manga-Anime Guardians).

M.A.G(Manga-Anime Guardians)

This is the successor site to 13DL. You will need to download the manga by chapters. It is honestly a hassle because you have to go to the site where the files are stored to get the manga.


They are renewing to a new version. Comic strips are posted by chapters.


All of these sites are illegal and we do not know when they will be closed down.

Accessing illegal sites is very dangerous.

There are many troubles such as leakage of personal information and virus infection, so we do not recommend it even if you consider the merit of free viewing.

To avoid getting into trouble, we recommend that you enjoy manga on legitimate sites.


In this article, "If you can't see WeLoveManga or can't view it, investigate alternative free manga sites! " article summarizes the results.

The reason why WeLoveManga cannot be seen or displayed is that the site is blocked or access is concentrated.

We have researched and introduced alternative free sites when you cannot view WeLoveManga, but all of these sites are illegal.

Rather than using illegal sites that may involve you in various crimes, we recommend that you enjoy manga safely on legitimate sites.

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