VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera Review - Endless Entertainment. Although it may look like a camera, the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera features frames, modes and games that will entertain kids for hours.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

We like this

  • Loaded with great features

  • Durable, lightweight design

  • Included are 4 AAA batteries

  • Storage included

The Things We Hate
  • Low resolution photos

  • Poor video resolution

  • Complex menu system

Although the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera is not as good in terms of photo quality, it has a lot of fun features that will keep younger children entertained for hours. It's well worth it if that's your goal.

The VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera was purchased by us so that our expert reviewer could fully test it and evaluate it. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

We were skeptical when we first saw the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera. We were skeptical when we first saw the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera. But once we began to use it and explored its various modes and features, we quickly realized that this electronic camera is much more than a simple camera. We don't think kids will be clamoring to have the best camera features or image quality, but they won't get any worse than average. They do however get a rich multimedia experience using the child-friendly camera as a jumping point.

Kidizoom strikes a good balance between camera functions and operation. There are enough frames and filters to keep little ones entertained for long play sessions. We'll take a closer look at the details VTech has included in this device, to keep children entertained for long periods of time.

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Design: A lightweight and sturdy design

VTech Kidizoom Duo Cameras are lightweight and fully rubberized all over. They can be easily handled by children younger than 5 years old. The first thing you'll notice when you take it out of the box is how large it is—measuring 6.4 inches wide and 3.6 inches tall. The product is light for its size, only weighing in at a little over a pound.

Starting from the front of the camera—you'll find a viewfinder, comprised of two transparent plastic windows which don't provide any actual functionality. The flash is located between these and the front camera. Below them you'll find the flash and the viewfinder. This looks like a focus-ring, but it actually allows for scrolling through color filters in both video and camera modes. Two buttons are located on either side the grips' front, the shutter and the swap button for switching between front and selfie camera modes.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

The rear "selfie" camera is located at the top of your camera. It's between the viewfinder windows and the viewfinder window. The zoom wheel can be held to the right of the grip and zoom in/out when you take photos. This zoom function does not allow for optical zoom. It is a cropping feature that reduces the quality of an image.

The 2.4 inch display is located in the center of the camera. There are also OK, Star and On/Off buttons. These buttons are not obvious from just looking at them. Parents might take some time to get to know their function before they start to work. Some buttons like the star, for instance, can be context dependent. It will apply effects to your photos in photo mode. However, the button can also be used to show an effect menu for other modes.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

The bottom has two rubber flaps, which reveal both the USB port for file transfers and the microSD slot for expanding camera storage.

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Installation: Ready to go

The VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera is very easy to set up, despite its many functions. You can remove the camera from its packaging to find the four included AA batteries. The bottom of the package contains the wrist strap and the parent's guide, along with a USB 2.0 cable to transfer files.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

The camera has 256MB of memory, as well as a microSDHC slot. However, this is only a portion of the storage that's actually available. Program data and other files share the memory so it will not be the full amount. You will want additional storage but children who are not able to buy it will be able, at the very least, to play around with the camera right away.

A short, loud video that shows the capabilities of the camera will be displayed when it is first started up. You can cancel this video at any moment by pressing the shutter key. It will not be shown again. The camera will then prompt you to choose the date and the time. After these steps have been completed, children can start to use the camera.

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Quality of Photos: Nothing Special

This isn't surprising, as we don't think anyone will be shocked to hear that the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera doesn’t blow people away with its image quality. This is a children's toy that is more about camera functionality than it is a camera. While the front camera can take 2 Megapixel (1600x1200), or 0.3 Megapixel (640x480), photos, only the rear camera is capable of taking 0.3 Megapixel photos.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

For those relatively unfamiliar with what those numbers mean—modern smartphones usually take photos in the 12 megapixel range, and actual digital cameras often start at around 20 megapixels even on a budget. Although the image size doesn't tell all about photo quality, it is a significant limiting factor.

Do not expect sharp, crisp and detailed images worthy of printing. You shouldn't also expect exceptional performance under low lighting. The VTech's photos are quite good, even with these limitations. It was able to adjust white balance well, and it managed to focus in many situations that other cameras struggle to do. The camera doesn't offer any manual controls, but you can see what you are getting.


The video capabilities, while not a tragic story as the photo capability is, are quite the opposite. It is rare to find a recording resolution that's 320x240 pixels, or half the resolution of HD resolution in today's age. This resolution would be expected from a 2000s-era desktop webcam.

You shouldn't expect sharp, clear and detailed photos worthy for printing, however, the VTech's photos aren't all bad.

The recording time is limited as it takes only five minutes to record with the internal storage and 10 minutes with an SD card. This camera was not designed with video in mind.

Software: Unlimited options

While the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera's photo quality and video quality are not the best, the exact opposite can be said for the various modes and features available. It was hard to believe how many options this camera has. You can start by pressing the Home button. From here you will find all the categories: Camera, You & Me, Camera, Video and Playback.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

The Photo and Video modes work exactly as you'd expect. However, the You & Me mode takes some time to get used to. The user can take photos of their family members and friends sequentially. They then add their faces into a set of group shots that are suitable for between 2-4 people. You can create simple scenes, such as split-screen views of two images, or more elaborate ones, like three dancers or friends dancing around a birthday cake. After you have selected the scene that interests you and taken all of your faces, click OK to save it.

Voice recorder mode allows users to record their voice up to 10 minutes each file. Once a file has been saved you can use the star button for voice effects and a voice changing effect menu. You can adjust the volume, speed up or decrease speech and apply robotic filters.

It was hard to imagine how packed this camera would be with activities.

The Wack Photo Shaker is next, which plays all photos from the camera as a slideshow. When prompted by the Wacky Photo Shaker icon, this mode allows you to shake your camera and create funny effects for each image. The Wacky photo Shaker menu opens when you press the star button. You can choose from background music, delay effects and even a random shuffle option that will randomly change the order in which the slideshow plays.

The next feature is Creative Tools. It has three additional modes, including Photo Editor, Face Library and Silly Face Locator. The Photo Editor allows you to add fantasy effects and stamps to your photos. You can add special effects to your photos like funhouse distortions or kaleidoscopic effects. Fantasy Effects include things such as snowflakes, hearts and stars.

Face Library allows you to select faces from photos that have been taken before and then apply them in a range of scenes. You don't need to take the photos again. The Face Library allows you to save up to 10 faces and can add or delete faces at will. The Silly Face Detector is the final option. This allows users to place their faces in the middle of the frame. Once a face has been detected, they can take a picture and assign it a silliness score between 0 and 100. Unfortunately, Silly Face Detector results are random (according VTech). However we can swear that our faces were more distorted.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera

Next to Creative Tools are Games. This allows you to choose between five built-in games: Busy Traffic (or Save the Fish), Basketball Fun (or Crazy Cafe) and Bounce Around. These games often use motion control, and prompt you to decide whether you want the accelerometer or the directional pad. Parents can also limit how long they play these games per day by setting parental controls.

The settings menu is the final option. It has fewer options than a regular camera. The settings menu allows you to set the wallpaper, view the status of your internal and external memory cards, modify the parental controls and do other things that are essential for operation and use.

Pricing: Not inexpensive, but lots of value

At first blush, a price point around $50 seems pretty extravagant for a kid's camera—even more so when you consider the photo and video quality. You will see that you get more than just a camera. VTech Kidizoom's Duo Camera can be used as a multi-media device or game console to entertain children for as long as they are curious. The price seems a bit higher when you take into account the entire scope of the capabilities.

VTech Kidizoom Dual Camera vs. Ourlife Kids Aquaproof Camera

The Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera is another popular choice for children. It retails at around $40. These cameras are a fantastic option and could not be better. While you won't get the Ourlife's dozens of styles, effects and frames, the Ourlife will provide a more specific device for video and photo use at a much lower price.

The Ourlife model can also be recharged, which means you don't have to buy batteries as often as with the Kidizoom Duo.

Buyers should take into account the interests and ages of children who will use these cameras.

Check out more of our top-rated cameras for children.

Final Verdict

This feature-packed device takes average photographs, but it is an excellent value.

VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera can accommodate more modes and activities than you would expect. It's certainly worth considering. While the camera isn't the most affordable option, and the photos are not as sharp, the VTech Kidizoom Duo Camera offers an almost endless supply of entertainment.


  • Product Name Kidizoom DUO Camera
  • VTech Product Brand
  • Prices from $49.99
  • Weight 13.6 oz.
  • Dimensions of the product: 6.4x3.6x2.3in
  • Color Blue
  • Compatibility Windows and Mac OS
  • Maximum Photo Resolution: 2MP
  • Max Video Resolution 320 x 240
  • Optional Connectivity USB
  • Recommend Age: 3-9 years
  • Colour Options: Blue, camouflage and pink
  • Garanty Three Months

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