Top 10 Voice Changer Tools to Easily Imitate the Voice You Like

By SahilSharma

top 10 voice changers to imitate the voice you like 


Voice changers are software that can modulate or alter the tone and pitch of a voice that is usually inputted from the microphones, or from browsers. They allow you to save the output files in different audio formats like MP3 and WAV.


voice changer


The recorded voice can be also shared on emails, social media, and other gaming devices like Xbox. It is a very handy app for creating interesting audio sounds by using voice clippings, or real time recordings. In this post, we have listed 10 best voice changer apps that you can try.



1. Best 10 voice changer online free:


voice changer online free


1) MorphVOX:


It is an excellent voice changer app which is designed to change the quality of tone and pitch of your voice. You can also use it to make you sound like a woman, or like a man. Some of its features include


• High quality audio output
• It allows for easy integration with online games and chatting programs.
• It does not consume too much of your CPU
• You can choose from many different sound effects and built-in sounds
• It works both on MS Windows and as voice changer Mac OS




2) Voice Changer


If you are looking for a free voice changer app to create funny sounds with your voice, then you should check this one out.


• It allows you to add different types of effects, on existing audio files.
• This mobile phone app works on Android
• You can quickly apply different effects on both, audio files and live voice recording.
• It also allows for editing of saved files
• It provides social media integration for sharing on different social networks.
• It has a good collection of sound effects that you can add to your voice recordings. You can use celebrity voice changer to make funny videos.




3) RoboVox Voice Changer:


RoboVox Voice Changer is also a mobile phone app that works on Android platform. You can use this app to create different sound effects like that of a robot, or give it a musical background. Many users rate it as the best free voice changer .


• This app can work on the files already existing on your local machine, and also on real time recording.
• The output files can be saved on audio distribution platforms like SoundCloud
• You can also save the edited files in WAV format, and send them across on emails.
• This app is popular among those who create different types of funny ringtones. It is an excellent female voice changer .
• It has the inbuilt system for FFT spectral analysis, which displays the strength of the signals from the device




4) MasqVox Voice Changer:


This is a fun app that allows you to change your voice, even while chatting on Skype Messenger.

• It is a user-friendly app using which you can create different types of cartoon and human voice effects. You could also use it as a girl voice changer and play prank on your friends 
• The application is quite light and does not take much of your CPU space.
• It is currently available for the Microsoft Windows operating system




5) Skype Voice Changer

skype voice changer


This Windows application allows you to change your voice on a real-time, while having voice conversations on Skype. You can use this voice changer online free to make your recipients listen to the computer generated voice, while you speak.


• It is responsive and changes the sounds quite quickly.
• You can also use this application on pre recorded audio files.
• It also has the facility for recording the conversation.
• This app is exclusively designed for the Windows operating system.




6) Best Voice Changer



This is another app that allows you to change or modify your voice easily. It is a voice changer online free program that supports WAV, MP3, and some other audio formats.


• It works both on your local files and on the audio recording of your sound.
• You can share the output files on different social media networks like Twitter, FaceBook, WhatsApp, and Line.
• You get many different types of audio effects to choose from
• This app is currently available for the Android platform, and you can download it from Google Play Store.




7) Voicemod:


Voicemod is an excellent application which comes with a girl voice changer. If you are a man, you can modulate your voice to sound like that of a girl or a woman.


• In addition to female voice, you can also use different effects like the robotic sound and more.
• It can be easily integrated to the online games or used on your computer.
• Voicemod is compatible with chatting platforms like Paltalk, Hangout, Viber, and many others
• Besides different affects, you can also use it to create distorted voice.
• You get to save the files in MP3 for WAV formats
• The user interface is very simple, and you can easily learn how to change your voice
• You can choose the effects from the main panel
• It works on multiple platforms which include MS Windows, Mobile Windows, OS X, and Linux.




8) Voice Changer


This one is an online application that allows you to create realistic effects.


• The output files are really clear, and it is difficult to tell if modified sounds are real or changed.
• You can't use the microphone to directly speak into the web browser, or you can upload an existing file from your computer hard drive for modulation.
• It offers many different effects to choose from
• This voice changer online web application works on any devices connected to the internet




9) Clownfish Voice Changer



This is an excellent program for creating different voice in real time manner. After installing the application on your computer, it can be used along with any other applications that are compatible with your microphone.

• You can also sync it with various chatting applications like Viber, Hangout, Skype, and many more
• You can also use it as a voice changer for discord as it can create different effects to sound like a deep pitched male, a robot, or even radio.
• It comes along with an in-built audio player for reviewing, and for better file management.
• The audio player comes with different controlling features including the playlist.
• Clownfish voice changer is available for Windows operating system




10) All-in-One Voice Changer

all in one voice changer copy

This application can be used for changing your sound while talking on Skype messenger.


• The user interface of this free voice changer has adjustment sliders that you can use for getting the right kind of pitch you want.
• It has the feature of testing the sound effects on your voice.
• It can automatically integrate with all the platforms which allow microphone.
• Currently this application is supported by Windows OS




2. How to Add Background Sound to a Video Clip?


background sound to a video clip


We have checked out many different applications for changing background sound on video clips. Among the many applications that are available, we found DVDFab Remux Audio to be the best. It is an excellent application that allows you to easily replace any original audio track of a video file, and save it.


There are many instances, when we like the video of a movie clip or music file, but might not like the audio. If you have any such files, then you can use this application to completely replace the audio from that clip, and create a new video.


You must have checked out many different videos on social media sites, with audio added to old videos. Some of those funny clips have become viral, and have been viewed and liked by millions of people. You too can create such videos by using DVDFab Remux Audio software.


•     Easy user interface -You won't find any difficulty in navigating this tool, as it comes with simple and clean interface. You will easily understand the functions, after using it for a few minutes.


•     Safe and secure -There are many applications that allow you to replace the sound on video files, but there is always concern about backdoor virus and malware attacks. This application is very secure, and is backed with 30 days money back guarantee.


•     Work simultaneously on batch files -It allows for batch replacement of voice or background sound on multiple video files.


•     Video editing -In addition to replacing the sound, it also provides video editing features like color resolution and audio delay. You get to choose from multiple video formats that can be used on most devices.


•     Drag on drop -Working on this application is very simple, because of the drag and drop facility. You can simply drag the files from your computer hard drive, and drop them on the application interface for processing.


•     Supports multiple languages -The software is design for worldwide use, so users can choose the language as per their preferences.


3. How to replace the sound on a video file-Steps Involved

how to replace the sound on a video file


The procedure for replacing the audio track is very simple with this software. You can also use it with a voice changer app to create more effects on the final file.


• Add the video file -You can use the drag and drop option, or the browse option to choose the video that requires editing. You will find the browsing feature by clicking on the Plus button on the interface.

• If you click on the three dots button, you will get the option to insert the audio track. You also get additional customizing features for adjusting the resolution, and for choosing the output format of the video.

• On the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see the destination location for the output file. You can change it as per your preference.

• Just hit the run button, and your output file will be ready in a few minutes.


voice changer software

It is a simple software application that anyone can use to create interesting and funny videos. You can use it with any good voice changer software to create interesting videos. You can download it for free at and try out the free trial period for 30 days.