Things To Do When Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote Stops Working

By Kaya

Are you in the middle of your favorite show/series, and your Fire Stick Remote has stopped working? Well, that's the fact that has made you land on this article. We know it hurts a lot to have your remote stuck in the middle of an interesting show and not able to do anything. But, don't you worry when we say that we have got your back. 

Here in this article, we list a number of ways that can help you to solve this problem. But, if nothing works, then probably it's time to buy a new remote. But, till the time you buy one for yourself, you can still continue watching your left favorite movie. Wondering how? Well, you need to read the article to know more. We are definitely sure that trick is definitely going to help you, buddy!

Reasons behind Fire Stick Remote to Stop Working?

Your Fire Stick Remote can stop working due to multiple reasons. Some of the factors can also cause your Fire Stick Remote to not work even after solving all the possible issues. The most prevailing or heard of problems are issues with the batteries of the remote, blockages that choke the remote from getting the signals/commands, or having conflict with other electronic items. 

Wondering what the most usual factors are due to which your Fire Stick Remote Stops Working? Well! 

Let us clarify you the reasons in brief - 

1. Batteries - One of the most usual or primary reasons that you Fire Stick Remote Stops Working is Weak/Poor Batteries. In addition to this, your new batteries can also stop working if they are placed inside the remote incorrectly. Even the slightest of an issue with your battery can cause your Fire Stick remote to stop Working. 

2. Pairing - Another very common factor of error could be that your Fire Stick Remote isn't properly connected with your device. Before replacing or calling for more help, always check if your Fire Stick Remote is connected accurately to your device. 

3. Distance between the device and Fire Stick Remote - Another important factor that your 

amazon fire tv stick remote is not working is because you are probably using it from a far distance. Always keep in mind that devices like these use Bluetooth Technology to connect, and Bluetooth only works for a distance of 30 feet or less. 

4. Hindrances - While operating your Device from Amazon Fire Stick Remote, make sure there are no hindrances or barriers between. They don't affect much but can reduce the way your Fire Stick Remote Works. 

5. External Damage - Sometimes, your Fire Stick remote also suffers external damage like falling repeatedly, or maybe water damage, etc. All these external damages can cause your Fire Stick Remote to not work properly. 

Fire Stick Remote Battery Problems

You must have heard it every time, and the primary reason for your amazon fire tv remote not working is Batteries. One of the major facts is that Fire Stick Remote uses Bluetooth. Due to this reason, even if your batteries are slightly weak, you will see that your amazon fire tv stick remote is not working. 

Is your Amazon Fire TV Stick remote not working because of issues with batteries? Well. We have got the fix for you. Continue reading to discover them. 

Step 1) Take out the already placed batteries from your Fire Stick TV Remote. 

Step 2) Before taking them out, make sure to check how they were previously placed to ensure you place them again in the right position. You can also correct the position of the batteries by matching the + and - signs on the Amazon Fire TV Remote and both the batteries, respectively. 

Step3) If the batteries were properly installed before, this means you need to replace them with new batteries. The Remote was might not working because of the batteries being weak or poor. Also, make sure to use new & fresh batteries instead of using already used ones. 

Step 4) Is Remote not working still? Try replacing the batteries with another new set of brand new and fresh batteries. You can also try placing batteries of different brands or nature to test. 

Step 5) Still, Amazon Fire TV not working with your remote? Well, then it's not the batteries that are a problem, but the Remote. 

Pairing a Fire Stick Remote

Now when you have identified that the batteries of your remote aren't a problem, then maybe pairing is. Wait, we'll make you understand. 

When you get your Fire Stick TV and its remote, they need to be paired with each other. Pairing is done with the help of Bluetooth and ensures that the Fire TV Remote sends the signals to the Fire TV Stick. But, sometimes, the devices aren't paired properly, and that is what causes the remote to not work properly with the Fire TV Stick. 

If you have been using your device for quite some time now and are suddenly facing this issue, then also pairing can be the issue. This is because the devices can become unpaired due to certain technical glitches. That's why you should always ensure that you always pair the devices, whether they are new or old. 

Not clear about how to pair your devices together? Follow the steps below - 

Step 1) Firstly, you need to switch on your Fire TV Stick. Wait till your Fire TV Stick is switched on properly. 

Step 2) Once your Fire TV Stick is switched on, bring your Fire TV Remote closer to the Fire Stick.

Step 3) Now, on your Fire TV remote, press the Home Button. You need to press the button continuously for 10 seconds. 

Step 4) After you have pressed the remote for 10 seconds, release it to see if the remote works now with the Fire TV Stick. 

Step 5) Still, Amazon fire TV remote not working? Try repeating the above-mentioned process as sometimes this process needs to be repeated a few times before the Fire TV Remote gets connected to the Fire Stick. 

Distance and Obstruction Problems With Fire TV Remotes

As mentioned above, both the devices, i.e., both the Fire Stick and the Fire TV Remotes, use Bluetooth Technology. Therefore, no matter what is the direction of your Remote is, amazon fire tv not working; it won't hinder the performance of the Remote. This is because the direction of the remote doesn't affect the strength of the Bluetooth signal. 

In addition to this, Bluetooth devices like these work in an approximate range of 30 feet. So, initially, if there are any sort of hindrances or objects between the Fire Stick and the TV remote, the range of remote's working can be reduced. 

Want to know if objects or hindrances are a cause of the problem? Follow the below steps to check it quickly. 

Step 1) Take your Remote near to your Fire Stick. 

Step 2) If there are any other objects between the TV and the remote, remove them. 

Step 3) Now, you need to see if your Remote is only working when you are standing near. You can also try going or trying the remote at different distances to check if it is a distance or the hindrance that is not allowing your device to work. 

Step 4) Sometimes, it is your Amazon fire TV that's not working. This can be because your Fire TV is placed in a closed compartment, and that is why it's not able to work properly. You can take out your Fire TV if possible, to try that as well. 

Fire Stick Remotes and Interference 

By now, you already know that Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Remote use Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth Technology has its own advantages as compared to Infrared. Remotes using Bluetooth technology are better because Infrared technology cannot work with hindrances. At the same time, Bluetooth remotes can still work fairly with Hindrances and interferences. 

Before moving forward, you need to inspect if the following electronics are near your Fire TV Stick - 

- Wireless or Bluetooth Speakers

- Microwave Ovens

- Mobile Phones

- Unshielded coaxial cables

In case there are any of these devices in between your Fire Stick TV and remote, try eliminating them from the picture. If eliminating isn't an option, you can switch them off so that their signals don't affect the Bluetooth Technology of both devices. 

Fire Stick Remote Compatibility

If, after trying all these issues, you are still unable to pair your devices, then that means your Fire Stick TV Remote isn't compatible with your Fire TV Stick. The problem can also be there because you got a substitution remote for your Fire TV Stick, and now it's not compatible with your Fire TV Device. 

In this era of Continuously changing technologies, there are a number of devices that work on Bluetooth Technology. But, not all devices of the same brand and same type are compatible with each other. This is because of different levels of Bluetooth and other technologies. That's why whenever you are going out to buy a remote, you need to read the product description thoroughly to make sure that the device you are about to purchase works with your TV Stick model. 

Try Using the Fire TV Phone App

Tired of trying so many options, but none of them works? Well! Let's give it one more try. 

If you have tried all options and none of them works, then this means that your Fire TV Remote is permanently damaged or may have broken down. The superlative option to overcome this problem is to buy a new remote but make sure to read its description and ensure that the new remote would work with your Fire TV Stick. 

Apart from this, you can also install the Fire Stick App and use your phone as a remote as an alternative. 

Liked this idea? Well, let us tell you more about it. In order to use your Fire TV Stick, you need to install the app. Keep reading to know more about it - 

Step 1) Switch on your Fire Stick or Fire Stick TV.

Step 2) On your phone, both Android and iOS, go to your PlayStore or App Store, and download the Fire TV Remote App. 

Step 3) Once the app is installed, open it and sign in to your Amazon account. 

Step 4) Once you have signed in, you'll see a list of devices in the app. 

Step 5) From the list of the available devices, select your Fire Stick TV.

Step 6) Once you have selected your Fire Stick TV, you'll see a code appearing on your television. This code needs to be entered on the Fire Stick App. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I download the app on devices other than an Android Phone?

A: Yes, you can download the app on your iPhone and Kindle too. 

For iPhone - Go to the app store to download the app. 

Kindle - You can download the app from the Amazon App Store. 

Q2. Can I keep using the App as an alternative for a physical remote?

A: Yes, technology nowadays has made it quite easier to have all things on our phones instead of having them physical. But, it can become a problem when your phone gets damaged, or you are out & somebody has to use the Fire TV stick. 

Q3. How do I know that the new remote I would be buying will be compatible with my device?

A: It's pretty easy and important. All that you have to do is read the product details on your Amazon Fire Stick TV and the new Fire Stick TV Remote that you are about to purchase. You can match the technologies and can choose the remote accordingly. 

Q4. Is there any other way from the ones mentioned above to make up the remote?

A: Well, after all our research, we have mentioned all the possible, and if you have tried all of them, then there is no other way out. It is best to buy a new remote. 

Q5. Is there any guarantee of the remote?

A: Yes, as far as we know, the Amazon Fire Stick remote comes with a One Year Guarantee. 


It can be irritating when your Amazon fire TV stick remote is not working. And that's why we have come up with the most suitable of solutions that can help you in fixing your problem of the Amazon Fire TV Remote not working.  In addition to that, the tech world of today has already made it easier for us to control most things via our phones. And that's where you realize that tech is going to solve your problem of Amazon fire TV not working.