2-month free trial Sekai VPN: the best VPN available in China!

Updated on 2022-12-16
In this article, we will present the advantages and disadvantages of the Sekai VPN once it is actually used.

Sekai VPN is an IP-sharing VPN service that allows you to select IP addresses in Japan and other countries around the world. You can connect to Sekai VPN servers in each country from your Internet environment (regardless of your provider or connection environment) and use the IP address of the country of your choice. After connecting with Sekai VPN, access is made through the Sekai VPN server.

In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Sekai VPN once you actually use it.

What is VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a communication method that creates a virtual private network on the Internet to securely exchange data. a VPN connection uses the Internet in a logical manner to provide the same level of security as a leased line connection A VPN connection provides the same level of security as a leased line connection by logically utilizing the Internet.

What is Sekai VPN?

Sekai VPN is a VPN company operated by Interlink. It is one of the oldest VPNs in Japan.

Interlink Corporation has a 23-year history in the IT industry; in addition to VPNs, the company offers Flet's Hikari providers, fixed IP SIMs, domains, and rental servers.

Sekai VPN is characterized by the stability of its connection and the number of countries it can connect to.

Why Choose Sekai VPN?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Sekai VPN.

More Information

2 Month Free Trial Period

The most important reason is the 2-month trial period.

Other VPNs are one to two weeks, a month at the most. However, Sekai VPN offers an amazing 2 months.

There is a caveat, however. When I signed up, I found out that the trial period is a maximum of two months. If you want to use the service for two full months, you need to consider the date of your contract. The free trial period is calculated from the day you sign up until the last day of the following month.

In other words, if you sign up on March 15, your trial period will last until April 30.

If you sign up on the first day of the month, you will get two full months of free use and save money.

Available even in highly regulated China

One of the advantages of Sekai VPN is that it can be used even in China, where Internet restrictions are strict.

In China, the Internet environment is highly regulated and there are many restrictions on Internet use, but through Sekai VPN, LINE and Gmail can be used without any problems.

Another feature of Sekai VPN is its high level of satisfaction in terms of communication speed and stability.

We recommend using Sekai VPN if you are going on a business trip or staying in China for a long period of time.

Google Chrome Extension Version

Sekai Browser is described above, and on October 10, 2019 Google Chrome Extension Version was leased. This extension, which is also implemented by ExpressVPN, the largest overseas VPN, is much easier to use than the Sekai Browser mentioned above.

A word of caution, however: downloading Google Chrome in China requires a VPN, so it is recommended that you prepare for this beforehand.

Unique Browser

The next reason is Sekai VPN's own browser service called Sekai Browser.

Sekai Browser, as the name suggests, is a browser service. This is great.

While many VPN services may occasionally interrupt, Sekai Browser does not.

In addition, Sekai Browser is counted separately from Sekai VPN sessions, so if you download the application, it will not count against the number of devices you can connect to at the same time.

Sekai Browser is also available on Google Chrome. Sekai Browser allows you to connect to the Internet without stress.

Support for Japanese

The last reason is that it is a domestically produced VPN.

VPN connections have technical IT terms and there are many questions when connecting for the first time.

Since Sekai VPN is from Japan, the service and inquiries are completely in Japanese, which is a big advantage for VPN beginners.

Furthermore, Sekai VPN offers Japan-quality support.

Normally, other VPNs do not send emails after registration. However, Sekai VPN's customer service will send you the following confirmation email after registration.

Sekai VPN's price plans and payment methods

This section describes Sekai VPN 's price plans and payment methods.

Sekai VPN Price Plans

Plan (Contract Years)

Only in 1 month units

Initial Fee

Free of charge

Monthly Fee

1,100 yen

Number of connections

3 units

30-day money back guarantee

No money back guarantee

Free Trial Period

2 months

Sekai VPN Price Plans

Sekai VPN's only pricing plan is 1,100 yen per month.

Sekai VPN does not offer discounts for long-term plans like other VPN providers, but 1,100 yen per month is still a low price compared to other VPN providers.

In addition, there is no money-back guarantee for short-term use, but a free trial period of up to two months is offered.

Sekai VPN Payment Methods

Sekai VPN accepts the following payment methods.

Payment Method


Credit Card

Master Card/VISA/JCB/American Express etc.

NTT Payment (tabal, combined phone bill)

Billed together with NTT (East Japan, West Japan, Docomo)

Account transfer payment

Direct debit from the designated account on the 27th of every month for the following month

Sekai VPN Payment Methods

Various credit cards including Mastercard are accepted.

We also accept NTT payment and direct debit, so you can purchase Sekai VPN even if you do not have a credit card.

However, please note that you will be able to use Sekai VPN after the payment is completed for NTT payment and account transfer.


By purchasing Sekai VPN, you can use Sekai Browser for free, which allows you to use the Internet overseas in the same environment as in Japan without troublesome settings.

Although there is no long-term plan at a discount, this VPN is recommended for those who plan to use it for a short period of time, as you can choose to renew or cancel your subscription every month.

Also, since you can try it for free for two months, it is suitable for those who want to "casually try it out" or use a VPN service for the time being.

Please give it a try.