Spotify Premium and Its Costs

Updated on 2023-06-29
Let's have a conversation about how much Spotify Premium costs and investigate several ways to save costs.

Spotify is a wonderful platform that enables users to listen to their preferred songs and albums, discover new music, and create playlists for their friends. If you aren't paying for the service, though, your ability to customize your experience as a user is severely limited. You may receive unlimited skips, free downloads, the ability to listen offline, and a ton of other fantastic features by upgrading your Spotify membership.

Thankfully, one does not need to spend a fortune in order to satisfy their need for quality musical entertainment. You don't have to pay anything to use Spotify, but you can if you want to. Before you put down your credit card information, let's have a conversation about how much Spotify Premium costs and investigate several ways to save costs.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Free

If you don't mind listening to advertisements, you can listen to anything you want on the Spotify app, which is available for mobile devices, the web, and desktop computers, as well as smart TVs and game consoles that are compatible with Spotify.

There are fundamental search and play features provided, such as the ability to play recent albums repeatedly, subscribe to podcasts, and more. Although the free service is more than enough for casual listeners, more frequent users may find it unpleasant due to the constant commercials, limited shuffle options, and slightly lower sound quality.

Users who subscribe to Spotify Premium on an individual basis pay $10 per month

If you are ready to pay a small charge, you will have access to more than 82 million tracks that do not contain advertisements, the possibility to download your music directly to a device, and higher streaming quality. The capability of saving songs and podcasts for offline listening is a wonderful addition to Spotify, and it is sure to be appreciated by consumers who use the service while traveling. In addition, you will receive one free month when you join up for the service for the first time.

The monthly fee for Duo is $13 and includes Spotify Premium

By utilizing Spotify Duo, you and a close friend, family member, or partner will be able to share your Spotify account "under one roof." Both users will have their own individual Spotify dashboards with features such as collaborative playlists, which you and a group of friends can edit and add to, and Blend, a playlist that combines collaborative playlists and Spotify's personalization to automatically "blend" together each user's musical preferences (up to ten of them) in a shareable playlist.

Both users will have access to Blend. Cost-wise, it essentially consists of two accounts that cost $6.50 per month each, and it has wonderful sharing possibilities for those who are close friends or who are in relationships.

Spotify Premium is available to students at a discounted rate of $5 per month

If you are currently enrolled in an educational institution, you are eligible for a reduced price on a Spotify Premium subscription called Student (you will be required to provide a valid school email address). In addition, a subscription to Showtime and an ad-supported Hulu account are provided. Be aware that if you do not re-register as a student after a year, Spotify will terminate your Hulu access and begin charging you the full price of a Premium membership.

Members of the family share the monthly cost of $16 for Spotify Premium

The Spotify Family plan, which enables up to six individuals to share a single subscription, may be more appealing to those who have family members or friends who share their interest in listening to streaming music. In addition to Spotify Kids, a distinct app created especially for kids, it also offers a wide range of parental control choices.

You won't have to worry about any of your kids accidentally streaming adult stuff because Spotify Kids has music that are appropriate for kids. By making playlists for your kids to listen to, you may also limit the music they hear.

All of the service's capabilities, including the previously stated collaborative playlists and Blend tool, are made available to you. Again, the most crucial element is volume. Each of these six accounts would cost $60 per month if purchased separately.

Premium Membership Options for Spotify Partners

Spotify also works with a few of the world's most well-known companies in order to partner with them in the provision of special deals that can assist you in locating savings for the service. There is a possibility that these deals will evolve over time, but typical options include the following:


If you buy at Walmart regularly enough and either already have or are contemplating about obtaining a Walmart+ membership, which costs $13 per month or $98 per year, then you are eligible to receive six months of free Spotify Premium service. The only prerequisite is that you can't already have a paid subscription to Spotify Premium in good standing.

Starbucks personnel

Starbucks is one of the companies that offers a free subscription to Spotify Premium to its "partners," which are the company's employees.


If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can earn three free months of Spotify Premium if you create one and take advantage of the discount being offered by that company.

Prices for Spotify can vary from country to country, and they may not always be able to be converted into the country's currency. For instance, users in the United States pay a minimum of $10 per month for a subscription, whereas users in Australia pay $12 ($7) per month for the same capabilities, users in the United Kingdom pay £10 ($11), and users in India pay 119 INR (just over $1) every month.

How well Spotify performs in comparison to its competitors

If you are having trouble choosing between Spotify and one of its rival services, your best bet is to sign up for either Apple Music or YouTube Music. The premium, ad-free versions of all three services cost $10 per month, are comparable for their other tiers, and tout comparable sets of capabilities; yet, in our opinion, Spotify is the service that offers the best overall package of features.

Why? Because it offers the best user interface, the largest selection of music that can be played on demand, superbly curated playlists, and a better free tier (specifically, Spotify Free) than the free plan that is offered by YouTube Music for users who do not wish to or are unable to commit to a long-term contract.

Spotify Premium is currently among the top music streaming and subscription services available. With Spotify Premium, users are able to download music to their devices, listen to music without an internet connection, skip as much music as they wish, remove advertisements, and do a lot more. The integration of Spotify with a wide variety of other social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and even Discord, contributes to the service's extraordinarily extensive feature set.

Comparing Apple Music with Spotify Premium

Customers of Apple's music streaming service get access to more than 70 million songs of high quality, similar to Spotify's offering. In contrast to Spotify, there is no way to listen to music on Apple Music unless you pay a monthly subscription fee. Apple Music does not have a free edition that is financed by advertisements as Spotify does. You are required to register instead for one of their Individual, Family, or Student plans.

Apple Music Individual is a subscription that, if paid for in advance, costs $9.99 per month. This is comparable to Spotify Individual. In contrast to users of Spotify Individual, Apple Music members have the option of subscribing to an annual subscription for the much lower price of $99.00 a year.

Apple Music, much like Spotify, offers a reduced monthly subscription rate to students. Students who subscribe to the Apple Music Student plan pay just $4.99 per month to access all of the services that are normally included in the Individual plan.

The Apple Music Family plan has a monthly fee of $14.99 as its price point. It is possible to add as many as six people to the plan, and the price is $14.99, which is one dollar less than Spotify's $15.99 Family plan.

Spotify vs. Pandora: Premium

Pandora was launched online in January of 2000, whereas Spotify didn't get its start until later that year. They previously offered Pandora Plus, Premium Individual, Premium Student, Premium Military, and Premium Family subscriptions, and they now also provide a Free level of listening that is supported by advertisements.

A monthly subscription to Pandora Plus can be purchased here for $4.99. Even while this is a lower tier than their Premium plans, it still provides you with a limited number of offline listening options, ad-free access to the stations you create, and an unlimited number of skips. You are free to search for and engage in whatever activity you like while watching an advertisement.

The individual subscription to Pandora Premium costs $9.99 per month. You will not be exposed to any adverts while using this particular account, and you will be able to skip songs as many times as you like and listen to music offline an unlimited number of times. If you have Pandora Premium, you can search for and play anything you want without having to listen to or view any advertising. Additionally, you now have the ability to build and share playlists with others.

When you sign up for Pandora Premium Student, you receive all of the same perks as when you sign up for Pandora Premium Individual. Nevertheless, the price of this subscription is the same as the price of all of the other student discounts that have already been discussed: $4.99. You are need to provide evidence that you are currently enrolled in a school in order to qualify for this student discount.

Pandora offers users who are currently serving in the military a special discount on Pandora Premium dubbed Pandora Premium Military. Before the subscriber may take advantage of the discounted pricing of $7.99 rather than $9.99, they are required to utilize SheerID to verify that they are a member of the armed forces.

The monthly price of the Pandora Premium Family plan is $14.99, which is less expensive than the monthly price of the family plan offered by Spotify at $15.99. It allows you to establish up to six separate accounts, has a shared playlist, provides ad-free personalized music, unlimited skips, unlimited offline listening, the chance to create and share playlists, and gives you the ability to search for and play whatever you want.