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Updated on 2023-06-29
The 6 tips are really helpful for you in Naraka: BladePoint, if you know how to use them, you can win the game. Come and Read



So you're new to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, and you want to know how you can get better at the game fast. Well, you're in luck because this is the perfect article for you. If you want to purchase or not sure yet to purchase Naraka: Bladepoint, here is some tips you need to read first: "Please read before PURCHASE NARAKA: BLADE POINT". Let’s go for the article now, guys.


I will show you a handful of tips that will immediately improve your success rate in NARAKA. And best of all, they're all really easy to do. These are perfect tips for beginners. What's up, guys, my name is Ethan, and I hope to become your go-to source for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT tips and tricks. You're going to be a better player after reading this article. So I hope that you enjoy the content. Buckle up and get ready to learn. 

Naraka Tips 1: Farther Flying Grapples

naraka hooks

So in this first part, I will be showing you how to get more distance out of every single grapple hook than you have been already. This will allow you to escape and run away and survive much more efficiently. And best of all, it is a super simple, basic mechanic. To start, you need to make sure you have grapple hooks in your inventory. You're then going to enter your grapple hook vision mode by hitting Q. You will target something that you can grapple hook onto. But this mustn't be something that your character is going to crash headlong into and stop moving on. 


It needs to be something that you can grapple to but also fly past. So think the corner of a building rooftop or the side edge of a tree. So as you're flying through the air on your grapple hook right before you reach that object, whether it's a building rooftop or a tree, you're going to click the left mouse button. Clicking the left mouse button while you have a melee weapon equipped will cause your character to launch several aerial strikes. By chaining these things together by grapple hooking from one tree, flying past it and in midair, grappling to another tree and flying past that one will allow you to gain a lot of distance using less grapple hooks. Therefore, if someone's chasing you and they aren't doing the same trick, they will have a much harder time catching up to you, which means you can escape more effectively and survive more games.

Naraka Tips 2: Avoiding Grapple Stunlock / Scale Rush


I'm sure you've already experienced this one particularly frustrating scenario where you're trying to use grapple hooks to escape. Still, the enemy keeps hitting you in the back with their grapple hooks, stunning you and pulling you out of your grapple hook escape. If this has happened to you, pay attention closely because I will show you how you fight this problem. We're going to be using something that the game calls Scale Rush. 

Scale Rush is simply a term for any time your character is hanging a wall and launching an attack with a left mouse button. And the reason why this is important is that while you're performing a Scale Rush, your character turns blue. It is technically making a blue Focus charge attack. And while your character is blue, you cannot be stunned by a grappling hook. This means that using the Scale Rush to launch yourself into the air, even if your enemy grapple hooks you, it won't stun you and knocked you to the ground, and you will still be able to put distance between you and that opposing player. This is a great technique to use to lead off your escape.

Here's how to perform the Scale Rush.  Jump onto any objects that your character will do, a wall hang off like a tree or a wall, and then click and hold the left mouse button and aim in the direction you want to go. When you're ready, let go of the left mouse button, and your character will shoot off through the air for a short distance, very fast. Scale Rush is also great because sometimes you just run out of grapple hooks completely.  

And as long as there is an object nearby, the first one that you're taking off from, you can chain Scale Rushes together and uses that as a method to escape, even if you have no grapple hooks in your inventory.

Naraka Tips 3: Tree Healing

Now that we've talked about how to escape using a couple of techniques, let's talk about some healing techniques in Section two. Once you've made an escape using Scale Rush and or grapple hooks, look to climb into the top part of a tree. Healing in trees is much safer than healing on the ground.

A lot of the time,  people don't lookup. You'll be hidden at the top of the tree by branches and leaves while also being able to see all the movements of the enemy team below you. You can keep the trunk of the tree in between you and the enemy blocking their line of sight to you to make it even harder for them to find you. And while you're up there, you can also freely use your healing items. 

Naraka Tips 4: Crouch Spam Healing


This next tip is for what to do when you can't heal in a tree and have to heal out in the open on the ground. It's really simple. All you do is spam your crouch button while you're consuming a healing item. This makes it harder for an enemy to hit you from the range with a musket, bow, crossbow because your character repeatedly does the dodge animation. And even if an enemy gets close enough to attack you with the sword, there's still a chance that your character Crouch dodges underneath their horizontal attack. If it helps remap the crouch button to key, that's easier for you to press repeatedly. I put Crouch on side mouse button four, so I have easy access to Crouch sliding and Crouch spanning while using healing items.

Naraka Tips 5: Counterstrikes / Parry timing

In this third section, we will talk about two tricks to immediately improve your combat skills. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has two different types of attack. 

naraka yoto

It has a standard attack, light attack, blue Focus attack, and charged heavy attack. In the newer player low Elo ranks, people are just going to click spamming a lot. And when you click spam, you throw a very predictable three attack combo. It goes common attack, common attack, blue Focus attack. So if you click three times, your character will always throw a blue Focus attack on their third swing. Quickly, there's one exception to this rule, and that's if the person's using a greatsword because the greatsword throws its blue Focus attack on its second swing. Not it's third. We're going to focus on the three-click combo attack that all the other swords throw out.

And using this knowledge that an enemy's third click will always through a blue Focus attack means that we know how to counter it. To counter a blue Focus attack, you throw a parry executed by clicking the left mouse button and right mouse button at the same time. Your character will throw out this sort of red blocking animation. And if an enemy runs into it with their blue focus attack, it will knock them onto the ground, and it will disarm them by knocking the weapon out of their hands and out of their inventory completely. So as a newer player, it would help if you started getting into the habit of waiting for your enemy to throw their third attack and then throwing out your block by left-clicking and right-clicking at the same time.  Once you start moving into the higher Elo ranks, this will not work anymore. This is just a very easy, good habit to get into as a newer player because a lot of the time, your opponents are going to run headlong into this.

Naraka Tips 6: Combo Cancels

So now that you've learned always to be looking to parry your enemy's third attack, you need also to be aware of how you can avoid running headlong into the same trap when you're the one doing the attacking. And the way that we do this is with cancels. 


There are three ways to cancel a combo chain. You can use the crouch key. You can shift dodge to the side or backwards, or you can jump cancel. One of the best things to focus on is using the shift dodge to interrupt your attack chain as a newer player. So what this would look like is you go common attack, common attack, shift dodge to the side and then common attack again.

Another thing you can do is Crouch and then right-click to throw an uppercut, which will launch the enemy into the air, allowing you to land a few more free hits. This is especially powerful if your opponent is trying to counter your third attack because they think you'll throw that very predictable blue focus.  That is how you avoid doing a three-click combo and running headlong into an enemy's parry.

In the last

I hope to become a really helpful go-to source of information for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. These are all the tips and tricks.