Naraka Baldepoint için Challenger'ın Longsword Kılavuzu

Updated on 2023-06-29
CN Trios'taki Sıra 1 uzun kılıçları tercih eder.Teamfights'da büyük AoE hasarı verin ve oynayın


Yo, what's going on today, guys? Today I prepared some beneficial tips when you are using the Longsword in Naraka BladePoint. You guys can let me know which weapon you prefer in Naraka BladePoint. Let's go for the content now.

Yodeling: Hi everyone! This video will be a longsword guide. I have invited our special guest, Tpor, for this guide! At this moment, he is RANK ONE on the trio leaderboard in the CN server. He is absolutely insane. Everyone says a longsword is suitable for beginners. But Tpor is an expert at the longsword and got to rank 1.

So the longsword has a lot of potentials. In this video, I will be as thorough as I can in covering the longsword. I hope this will help everyone watching. Let's get started!

Main KeyPoint: Longsword Energy Attack in Naraka BladePoint

We need to first talk about the longsword's energy attacks. If we press the left attack to charge, we release horizontal energy. The benefit of horizontal energy is greater width. And also slightly more damage than vertical energy. (about half a unit of the shield of extra damage) If we hold the right attack to charge, we release vertical energy. The benefit of vertical energy is that you can sprint more while charging, charge up faster, and give you more mobility. So, how do choose between the two? Let's hear from expert Tpor!!! 

Tpor: The longsword energy has a….…weird hitbox. Sometimes, there is small height difference. Just like this, I'm over there and you are here. My horizontal energy won't hit you. This is sometimes really troll. So about 80% of the time, I use vertical energy.

Yodeling: Also, horizontal energy can be dodged by crouching or jumping. So horizontal energy has a lot of restrictions. I recommend using horizontal energy if the enemy is immobilized, like Viper Ning's stun or Telmuch's wind tornado thingy. Primarily use vertical energy. Let's move on to combos.

Combo 1

The easy right attack, left attack and right attack for vertical energy. Easy, but it doesn't mean useless. In bursts, this combo has the highest damage if you land the energy. (Problem: risk of being parried) But only if you land the energy. There are a couple of tips. While charging, if you see the enemy running, not moving, or using a shift to dodge, you shouldn't release the energy because you have a pretty high risk of getting parried. It would help if you used to shift to cancel the charge and use basic attacks to continue the attack. So when you should release the energy? If the enemy decides to basic attack, you or they parried prematurely. Because they have animation, if both of you are charging their attacks, they might cancel their charge to insta parry (like this). I recommend two solutions.

First: try to gamble and convert charge to parry (by pressing C or shift and then parry)
Second: shift to dodge backwards and disengage.

This method is more conservative. Each battle is different, so be sure to practice the longsword on the battlefield to feel for it.

Combo 2

Right attack, crouch right attack for uppercut Then as the enemy lands, spacebar left attack, right attack. This combo is very reliable damage and has zero risks of getting parried. Be sure to master this one.

Combo 3

The following is the highest damage combo. Let's check out Tpor's actual battle footage. In this clip, the enemy has full health and half purple armor. He got comboed to death by Tpor's golden longsword. You might notice that the latter half of this combo is the same as the previous one. And you are exactly right. This combo has two extra right attacks at the start. I previously felt that the longsword right attack CC's enemy more than other weapons. So I did an experiment.

The results might be inaccurate. The time it takes for the enemy to start dodging after getting hit by the right attack: longsword (58 ms), katana (37 ms), dagger (37 ms), spear (51 ms), greatsword (50 ms) Here is how to do the combo. Right attack, press shift immediately Right attack, press shift immediately again Right attack a third time Crouch right attack for uppercut As the enemy lands, spacebar left attack, right attack

Key point: don't press WASD when pressing the shift key!! If you are playing Viper Ning, you can use the F ability after your first right attack. Then, the enemy can't even use any abilities. And will take the full combo.

Q&A Time

This is Tpor's Glyph page setup. Red: Spirit * 6; Purple: Agility * 4, Enrage * 2; Green: Mind * 6; Blue: Flight * 5, Merchant * 1 What to do after a combo? Time the opponent's recovery!

Tpor: Let's say I'm comboing you Like this Uppercut Spacebar left attack Right attack See, my right attack will cause you to be on the floor Then, my opponent will recover to a standing position Then, I try to time another right attack as they recover. If you can hit him, then it's another full combo. Then, I time your recovery again. And then, you are gone. So, just use the right attack as the enemy recovers. I'll try to follow you. I see that you recover to a standing position and try to dodge. I right attack you. A lot of times, you will get hit by that right attack. If the enemy is on the ground, you don't need to do anything. If he doesn't try to recover, you don't do anything. He will eventually recover, then you time your next right attack based on that.

Yodeling: What to do if you get hit by grapple (by multiple people)? Standing still and charge up an attack.

Tpor: In trios, when three people are chasing you using the grapple. They won't try to parry as they initiate. As they are travelling towards you using grapple, they won't be parrying your attack. So you can charge up an attack. If you hit him with the first charged attack, you can charge another vertical energy while running. He will try to parry your second charge. Then, you can keep running and buy time for your teammates to come to you.

Yodeling: How to use a longsword in team fights? Use energy! (charged attacks)

Tpor: In trio battles, the enemy often cannot parry. You can play off your teammates when your teammates are fighting in the front. When the enemy is CCed or in an animation, you release vertical energy. A lot of times, they won't be able to parry. The biggest advantage of a longsword is AOE. In trios, when people are fighting…. A lot of times… For example, if one of your teammates got hit by a spear's thrust attack (dragonslayer). Then, the enemy using a spear will spin like crazy with golden immunity. Other weapons might find it harder to deal damage. But you can use a longsword to maintain spacing. And use energy to time an attack to help your teammate deal damage and CC the enemy. The enemy using the spear will take a charged attack and won't parry it.

Yodeling: how to use a longsword in solos? Use charged attack to fake the enemy.

Tpor: A lot of people, when they see the longsword, they like to parry. Everyone loves to try and parry the longsword. Yeah, so you can try to charge up energy and bait him to parry. A lot of pros will look at your movements to try and parry instead of attack first themselves. You can charge up, and it doesn't matter if they parry or not. You go up, charge an attack, and then convert charged attack into a basic attack. Then do your combo. I would say this works 80% of the time. Because a lot of people really want to get a successful parry. Once you hit a basic attack, you can do your combo. This basic attack-oriented playstyle is very low risk. In trios, your teammates can also follow up.

Yodeling: as rank 1, do you have any tips for climbing?

Tpor: Now, the ranking system more heavily considers kills than before. Before was mostly placement. For my current rank as an example. For example, if I win a game, but I didn't kill. I do not gain much LP. I might even lose LP, lol. So now my strategy is trios is We land in high resource areas. I prefer to try to go to Wreckage Plains. We loot fast and try to pick a fight. And see if we can win. If we win, we get kills which are good for climbing. And we also control a high resource area so we can farm well. If we lose, never get tilted. Don't try to pick a fight again after respawn with worse equipment. Before the start of the game, look to see which parts of the map and high resource areas are dark. The places where you can't spawn. Those areas are your plan B. So if you die, go to those places to farm it up. This way, you don't end up in the final circle with level 1 armor and get cut down completely. This is basically a fallback plan and ensures that you have consistency in your games. My feeling of the current trio environment Unless you guys are able to deal a lot of damage early on, And you guys feel that you have a big advantage. And you are confident in winning the team fight. You guys can engage and fight to the end. Normally, it isn't a good idea to force a fight. I feel like a lot of teams are really a troll, Like the whole team in one building or one tree. They only play for third parties. And only clean up fighting and easily get tons of kills with low risk.