In times like this where streaming services are being preferred over traditional cable TV streaming, services like Vudu TV, which has been around for a very long time, are the most reliable ones to choose. Vudu TV is one of the best streaming services you can access from practically any location you're based, globally.

The service is similar to the popular/trendy ones you know - Netflix, YouTube, HBO Max, etc. However, one of the most interesting reasons to choose Vudu TV is because it provides free content across categories. So, if you’re looking for a free alternative streaming service to boycott Netflix’s pricing, Vudu can be your best bet.


Founded in 2001, Vudu is a streaming service that offers free content, TV shows, on-demand movies, and other interesting stuff. Actually, the company started as a setup box - Vudu Box, before it became a streaming service that offers on-demand movies.

The service became the first on-demand platform to offer HD digital movies. Also, Vudu was among the first services that embraced 4K UHD and Dolby Vision/Atmos streaming. The company has improved on many aspects and you can access the streaming service across various devices, including smart TVs.

However, to access Vudu on smart TVs and some streaming devices, you need to activate the app. This article details the procedure to activate Vudu on any device you wish to access the service from.

How to log in and Activate Vudu TV Shows on Demand?

Just like every other streaming service, to get started with streaming free or paid content on Vudu, you need to sign up using a valid email. After you have signed up, you can utilize any of the supported devices or mediums to stream the contents available on Vudu’s library.

Signing up on Vudu is simply straightforward, where you may encounter an issue is when you’re trying to get the device on your smart TV or streaming device - where activation is required. But, the activation process is not as tough as you may have thought it to be.

While we used Roku to provide the steps below; you can also follow the steps to activate Vudu on any other device that requires activation.

First Step:

Go to Roku Channel Store, or the app store for your device, and search for the Vudu app. Install the app on your device; go back to your device’s home screen and launch the Vudu app.

Second Step:

Sign in with your valid credentials and copy down the code that would appear on your TV or device’s screen. Ensure that you copied the code exactly as it is.

Third Step:

Visit and enter the code into the provided space. If you entered the correct code, the Vudu app would be activated on your device, and as such, you can proceed to stream the on-demand content, as well as free content provided by the network.

Can you Download Vudu TV Shows?

It is possible to download any video you find on the internet, whether it is hosted on a streaming service’s website or a free website. However, this requires using an online video downloader, and there are many of these downloaders out there.

For Netflix subscribers, there are quite many Netflix video downloaders out there, and the same applies to other popular premium streaming services, including Disney Plus. But there, you can find online video downloaders that support over 1000 websites, including streaming services.

This implies that, with such downloaders, you can download videos, movies, and TV shows from a variety of services and websites. Y2Mate DRM Downloader and MyStream Downloader are examples of advanced video downloader software that support downloading videos from thousands of websites and on-demand streaming services.

How to Download Vudu Videos

To download Vudu videos, you need to download either of the downloaders mentioned above - Y2Mate DRM Downloader or MyStream Downloader.

First Step:

Launch the downloader you installed and open the Vudu streaming website using the built-in browser on the downloader. Click on the login option and enter your credentials to sign in to your Vudu content.

Second Step:

Find the Vudu TV show or movie you want to download and start playing it. While the video is playing, you will see a download button, click on the button and choose your download preferences.

Third Step:

Using Y2Mate DRM Downloader or MyStream Downloader, you can download multiple videos and TV shows simultaneously from Vudu. To see the download progress, navigate to the “Downloading” tab.

What More?

There are other ways to save Vudu TV shows to your device; you can use PlayOn Cloud to record the shows and movies and save them on your device. Vudu also has a "Download" option that lets you save most of the videos you'd find on the website. Furthermore, you can rent or purchase videos from Vudu.