Twitch Live Stream Fails Not Working Troubleshooting

Updated on 2022-02-10
What are you supposed to do when Twitch Live is inaccessible and you’re unable to stream live content from your favorite streamers? Well, you may guess right, you have to troubleshoot the problem, and here are some handy troubleshooting tips for Twitch users.

Twitch Live is a place you'd stream several interesting stuff - mostly gaming streams. However, just like every other streaming service, sometimes you may experience difficulty streaming on Twitch. The cause of this difficulty could be a poor internet connection, cache, Twitch server experiencing downtime, or something else.

What are you supposed to do when Twitch Live is inaccessible and you’re unable to stream live content from your favorite streamers? Well, you may guess right, you have to troubleshoot the problem, and here are some handy troubleshooting tips for Twitch users.

Twitch Live Stream Fails Not Working? Here’s What To Do

The troubleshooting tip to try out depends on the error message/screen you’re seeing when you try accessing the platform. Here are some common Twitch errors you may face.

Content Not Available

If you got this error message printed on your screen, it means you're trying to view expired content - content not available at that time you're trying to watch it. Also, this error may appear when trying to view a restricted stream - maybe the streamer restricted viewership to subscribed accounts.

2000 Network Error

Usually triggered due to network inconsistencies. The 200 Network Error message can be fixed by switching ISP or rebooting your internet device (WiFi or Router).

Error Loading Data

This error message typically appears due to ad-blocking concerns. If you activated ad-blocking on your browser where you’re accessing Twitch from, disable it and you may fix this error message.

Possible Solutions

Here are some possible things you could do to get Twitch working on your device or PC again.

1. Restart Your Internet Device or Switch ISP

The first thing to do when a streaming service throws an error message on your screen is to check your internet device. Simply reboot/restart your internet and see if the error is fixed. If the error didn’t get fixed, try switching your Internet Service Provider and you may just fix the issue.

2. Check if Twitch Servers is Down

There are several free tools that allow you to check if a streaming service is currently down or live. Get on google and search “Is Twitch Down?” and you’d see several tools you could use to check the status of Twitch Live servers. If Twitch Live is experiencing downtime, there’s nothing to do from your end, simply wait until the servers get back online, then you can continue streaming.

3. Toggle Hidden Files/Folders (Desktop App Users)

This troubleshooting tip is for people that are using the Twitch desktop client on Windows OS. Sometimes, Windows may hide important Twitch files, which makes the Twitch desktop app unable to access those files; thus, you're getting the errors that appear on your screen.

To toggle hidden file/folders on Windows OS, open File Explorer ==> click on the “View” tab ==> check the View Hidden File option.

4. Toggle Software Rending (Desktop App Users)

Again, this is for Desktop app users. Software rendering is a rendering process not dependent upon graphics hardware ASICs. The process places everything on the CPU. By default, Software Rendering is not turned on. However, it is recommended to turn on this feature is:

  • Twitch App loads as a white/blank window
  • Twitch App loads transparent.
  • The app is showing graphic issues
  • To much lagging

To turn on this setting via the Twitch Desktop app, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Hamburger menu icon
  • Select File
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Navigate to the General tab.
  • Find the Software Rendering Mode option and activate it
  • Restart the Twitch App

5. Reinstall the Twitch App

Uninstalling the Twitch app from your PC follows a pretty long process but it is one of the surest ways to fix any issues you're facing with streaming on the platform. Here are the steps to follow. After the uninstallation is complete, reinstall the app and the issues you were facing may never show up again.

  • Uninstall the Twitch App and any Twitch and Curse programs you may see on your PC.
  • Search for the Twitch AppData folder, open it, and get into the Roaming Folder.
  • Delete Twitch, Curse, and/or Curse Client folders inside the Roaming folder.
  • Also, search for the Twitch ProgramData folder and delete everything inside
  • Restart your PC and reinstall the Twitch app.

6. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If you're streaming Twitch using a web browser, try clearing the browser's cache and cookies. The option to clear the web browser's cache is available from the browser's Settings page.

7. Disable Some Browser Add-On and Restart The Browser

If you activated several 3rd-party browser add-ons, that could be the reason why Twitch is not loading on the browser. You may need to disable some of those add-ons, and then restart the browser to see if the Twitch error would pop up again.

What More?

When you've tried all these and it none works, you should check if a virus or malware got into your PC. Use an antivirus app and scan for malware/virus, then remove ll detected malicious files.

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