3 Best Ways to Trim Audio and MP3 on Windows 10

Peter Parker
Updated on 2022-02-10
If you are a music lover and have a creative presence, here’s your chance. Learn the best methods to trim audio and MP3 on Windows 10

If you have wanted to remove certain undesired sections of a song to align it more to your liking or tweak it a little bit to appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities, here is your big chance. You can now easily trim audio files with the help of a host of editing software out there which are free, easy to use and very versatile. 

If you are trying to import an audio file to your MP3 player but are getting hindered by the sheer size of the file and the space crunch of your player, simply audio trim it to the length you want. There are several ways to do so. However, here we have put together for you, three of the easiest and fastest ways to trim audios on Windows 10. So, if you are a beginner in the world of sound editing, learn with these methods, sharpen your skills and let the world experience your creative ingenuity. 

Method 1: Trim Audios with Windows 10's Hidden Video Editor

Windows 10 offers users a Hidden Video Editor that, in certain aspects works like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. The feature, which is part of the Photos app, helps you to trim audio/video and create a brand new home movie or slideshow. It can also be used for the creation of videos automatically. 

Although the tool is called a Video editor, you can quite easily edit and trim any MP3 you like with the help of this feature. You can follow a few simple steps to use this in-built video editor software offered by Microsoft to trim your favorite MP3.

Step 1: 

Append the intended MP3 audio file to Hidden Video Editor. Activate the Hidden Video Editor on your Windows 10 and add up the MP3 audio file to the hidden video editor

Step 2: 

Trimming the MP3 audio

Do a right-click on the concerned MP3 audio and then attach it with the window timeline. You can use a drag and drop method to do this. After that, navigate the cursor and find the start and finish positions.

Step 3: 

Look over the trimmed portion and then save it.

Check on the file once again and complete the process by saving the split MP3 in WAV format. Your edited audio has now been saved. 

Method 2: Cut Audio File on Window 10 with Online Tool

If you are not satisfied with the results/output you received after using Hidden Video Editor to trim your MP3, you can opt to cut audio file on Windows 10 with online tools like audiotrimmer.com. Audiotrimmer.com arms you with one of the fastest ways to make cuts in an MP3 audio file. With this tool, you make the trimmings you are looking for in your favorite MP3 sons to tweak it as per your liking and then save it to a device that supports to play it at your convenience.

Some features and advantages of audiotrimmer.com

  • It is an online tool to trim audio files and MP3 that does not require the installation of any complicated software
  • It is extremely simple and easy to use
  • It is free of charge
  • It works on any modern device including mobile phones and tablets 
  • It supports multiple languages
  • You can use this to convert your video or audio into MP3
  • You can also speed up or slow down your music file with this

Follow some simple steps.

Step 1: 

Click and select the intended mp3 file

Go to your local hard drive and select the mp3 audio file from there.

Step 2: 

Upload or play the file in accordance with your browser support

If your PC’s browser supports the file you have chosen, it will start playing automatically. In case it does not, then upload the file.

Step 3: 

Set the position of the cursor

Place your cursor in accordance to the starting and ending part of your audio piece you wish to trim. Then press the Crop button.

Step 4: 

Download the file

Once you are through with the trimming of your audio file, you can easily download the edited piece and save it for playing repeated times in the future. 

Method 3: Trim Audios on PC with third party software

There are several other ways you can implement to give free rein to your creativity and trim audios on your Windows 10 PC, the way you like. Some MP3 cutters you can use are-

1. PowerPoint

Yes, you can trim a sound or music clip with the help of PowerPoint on your computer with the help of a few simple steps-

  • Choose the audio clip
  • Navigate to Audio Tools and select the Trim Audio option
  • Now position the green marker that is there on the left hand side and mark your new starting position of the audio clip. This will where your edited file will begin from
  • Position the red marker that you see on the right hand side to mark the end of the track. This is where your trimmed clip will end. 
  • Save the edited file to your PC

2. VLC

You can audio trim on VLC media player. Follow the below steps.

  • Open the VLC media player on your device
  • Select the View option and then click on Advanced Controls
  • Now open the particular audio file you wish to edit with the help of VLC
  • Mark the positions where you wish to start the trimming process of the MP3 file
  • Tart recording your file by pressing on the record button at the bottom 
  • Once the pointer reached the end position, click on the record button again 
  • Save your file. You can find the edited audio file in the My Music folder on your device

3. Audacity

This is one of the best available open-source audio trimmer that gives you a professional level output on your Windows 10 device. Apart from this, you will also be in receipt of regular updates with new plugins and interesting features. These are the steps to follow-

  • Open Audacity on your device
  • Select the File and click Open. Now browse the audio file that you wish to edit
  • Check the length of the file and site the area you want to trim
  • The part will get marked in grey
  • To cut away the marked part from the file, press CTRL+X 
  • Now Save the file as an mp3 by navigating to File and clicking on Save Project or File and selecting Export Audio

4. Adobe Audition CC

This powerhouse audio editor is a single-track one and is compatible with Widows devices. However, you can also use it as a multi-track mixer if you wish to record and layer sounds. With the help of this software you can pick a range of sound samples in your recording and then later evict the portions you do not wish to keep in the file. It gives you powerful tools to work with fro audio restoration, sound removal and noise reduction.

This is however, not a free tool and you will need to sign in for a monthly or annual subscription. 

5. Windows Movie Maker

This is free video editing software that you can use to trim your MP3 as well. The software allows you to alter your music volume, fade in/fade out music files, and much more.

Follow the below steps to edit your audio files with Windows Movie Maker-

  • Get the audio file you wish to edit into Microsoft Movie Maker.
  • Drag and mark the point where you want the edited audio to start
  • Select the Split feature from the Music Tools to split the audio on both sides of the vertical line
  • Now select the portion you no longer wish to keep by right clicking on it and then remove it with the help of the Remove function.

Final Words

Trimming that MP3 to make it sound the way you like is no longer a far-fetched or difficult to accomplish feat. There are several tools, tutorials, means and methods available that make the process of trimming audio on Windows extremely simple and quick. So just follow some quick and easy steps to trim an audio file, split it, merge several audio files, convert video to MP3 and much more. Remove the unwanted stuff and come up with a new version that is more suited to your persona and creative sense.