En iyi bellek Miami Heat Big Three geri geldi |NBA 2K22 Güncellemeleri

Updated on 2023-06-29
Yo beyler, işte NBA 2K22 için yeni güncelleme bilgileri ve her hafta güncellemeye devam edeceğiz.İçeride soyunma kodu.

Yo, what's going on, guys? NBA 2K22 released some new cards today. The funny thing is that NBA 2K released Dywane Wade & Lebron James last weekend and updated Chris Bosh this morning. So, if you are a Miami Heat fan, you can collect them and build your dream team with Miami Heat Big Three in the MyTeam mode. By the way, there were lots of memorable moments during the Miami Heat Big Three. For instance, the east final with Boston Celtics, Lebron James vs Paul Pierce, Dywane Wade & Lebron James alley-oop, Chirs Bosh's rebound and pass to the corner Ray Allen for three on 2014 Final Game 6 vs Santino Spurs etc. So, don't waste too much time and let's start reviewing those cards. 

Locker Code

Before we start, here is the new Locker Code below. This locker code will expire on 5th Oct 2021.

New Pack & Cards

The pack will be available for a week, and it cost 7500VC/12000MT per single pack. The two diamond cards are Chris Bosh and Allen Iverson. The other two diamonds card, Carr & Dampier, are triple threat rewards.

Here is a tip, if you don't want to spend money for the current pack, you can use the token to redeem some players. The quality is pretty good for this year's token market.

Chris Bosh (Overall: 93 / Miami Heat / PRIMETIME Pack)

This Bosh can shoot three like Dikembe Mutombo but compare to the height and strength, and this card is better in PF position. On offence 88 overall in middle range area and 83 overall on three balls, it's pretty in the current stage. If you got an excellent coach and diamond shoes, those overall that I mentioned before could be improved. 

In the paint area, 80 overall with driving dunk & standing dunk are okay. For post moves & hook & fade are both 92, looks good uh. However, the problem for Bosh is the defence area. Only 56 overall lateral quickness for Bosh, almost 20 overall lower compared Dikembe Mutombo. 85 interior defence plus 84 strength are enough in the painting area but just in the current stage.

So, all in all, Chris Bosh is a good card, and a PF/C position can shoot three. But in the paint area, this card is a little bit 'soft'. If you have enough MT points or VC, you can collect this card!

Allen Iverson (Overall: 93 / Denver Nuggets / PRIMETIME Pack)

This AI is still a good pg. I don't recommend using AI in the sg position because of the height.  95 overall in the ball handle is unique, plus his 94 speed. The shooting overall is not good enough for this AI. If you like this card, you can use shoes to increase overall. 

The problem with this card is also in the defence area. But currently, this AI's 182cm height can be used in your team because PG Magic, Ben Simmons or Giannis Antetokounmpo have not been released yet. 

M.L. Carr (Overall: 92 / Boston Celtics / Triple Threat Online Reward)

This card is the Triple Threat Online Card, an outstanding 3D player. The 198CM height can play SG and SF positions. The offence is not good.