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Updated on 2023-07-01
With easy installation, Norton 360 integrates seamlessly with your computer, delivering dynamic results for the best protection against computer viruses.

Experience the professional-strength protection of NortonLifeLock's award-winning software. Norton 360 is easy to install and integrates with your computer. This gives you the most effective protection against viruses. This software protects your computer against cyber-security threats, identity theft and safeguards important files and online activity.

Norton 360 With LifeLock Select Review

Norton 360 is silently running in the background. It provides complete security through an array of trusted technologies and tools. All NortonLifeLock security products are compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Android.

Norton 360 provides a variety of technologies that are independent and can be used on different devices. This product allows for many compatible devices to enjoy the same level of protection. Compare the Norton 360 editions to better comprehend the available options and find the right solution for you. Every Norton 360 subscription comes with free technical support 24 hours a day.

Norton 360 Features & Benefits

Norton 360 Security Suite offers parental controls and smart firewall capabilities. Startup manager assistance is also available. Insights for files and systems, anti-phishing monitoring and other system protection tools are all part of Norton 360. It also automatically detects botnets to ensure that your computer remains safe from hackers online.


You can post, bank or shop directly from your smartphone. Norton will protect it.

Norton 360 provides real-time protection of your computers, Macs, phones, tablets, or smartphones against ransomware and viruses. It monitors and blocks unauthorised traffic and protects your financial and private information online.

Secure VPN

You can Securely Wi Fi from Anywhere.

Secure VPN allows you to protect your internet connection every time you connect, even when you are connected via public Wi-Fi. Secure VPN encrypts your personal data, which prevents cybercriminals intercepting and accessing your connections.


Protect the window that leads into your house from outside.

While your webcam allows you to keep in touch with loved ones, friends, or colleagues, it can also be susceptible to being hacked, giving hackers access into your house, daily life, and private information. Norton SafeCam1 warns you if someone attempts to gain access to your webcam, and then blocks them.

The Control of the Environment

Your children can safely navigate the connected world.

Parental Control protects your children from internet predators. It highlights your child's online activities and warns you if there are any problems. You can set time limits and block inappropriate sites. Monitor search terms, activity history, and monitor your screen.

PC Cloud Backup

Ransomware: Last defense against ransomware

Many important and cherished documents are stored on computers, tablets and mobile devices, including family photos, tax returns, resumes and tax returns. Norton Cloud Backup3,1 offers a secure and safe cloud storage service to protect your data from theft, viruses and ransomware. Norton Cloud Backup3,1 offers secure cloud backup that you can use to store your most valuable files, depending on the plan you choose.

Password Manager

Protect all passwords.

Your personal data may be at risk if you use the same password for all accounts or sticky notes to write your passwords. Norton Password Manager gives you the ability to store and manage passwords, credit card numbers, and any other credentials online. It's safe and secure in your own cloud-based encrypted vault.

Virus Protection Promise

Guaranteed virus-free or your money back

Norton's primary goal is to keep your devices safe from virus attack. In fact, Norton folks are so confident in their antivirus and malware protection, should your device become infected by a virus, Norton's Member Services & Support are on-call to help.∆ If they can't remove the virus, you get your money back.2

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

No satisfaction, no problem, get your money back.

Norton provides a 60-day money back guarantee for annual Memberships—if you're not satisfied, return it for a full refund, no questions asked. It's no problem.

Norton 360 offers sophisticated features that every computer user, novice or expert, needs to work safely, securely and efficiently. Online buyers of Norton 360 can download the software immediately and then install it. This allows users to quickly identify and eliminate harmful viruses and other malware.

Norton's online security tools make it easy for sensitive data workers to work without worrying about compromising confidential information. Norton 360 Download will keep your data and files safe and clean.

Norton 360 is lightning fast and uses less memory than most other programs. This means that Norton 360 offers no performance loss in return for its protection. To help speed up startup time and make your computer more efficient, it will turn off any unnecessary programs.

Norton 360 Standard and Deluxe defragment your hard drives, find and delete inefficient files, and perform PC Tun-ups. Norton 360 Plus LifeLock Select offers identity theft protection.

Norton 360 provides a complete solution to all your cyber security needs. It checks for new viruses every 5-15 minutes. Norton 360 provides a single-stop solution for password resets and logins, protecting your identity. It prevents keyloggers tracking you and thwarts scams like phishing.

Norton LifeLock's state-of the-art network protects you against unknowingly visiting fraudulent and dangerous websites. This ensures that your personal information and shopping habits are protected. Norton 360 editions that include LifeLock offer identity theft protection.

Norton 360 works on Mac Computers

This Norton service covers Mac-based computers, as mentioned above. Norton 360 has addressed the challenge of operating systems with mixed OS environments. Norton 360 now allows you to protect OS X as well Windows-based systems with one subscription. Learn more about Norton for Mac on our Norton for Mac Page.

Norton 360 vs. Legacy Norton Products

Norton 360, the latest product in the anti-virus, identity theft protection, and network security market, is Norton 360. We have created a comparison to help you understand the Norton 360's performance compared with older Norton products.