Latest VTuber Summary on 20 Easy Tools Used by Virtual YouTubers

Updated on 2023-05-31
We have selected top 20 Vtuber tools for your reference, you could find the different tools suited for different Vtubing needs either on PC or mobile.

VTuber Summary

Part 1: Introduction

You may have been thinking what is a VTuber? What do they do? and How to become a Vtuber?

VTuber, also called Virtual YouTuber is an anime-inspired live streamer. They make use of computer graphics-generated avatar to entertain online audience. They are online entertainers. A majority of virtual VTuber worldwide love anime and Japanese. 

They are appealing to people for various reasons. They can overcome appearance and gender-based restrictions. They can be anyone who they choose to be. A virtual VTuber has a distinctive identity and isn't constrained by any identity or personal issues. The main activities of a VTuber are communication, singing, dancing, and gameplay.

They have strong associations with music and also hold specialization in creating original songs. Due to this attribute, many firms from music industry and publishing agencies tie up with them to create music labels, and conduct live music shows. To get more clarity on what is a VTuber, and VTuber summary, read on this article.


Part 2: Most popular VTubers




Inugami Korone

Korone VTuber is a female Japanese virtual VTuber . Here is her VTuber summary:

Her name comes from the name of the Japanese family "Inugami". She is linked to hololive. Korone VTuber is a member of the subgroup hololive Gamers. She has a sweet personality that is often compared to that of a dog. She is fiercely loyal, precisely to Nekomata Okayu.

For other Hololive Vtubers, we gathered the most popular ones: Top 10 Hololive Vtubers

virtual VTuber

Nekomata Okayu

Okayu VTuber is a cat girl VTuber. Here is her VTuber summary:

She has a calm disposition and relaxing voice. She is fond of playing games since her childhood days. Okayu virtual VTuber developed the interest for games as her grandmother used to own plenty of 80's and 90's games. Nekomata mainly plays RPG games, Super Mario series "Mario 64" etc.

Okayu virtual VTuber

Kiryu Coco

Coco VTuber is another female Japanese VTuber linked to hololive. Here is her VTuber summary:

She is a disrespectful and outspoken individual. She is seen to employ simple humor and swearing in her speech. She is fond of teasing members of her morning news show. Coco VTuber is perhaps one of the most big-hearted members of hololive. She is also fun-loving, and playful.


Part 3: VTuber summary of Top 20 user-friendly tools for VTubers



SHOWROOM V is distribution virtual software developed by SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. It supports the only iOS operating system. The application enables the user to choose their favorite avatar from their existing collection of ten avatars and distribute it using via the app with the tap of a button.

The app also provides several interesting features to the VTuber that includes selfies, movie shooting, etc. Besides the ready-made avatars, virtual VTuber can also use the avatars of the VRoid Hub platform to create their own avatars.

virtual VTuber

2. Custom Made 3D2

Custom Made 3D2 is an app that provides character custom functions. This feature not just helps in creating the face, but also the accessories, clothes etc. The app allows Virtual VTuber to even change the body shape of the avatar. There are a lot of different movements and facial expressions that virtual software users can use to create their avatar.

"Custom Custom Made 3D2" app also provides a "Virtual Avatar Studio" function that helps create a beautiful female maid character. To use this virtual VTuber software, users have to buy the package version at a price of 9,800 yen or the download version at a price of 8,424 yen. There is an age restriction to use the app. Teenagers who are below 18 years can use the app.

virtual VTuber software

3. Custom casts

Custom Casts is virtual software that lets the virtual VTuber to view and distribute their avatars. This application is made by S-court Co., Ltd and Dwango Co., Ltd. This application is distributed by nico nico live broadcasting and three-dimensional avatar creation. The application provides the virtual VTuber with numerable body parts, costumes, faces, accessories etc. to create an impressive men or women avatar.

Emocara virtual software

This virtual VTuber app also lets you show expression and set pose at the time of delivery. iPhone users can use the face tracking feature of the app to create avatars. Launched in 2019, the "studio function" it lets virtual VTuber create free poses.


REALITY is a VTuber distribution and live-viewing virtual software that is developed by Wright Flyer Live Entertainment. This app is compatible with Android-based and iOS-based devices. Virtual VTuber can watch as well as broadcast VTuber live on a single app.

virtual VTuber app

The app provides an appealing feature that lets them customize the hair, eyes, clothes, etc. of the avatars they create on the app. Delivery of their avatar is done via the app without any requirement of an external distribution site.

5. Emomo/Emocara virtual software

Emomo is virtual software that lets you create a three-dimensional avatar and enables its distribution in the live streaming place "Mirrativ". Virtual VTuber who uses the app can combine several parts to form avatars, or distribute games, and perform other activities .

Furthermore, the function Emokara that delivers karaoke is also available. The lyrics are compared on the screen to deliver an actual karaoke experience. 

6. Topier

Topier is another popular virtual software application by Ambireal Co., Ltd. The platform enables virtual VTuber to form and deliver three-dimensional avatars. If you have created deformed avatars, then the application also provides the feature to adjust the size and position of the body, face parts, hairstyle, etc.


Topier virtual VTuber tool runs on iOS and Android operating systems. With a certified Leiber System, the application has an extensive number of VTuber artists registered on it. There is also an inbuilt karaoke distribution function that delivers karaoke on JOYSOUND in avatar form.

7. Michicon Plus- 

Michicon Plus is an application brought to you by Next System Co., Ltd. Here is the description of the tool of the VTuber summary. This is a real-time full-body motion capture app. It enables the user to read the skeletal data of the person that is reflected in their smartphone camera with the app and replicate the movement to a virtual character.

michicon Plus

The app also has an inbuilt function to read from video files. The AR mode enables the background to be used in the form of a rear camera image. Presently, the application only supports iOS operating system.

8. V-Katsu

VKatsu is a widely used VTuber Creation and Distribution Tool. Here is the description of the tool of the VTuber summary. This is basically a VTuber support service offered for PCs. The tool is provided by Sys Co., Ltd. Virtual VTuber who use this tool can perform a wide range of activities free of cost. The tool is compatible with Android, and iOS systems.


These include facial expressions, 3D character making to animation, etc. It is also possible to create an ideal character from more than 300 items. This includes face, body, costume, hair, accessories, etc. The avatar created with the application can be used on various platforms that include Niconi stereoscopic and virtual cast.

9. MakeAvatar

MakeAvatar lets you create a three-dimensional avatar. This software is provided by AR/VR brand Gugenka. The best part of this tool is that it offers a simple interface and easy operations to create an avatar.


The app provides combinations such as mouth, eyes, hairstyles, body type and contours for the virtual VTuber to select on their smartphone and create their own avatar. The 3D avatar can be distributed through "VRoidHub". Using the AR function, you can bring your newly-created avatars to reality.

10. VTube Studio

Vtube Studio is a tracking application developed especially for two-dimensional VTuber from overseas. The application requires an iOS device that offers support for the Face ID feature. The app is available in both a free and paid version.

vtube Studio

When you buy the paid or PRO version, you can buy an unlimited version of the application. Presently, the application is working to upgrade its functionality so as to be available for use on Android devices.

11. Cecil Makeover App

Cecil Makeover App is another interesting tool that helps you create a 3D avatar for a PC. The app is offered by VTuber Cecil Suzuki. This virtual VTuber tool is supported on site of the creator "Fantia where you can download it for free.

cecil Makeover App

Using the app, you can modify the presets, control sliders, and manipulate the different body parts of the avatar for creating the perfect 3D avatar of your choice. The app is purely compatible with commercial use that includes streaming videos, selling avatars, and selling character goods.

12. VRoid Studio

VRoid Studio is three-dimensional character creation software by Pixiv Co., Ltd. The app lets the virtual VTuber create tree-dimensional models for drawing. What makes this tool so appealing is that even those who do not knowledge of three-dimensional avatars can create them with great ease.

vpoid studio

Three-dimensional avatars offer support for VRM. It can be used both for commercial use. Virtual VTuber can also work on the smartphone version of this app "VRoid Mobile". This app lets you create three-dimensional characters using a single smartphone.

13. Koi Face

Koi face is an app developed by developed by Hirarichan. The app specializes in facial expression recognition. It is an expression tracker app developed mainly for VTubers . The app works on the face recognition function provided in iPhones to move three-dimensional characters on a computer.

love face

The app is built on the VRoidStudio model. It is compatible with Windows and MAC OS to load the three-dimensional model. The app is available for commercial as well as non-commercial use.

14. FaceRig

FaceRig is facial recognition software. Here is a brief description of this tool for VTuber Summary. It is distributed on Steam. Virtual VTuber who use the app can animate 2D illustrations and 3DCG characters with the help of a webcam.


The application also lets the creation of chroma key synthesis and to execute gameplay. The application is chargeable. The cost of the "FaceRig" body is 1,480 yen, and the cost of the "Live2DModule" (for moving illustrations) is 398 yen.

15. 2DR

2DR is another commonly used VTubers application. It is brought by PXR LLC in collaboration with Buinos Co., Ltd. With this app, the users can move two dimensional or three-dimensional models with the help of a smartphone. Furthermore, they can also load their VRM and Live2D models. The software is compatible with Android or iOS.


Another feature of the VTuber software is that virtual VTuber can displace the model just using their smartphone alone after they are done with importing. This prevents the need of going to a PC. Thus, with this application, anyone can become a Virtual Tuber anywhere.

16. FaceVTuber

FaceVTuber is an online tool. Let us learn about the description of this tool for the VTuber summary. It lets users move three-dimensional models easily using their webcam. The app lets its users read the model data in different formats as MMD, FBX and VRM.

The highlighting features of the tool are easy creation of avatars, light operation, ability to freely load model, minimal functions etc. This tool is useful at the time of streaming Nico raw or YouTube.

17. Virtual Cast

Virual Cast is a live communication service developed by VirtualCast Co., Ltd. Let us look at the VTuber Summary. Using this tool, users can move the character in any direction with the help of a Virtual Reality headset, etc. The software is also helpful to alter the expression with the help of the controller's trackpad.

virtual cast

It has to be distributed on YouTube and Nico Nico Live Broadcasting platform. The app lets users invite guests through the internet in a single room. The "Convex function" feature allows the virtual VTuber to freely enter and leave the room based on your wish.

18. VDRAW- 

THE VDRAW tool is made by virtual domain writer Mr. Gura. This tool has the feature to express different types of work and play carried out on a computer. The best part of this tool is that it provides great ease to virtual VTuber to move their avatars easily with the help of the keyboard and mouse. The movement of the three-dimensional character in the virtual space along with the actual input makes it possible to create an impressive video.


19. Waidayo-

Waidayo is another popular app made specifically for three-dimensional VTubers that works by capturing facial motion, and expressions on a face identification-enabled iPad, and iPhone.


Using the app, a virtual VTuber can transfer this motion to the PC. The app also enables its user to change the avatar. The best part of the app is that it is free and can be used for personal and commercial use without any restrictions.

20. 3tene

3tene is an app made specifically for PCs. It is developed by PlusPlus Co., Ltd. The app works by reading a three-dimensional model that adheres to VRM standards. The face recognition feature of the webcam enables virtual VTuber to reflect face direction, lip movement, and blinking in their three-dimensional avatar via microphone input.


The app comes in three versions as "3tenePRO", "3teneSTUDIO" and "3teneFREE", which provides different functionalities to them. Except for 3teneFREE, the other two versions are chargeable.

Part 4: Conclusion

A VTuber or a virtual YouTuber is a great source of online entertainment. Due to their increasing popularity, companies are creating ties between the music industry and VTubers by creating music labels and organizing Virtual Reality-based live shows. The tools mentioned above will help the advanced virtual VTuber to start distribution using a single smartphone.

Lastly, not just on mobile phone, also for laptop users, we selected top 10 Vtuber software for you to start your own Vtubing cause.