Pokemon Unite Mobile için En İyi Ayarlar Kılavuzu!(Bunu en kısa zamanda izle!)

Updated on 2023-06-29
Showcasing the best settings for Pokemon Unite to get the most out of your gameplay! A Mobile Guide for Best Settings in Pokemon Unite! Change these ASAP!

Intro of Pokemon Unite

Yo, What's going on, guys today? Here is your old friend. I believe some of you guys have already started the NEW MOBA GAME 'Pokemon Unite'. Here are some valuable tips to help you get better in this game. Here we go, Setting Time! We're going to be covering the best settings for Pokemon Unite mobile, a guide to help you guys get set up for the mobile version of Pokemon Unite. I've got it all set up on my phone. 

System Setting

Your settings are going to be where we're going to get things started. So let's talk about each setting, and we'll go over why you want to have different things. So the first thing is graphics quality. I have mine set to highest, but you can honestly depend on your phone. You could put it on low, medium, high. The biggest thing is you don't want to sacrifice gameplay, right? Often, in high graphical intensive games, you want to have low settings because, again, you don't want to have any chances of lagging. I'm going to keep mine on the highest until I see any performance issues. I have a pretty new iPhone. But if you have an older phone, maybe you'll want to turn that down. Otherwise, you want to keep the frame rate at the highest because you want 60 FPS. Everything else here is pretty straightforward, if you wish to vibrate on, things like that. Whether you wish colourblind support that changes some of the colours, other than that, this page is all pretty straightforward. So nothing really to mention here in terms of what settings you want outside of graphics quality and frame rate. 


The real stuff comes from control. So, here's what we're going to be starting with. And this is the opponent lock-on priority. So I have mine set to the lowest remaining HP value. You can see that this is going to explain. There's a little explanation button there. But basically, I like it as value as oppose to percentage. You can have a Pokemon. Let's take a Pokemon like Snorlax, which has a massive match of HP stat. And it can have 5% of its health left, but that numerical value is significantly higher than 5% of Greninja's HP, correct? So I like to do it based on value as opposed to a percentage. But that's a feeling kind of thing. I personally, like I said, like value, though. Because again,  5% of a Snorlax's health is way way more than 5% of a Greninja's health. So I want to be going after the value. I want to attack the lowest value target personally. But again, that's one that you want to mess around with or get a feel for. 

Attack Controls

Now here's where things are essential. This is something you want to be paying attention to, is these attack controls. So we can pull up a little thing here. It should give me an option to pull it up. There it is. So this shows you attack controls. It's going to create a little tiny button on your screen right where I'm pressing. And that button is the difference between attacking a wild Pokemon specifically or an enemy Pokemon. So the big button will do both. But you want to have the smaller button there, so if you're farming small objectives like Vespiquens or Aipoms or Combees, or any of that stuff, you want to hit the small button. And then when an enemy Pokemon comes, and you want to hit them, you want to hit the big one. And this is incredibly important because there are many instances in the game where you're doing a team fight against a Drednaw or a Zapdos or something like that. And you want to make sure that you're hitting the right target, right? Like if you're in a Zapdos pit and you're fighting for that final hit, you want to make sure you're hitting the enemy wild Pokemon button to hit that Zapdos last hit as opposed to hitting the enemy team Pokemon button. So that's huge. You want to make sure you set this. 

Automatic Basic Attacks

Automatic basic attacks I have turned off. We turn this off because automated basic attacks will kind of take control of your Pokemon for you and sort of force you into a Pokemon. What we're trying to do with these settings is give you complete control and take away any hand-holding that the game is going to provide for you, right? We don't want the game to force you in any direction. We don't want the game to force you to attack specific things. You want to have complete control. And it may feel a little bit weird, but changing settings asap. That way, you'll get used to them faster. I'll tell you what when I changed mine. It took like an hour to get used to it. It wasn't even a big deal. So again, you want to have complete control over your character. 

Lock-On Icon

The lock-on icon is one that I had on the Switch launch. I have since taken it off because of the characters I play. I play Pokemon like Crustle, which don't need a lock-on icon. For mobile, I recommend that you turn it on because of the way the setting is. It allows you to choose which of your targets you want to hit with that lock-on icon when there's multiple Pokemon in the field of view. So you click in this situation, click Electroweb and slide to Snorlax. Or click Electroweb, slide to Lucario. It's much more intuitive on mobile devices. On the Switch, it was a wheel, and you had to slide the joystick to it, and the accuracy there was very challenging to hit correctly. So I would say have it on. But there are certain characters where it's not needed. Like I said, I play a character where I don't need it. So I have mine turned off. 

Move Aim

You've got the move aim settings here as well, which is a similar setting that allows you to drag the icon over. So instead of having the lock... If you have the lock-on icon on then, you have. So you're going to want to have a movement panel. You don't want to have an icon. You want to be able to drag it. So the lock-on item is a tap, whereas the move aim settings allow you to do it as a drag. So you want to have a movement panel on. Then we've got in-motion pursuit distance. I recommend having in-motion pursuit off. You want to have this setting off because it's going to force your Pokemon to automatically approach and attack Pokemon outside of its range when you perform a basic attack. So again, you want to have complete control over your Pokemon. You don't want the game to force you in any way. 

Scoring Controls

Another big one is the scoring controls. There's a button on the screen that you'll see to score. I recommend having a press button as opposed to holding the button down. Why? You want to have the freedom to use your finger on other things, move the map around, and do something like that. If you have to hold that button down, it becomes a lot more complicated. I know it feels epic when you're pressing that button down to score. But you want to press instead of hold. 

Move Cancelling Controls

Now you've got move cancelling controls. And I recommend having slid to an icon which is the default. You'll see when you're in-game when you have slid to the icon, and there's a little icon at the very top. You slide right through that. Slide away can be tricky because it sets different distances regarding how far you have to slide away. So I think that if you want to cancel something when you're pressing down, you want to be able to slide to the same spot pretty much every single Time, so that I would recommend slide to the icon. From there, you've got things like move panel sensitivity. You've got camera follows moves. 

Move Sensitivity

So let's talk about some of this stuff. Move panel sensitivity will be a feel thing, based on how you want the different moves to feel when you're dragging them and moving them around. I can tell you I was testing around with Crustle's Rock Tomb, and I'm turning that setting down a little bit because it was like really, really fast how fast you could throw out that Rock Tomb. So I'm going to be messing around with kind of some of those settings there. More of a feel thing. But I generally like to have sensitivities on the higher end. I would not turn them down. I recommend having them on higher-end, just because you want to have that freedom to move around, especially when you know some of the sensitivity settings for the map. We've got camera follows moves. For moves like Venusaur's Solar Beam and stuff, you want to be able to follow those moves so you can see kind of where they're going. So I recommend having that setting on. Move aim follows movement direction. It's very intuitive. You want to be able to, as you observe. As you're moving towards the direction, that's the way you want to have your move attack. So, in the case of Crustle's X-Scissor, I want to be able to throw my X-Scissor where I'm facing, not have it go the other way. And on the Switch, this can be such a buggy thing because of the controllers. So I'm excited for that to be much more smooth on this. Move aim snaps to a nearby target. Again, you don't want your aim snapping. You don't want to have the control of your character be taken by the game. You want to be controlling that 100% and make it a fluid experience. So I recommend having that setting off. 

Carmera Movement

Then you've got your camera movement. I recommend slide 100%. The slide allows you just to put your finger on the screen and move it around. It's so incredibly intuitive. And then I've got my camera sensitivity set to about half. But that's something that you can, again, play with and get a feel for. Ultimately, you want to be comfortable with that. 

Battles Info

Now when it comes to battles info, these are some essential things you want to do. Boosted attack gauge shows you a little attack bar under your character, so you'll know when your increased attack is coming. You want to have that on. I just have turned on my decimal values for my cooldowns so you can see, instead of saying 5 4 3 2 1, when it gets to 1, it'll countdown decimal values. A couple of other settings are just basic stuff. You show your trainer name and things like that. So I'm going to hop into a match, and I'll kind of show you guys a few of these little settings here. 

Gaming Test Time

All right. So I'll be honest. I did not anticipate. Changing that setting on my Rock Tomb already was so much better. But I did not expect how smooth the mobile would be, which I'm excited about. I mean, I'll be honest, I have not played any games like this on a mobile. I'm so used to a Switch controller. But I will say that this has been a lot simpler than I thought it would be in terms of getting used to. It seems like my game is lagging hardcore, but that's okay. That's more of mine anyway. So a couple of things that I want to mention. One is that you have a different attack icon that you can see. That allows you to attack enemy Pokemon as opposed to attacking wild Pokemon there. And then you've also got the map where you can click on the map and drag it. Super duper clutch. A couple of other things are going into a goal and scoring by simply pressing the score like this. You press the score button, and then that gives you the freedom. You can do things like this and set up a Stealth Rock and kind of start attacking that way.