Green Cehennem: En zor durumda nasıl hayatta kalacağına dair stratejik bir duruş

Updated on 2023-06-29
Green Hill is an open-world game with a complete fun, enjoyment, and adventure package. Enjoy the venture and polish your survival strategy.  Green Hell: A strategic stance of how to survive in the toughest situation


Hey Bro, How was your day been? Enjoying sunshine outside? The virus hit the world and taught us how to survive with the essential elements available to us. Before the pandemic, game developers probably sensed the urgency to survive with bare hands. Hope you guessed what I'm talking about. Yes, I'm talking about the Green Hell game and its trendy survival techniques that the youngsters prefer to play. Green Hell, the name itself, defines the significance and the value they added while designing the game. Later on, players find it exciting to learn techniques with consciousness in Green Hell.

For the last few years, the gaming industry has been booming by introducing various games in different genres and subject matters that set new gaming mania in the growing generation worldwide. Unlike Green Hell, The Forest, Crossworlds: Escape, The Survivalist, Keep up, etc., games have similar gaming components that players love to play on their PC, achieving a set of levels and bagging points.

Have you watched Man vs Wild by Bear Grylls? Perhaps it's the first reality show where a man leaves all the material comforts behind and chooses to explore the beast world with bare hands. His only weapon is available with his quirk of mind, sense of adjustment, never-give-up attitude, willpower, and physical stamina to sustain in any dangerous situation. Basic knowledge of how to survive with minimum resources is the additional skill of Gryll that helps him throughout his journey.

His terrific nature and attitude encourage many gaming companies to develop games on real-life survival skills. Discovery channel had high TRP due to the overwhelming response from the viewers. Green Hell reminds us of the Man vs Wild show, and you can find a resemblance yourself with Bear Gryll while playing Green Hell.

Green Hell: A review that encourages you to sit and turn on!

Green Hell set its game setting in the Amazon Rainforest. The player has to sustain many difficulties like attack of wild animals, unexpected dangers, unavailability of food, shelter, or any basic requirements for survival. The game is designed to meet how the player is stuck in dense rainforest and forcibly survives with his skill, wit, sense of judgment, and find a new way to face the difficulties and make the situation favorable.

Green Hell is an open-world game and first-person perspective in which the player has to live inside the forest without any basic comforts. The player has to gather raw food cooked or baked in a fire lit up by the dried branches and leaves in the forest. They have to make their own house or shelter using the tree, leaves, and other available items.

The game tests how you can use your resolution and self-restraint and find out the solution in an odd situation. The course of action also includes the player's psychological state and physical strength to protect himself under life-threatening situations. Players should take healthy food and a balanced diet during the jungle stay monitored by a smartwatch. Showing the determination they can access navigation aids, medicine, and bandage as additional support.

Brief information about Green Hell

Before knowing how to play the game, let us highlight a few pieces of information.

Release of the game: September 5, 2019, for Microsoft Windows

Developer: Creepy Jar

Release brand: Forever Entertainment

Devices or Platforms: Microsoft Windows / Nintendo Switch / Playstation 4 / Xbox One

Genre: Survival, Explore, and Adventure

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

The system requirements to play Green Hell.

A set of configurations is required to play the game. Check out if you have; if not, make the necessary arrangements to wish to play.

OS: Windows 7/8/10 and 64- bits

Processor: 3.2 GHz Dual-core

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 660, Radeon RX 460, OR 2GB of video RAM

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 8GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

Language support: Multi-language like English, French, Chinese, Czech, German, etc.

Ratings: Metacritic Score: 81/100 & Metacritic User Score: 7.7/10

The price of the Green Hell

The price of the game is $24.99. You need an account to log in with your mail-id. Once you pay, the license key will be issued, and you can access the game immediately.

The popularity of the game is high-rising and makes millions of dollars after its launching. Developers and techies have been upgrading the existing versions to make them more intense and interesting to play. The current version is V.2.1.2 available, and it was released on July 14, 2021.

The story of Green Hell

The story narrates from a first-person perspective that an anthropologist and rainforest researcher Jake Higgins wakes up in the Amazon river basin. He tries to figure out his survival strategy while establishing the connection with his missing wife Mia, who went to the nearby tribal village all alone. She is a linguist, and her purpose is to communicate with the endangered tribal Yabahuca, get the inputs, and share with the civilized world. Jake realizes her life threat but can connect through radio only.

How to play to sustain in Amazon Rainforest

Green Hell is an open-world game and is played from a first-person perspective. When you start the play, you have to start with the basic requirement for your survival plan and face the wild beast in the jungle. So the survival strategy should follow a pattern. Here is the list the players can follow when they click on the Start button.

  • Collect a strong stick to make your first weapon
  • Start exploring resources to build a hut to stay in the night or give protection in the rain.
  • After building the hut, secure the surrounding by making a fence; it will save your hut from the attack of the wild animals.
  • Now search for food, and you will get plenty of fruits; chances are there those fruits you tasted for the first time in your life.
  • Collect eatable fruits as much as possible and store them inside your hut
  • After sunset, you need light; hence you have to lit up the fire; search dry leaves, branches for the fire.
  • Find out coconut trees for the water supply to your body. In the rainforest, you will get salty water, which is bad for your health.
  • Search for meat or fish as you have a fire now
  • Make the stick as sharp as possible and hunt fish from the nearest river.
  • You can bake the fish with the help of the fire you lit up in the evening time.
  • In the nighttime, fire attracts wild animals and the tribal community to locate you.
  • Face them with courage and the weapon you made for hunting
  • Catch the lone tribal and kill him, or else he will report your presence to the community, and then an army will come to counter you, which is a real danger.
  • Use the Green Hall map and navigate your present location and come out from the dense forest.

The attraction of the game

A constant buzz sound and various horror audio tracks are the essences of the game that give you the horrific atmosphere you are surrounded by. The background sound changes in a day and night sequence, moving objects and the sudden things you are facing. The scary sounds make the atmosphere more real. The game's settings and color theme create a mysterious dense forest surrounding that resonate the real-life experience.

The comparison from the previous version

If you are hard-core adventurous and have a keen interest in facing challenges and beat them with your dedication and commitment, you are on the right track. If you love extreme conditions and can figure out the way from the survival strategy, you can try the latest upgrade, Spirits of Amazonia 3, which is available from September 21, 2021. In the latest version, players will get an intense situation that is almost radical in survival. Players have to find out how they can sustain themselves under the extreme situation in the Amazonian rainforest.

Creepy Jar introduces an unfavorable situation for the players in every version, which adventure lovers find interesting to play. The horror effects, lights, sounds, and half-light, dark presentation give a real-life threat look. More challenges thrown at the player/players make the game unbeatable.

Tips for the game: An observation

Undoubtedly the game focuses on building up your survival strategy. If it provides more resources and fewer choices for the selection, players will face more difficulty in real life. Remember the Man vs. Wild show? Bear Grylls hardly gets the resources in extreme conditions. Instead, he creates things out of the limited resources, and that is there in real life.

Improving elements can be added later. 

Developers must give fewer options and more harsh situations to find out the way.

Players should have a limited choice of weapon selection.

There must be a balance between a horror theme and a jungle theme which should not mix either.

Do you have a query? Ask!

Does the player get a Green Hall map?

Yes, players will get a map as they choose the location.

What is the classification of the Green Hell map?

Based on the location, players will access the map. Following is the detail:

Story Location

Abandoned of a tribal village
Omega camp

Story Location: Spirits of Amazonia

Drug Facility

Survival Location

Drug Facility
Omega Camp

Can I play Green Hell PS4?

Yes, you can play Green Hell PS4. From June 2021, the facility is available for Playstation 4 owners.

Can I play the Green Hell free version?

Yes, you can. Its Co-Op mode is available to download free and play on your PC.

Final words

Green Hell is a leisurely activity for the adventurous lovers. Players love to feel the horrific atmosphere, face the challenges, and survive in extreme conditions and unearthed the hidden danger in every step. Green Hell map helps young players to improve their navigation skills. A complete entertainment package improvises the players' survival and defensive skills that enhance adjustment and sustain policy. Play, enjoy and earn points.