10 Best Vimeo Video Downloader [Software, Online & Browser extensions]

Updated on 2023-05-31
Vimeo is for those people who love to watch high-quality videos. It provides a huge collection of quality content for its users. You may have wondered how do you make a Vimeo video downloadable and watch offline.

Vimeo is for those people who love to watch high-quality videos. It provides a huge collection of quality content for its users. You may have wondered how do you make a Vimeo video downloadable and watch offline.


Can Videos Be Downloaded From Vimeo?




It is possible. There are a few downloader software applications, extensions, and tools that can download Vimeo Videos easily. In this article, we are going to share some of the best Vimeo downloader applications/extensions that are available online.


Part 1: Top 5 Vimeo Video Downloader Online


vimeo video downloader


1) Small SEO Tools Vimeo Video Downloader




  1. Let you download entire movies, television series, etc on your computer

  2. Make your video portable and transfer them to multiple devices without internet access

  3. This Vimeo downloader free tool provides high-quality content

  4. Comes with user-friendly interface

  5. Download in just a few minutes

  6. Hassle-free operation

  7. Vimeo downloader online saves you from endless hours of loading and buffering

  8. Watch or re-watch your videos any number of times without any interruption

  9. You can watch your videos even if it gets deleted from the server, to avoid federal violations.


How to Download With Small SEO Tools Vimeo Video Downloader?


    1. Visit Small SEO Tools Website to access Vimeo video downloader app.

    2. No need to register on the website. Use it directly from the website itself.

    3. Simply copy and paste the URL into the provided box.

    4. Click on the submit button.

    5. The video will start downloading from the given link.

    6. Once the procedure gets finished, it will get saved in the download folder of your PC.


vimeo video downloader


2)  Keep Downloading Online Application




  1. This Vimeo video downloader online is one of the top internet video downloaders

  2. Facilitates its users to download online videos from various social media platforms

  3. Videos are downloading to mobiles or devices working on Windows OS.

  4. This Vimeo downloader free application offers hassle-free operation

  5. Allows you to convert the downloaded video format into your agreeable format easily.


How To Download With Keep Downloading Video download Online App?


  1. Open the Keep Downloading app

  2. Open your video that you want to download

  3. Copy the URL of the Video

  4. Paste it on to the website

  5. Choose the file format in which you want to download (3gp, MP4, HD, etc.)

  6. Press the Download button

  7. Video will download onto the download folder of your device in seconds


3) 2Conv Vimeo video downloader 




  1. It supports video qualities (MP4): HD (720p), Full HD (1080p), LD, and Mobile.

  2. This Vimeo audio downloader offers an intuitive interface

  3. Fast processing of videos

  4. Easy operation

  5. Produces high-quality output


2conv vimeo video downloader


How To Download With 2Conv Vimeo video downloader?


  1. Copy Page URL (Vimeo) with your chosen video.

  2. Paste Page URL into the website form on the Vimeo downloader web page address bar.

  3. Press the "Download" button.

  4. Right-click mouse on the "Download video file" link.

  5. Select “Save Link As” from the menu to save the video on the device.


4) KeepVid




  1. An easy to use web-based tool

  2. Download high-quality Vimeo videos without downloading any software

  3. No registration needed

  4. Not limited to OS, mobile phones, computers, and browsers

  5. Reliable and safe Vimeo audio downloader

  6. Extremely fast download speeds

  7. Downloaded videos are free from ads and malware

  8. Transfer to any video player or device


vimeo audio


How To Download With KeepVid Vimeo Downloader?


    1. Copy the Vimeo video URL from Vimeo

    2. Paste it in Vimeo downloader online

    3. Click on the "Download Now " button

    4. Save MP4 video files from Vimeo downloader free to the computer to enjoy it offline.

    5. The downloaded video saves into the default download folder


5) SaveTheVideo Vimeo Video Downloader






  1. Batch Download feature enables the user to download multiple files at one time.

  2. Excellent video quality

  3. No need to install any software.

  4. Option to Save videos with original resolution such as 4K, 8K, 720p. 1080p, etc.

  5. Let you enjoy lossless visual quality videos

  6. Download and transform videos in over 420+ formats, AVI, MP4, MOV, WAV, WMV, M4A, etc.

  7. An inbuilt editing Toolbox to cut / trim / crop/ merge / flip / rotate / effects / subtitle adjust aspect ratio and many more.

  8. Powered by GPU hardware acceleration

  9. 47X faster to download, and convert with significantly low CPU usage

  10. 100% clean and safe

  11. Free from ads, extensions, and malware.

  12. Analyze and download files to the computer.


How To Download With SaveTheVideo Vimeo Video Downloader?




  1. Copy the webpage link that contains the video that you wish to download

  2. Paste that link in the input field on the video downloader page

  3. Click on the “Download button”. 

  4. It also has Vimeo audio downloader features.

  5. The app fetches you the download links to save them to the device


Part 2: Download Vimeo Video with Top 3 Vimeo downloader Chrome and Firefox Extensions


Browser extensions are the plugins that extend the functionality of a web browser. It is not a separate program. They enable users to download videos without having to leave the page. There is no shortage of add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. Let us see a few major browser extensions for key browsers that let you download Vimeo videos easily.


downloader Chrome


1) Wise Video Downloader




  1. Download videos and clips from famous websites and social webs.

  2. Easy to use and save videos.

  3. Downloading at Lightning speed

  4. It is a 100% free Vimeo downloader Chrome

  5. Download HD quality videos from your social media accounts.

  6. Supports videos available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, Vimeo, etc.

  7. All file formats supported

  8. Unable to download YouTube Videos


How to Download With Wise Video Downloader?


  1. Got to Chrome Web Store to add "Wise Video Downloader" to your brower

  2. Locate the video that you wish to download

  3. Click on the download button of the Vimeo downloader

  4. Within seconds your video will download to the PC


2) VDP: Best Video Downloader


best video downloader




  1. A popular extension to download videos, photos, music, and tutorials via the browser.

  2. Download any music and video from any website

  3. Fast Download Speed

  4. 100 % Free

  5. Completely safe with no ads and viruses

  6. Easy to install and use

  7. This Vimeo video downloader extension produces videos in HD format

  8. Supports all widely used formats such as MPEG, mp4, .flv video, asf, Avi, mp3, and more


How To Download With VDP: Best Vimeo Video Downloader?


  1. Go the Vimeo video page

  2. Hover the cursor over the video.

  3. You will see a green arrow in the left corner to download in all possible formats.

  4. Select the format and click it. Your video will download on the computer.

  5. If it is a photo, then hover a cursor over it. You will see a white arrow in the left corner.

  6. Click it. Your photo will download on the computer.


3) Video DownloadHelper by Mig


video downloadHelpe




  1. The most unique Vimeo downloader Firefox add-on

  2. The complete tool to download videos and images from websites to your hard drive.

  3. Works with popular video sites that include DailyMotion, FB, Periscope, Vimeo, Twitch, Liveleak, Fox, Vine, Bloomberg, Metacafe, etc.

  4. supports various types of streamings

  5. can make file conversions and aggregations


How To Download With Video Downloadhelper By Mig?


  1. Surf the web normally.

  2. DownloadHelper will find out embedded and videos that can be downloaded.

  3. On detecting such videos, the toolbar icon on this Vimeo downloader Firefox extension gets highlighted.

  4. A simple menu enables you to download files by clicking on them.

  5. Click on it. Your video will get downloaded directly to the file menu.


Part 3: Download Video Videos in Batch and Lightning Speed | Vimeo Video Downloader for PC and Mobile


The need for downloading apps and extensions is to get any video freely. If you are finding professional ways on how to make a video downloadable on Vimeo, then DVDFab is the top Vimeo video downloader that lets you download Vimeo videos at a lightning speed.


video downloader for PC and mobile


It comes with several exciting features that make downloading videos a hassle-free, fast and enjoyable experience. dvdfab.cn is free YouTube download software that you should consider.


DVDFab Software is the owner of the top multimedia solution shareware series that includes DVDFab 11, DVDFab Player 6, DVDFab Downloader, and Passkey 9. You can download any video from Vimeo online, with top-notch Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray decryption, conversion, backup, playback solutions, authoring, video conversion, and editing solutions. Furthermore, the Vimeo video downloader software also provides playback and management solutions.


dvdfab video downloader




  1. Download video from more than 200 websites including IMDB, PornhubMetacafe, HBO Go shows, etc.

  2. Multi-task Download feature enables users to download 5 videos simultaneously

  3. Turbo-Speed Download

  4. The simultaneous download feature of the Vimeo downloader online saves time

  5. Download Metadata

  6. Download and save a Playlist

  7. This Vimeo video downloader give you features of downloading variable resolutions ranging from 144p to 8K

  8. Enables the user to download a Vimeo video online quickly

  9. Gives a clear visual effect

  10. Enables downloading multiple videos simultaneously

  11. Adjust the video resolution and make them clearer

  12. offer the ability for metadata download

  13. Enable subscribed channels for automatic download

  14. HD quality video download

  15. This Vimeo downloader Equipped with numerous functions like 8K video download, batch download, metadata download, and Turbo-Speed download.

  16. Enables users to locate and move preferred videos on more than 1000 websites.


How To Download With DVDFab Video Downloader?


  1.  Install the DVDFab Video Downloader by clicking the “Free Download” button.

  2. Open the program. It will take you to the software home page

  3. Locate your Vimeo videos online that you want to wish to download.

  • You can either add the website containing the video below the search bar. or

  • Visit the video websites to locate your favourite video.

  1. Copy the video URL and paste the link on the search bar of the Vimeo video downloader program.

  2. You will see a bar comprising three elements, as “Play”, “Download” and “Add to

  3. Add videos to “Created Playlists” or “My Favorites” of the Vimeo downloader

  4. Click the “+” button present on the “Created Playlists” section to create a playlist

  5. Hover the mouse over the “Download” option on the suspending bar

  6. Choose the option “Playlist”. You will see a download interface.

  7. Choose settings such as video/audio, resolution,

  8. Now click the "Download" button present on the bottom corner.




Each Vimeo downloader application or extension is fully optimized for popular resources that include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Some offer additional options that include erasing watermarks, screen capture, conversion, and media player.


Desktop Vimeo downloader online is the best downloading software that can stream downloaded videos on tablets or smartphones anywhere and anytime. This relieves from the issues related to insufficient internet data, chargeable Wi-Fi, poor quality signals, etc. With desktop Vimeo video downloader software, you can download videos from over 200 websites like Pornhub, Xvideo, HBO and so on with high download speed and superior output quality.