How to save a live YouTube stream: an effective explanation using URLs!

Updated on 2023-11-23
This article will focus on effective ways to save live YouTube transmissions, especially detailing the steps for utilizing URLs.

Live YouTube broadcasts are a powerful tool for content creators, allowing them to interact with viewers in real time. However, preserving live broadcasts once they have ended is not only a potential future use and archive, but also a means of retaining quality content.

This article focuses on effective methods for preserving live YouTube transmissions, specifically detailing the steps involved in utilizing URLs. We hope you will find this article useful in order to maximize communication with your viewers and retain high quality content.

Can I save live YouTube videos by URL (link)?

Although there are many free sites that allow you to download YouTube videos by URL, it is usually not possible to download videos when they are being live streamed. This is because the mechanism is different between live YouTube videos and regular YouTube videos.

Regular YouTube videos are fully uploaded to the website and the video is already online before viewing begins. This makes it possible to save the video using only the URL. Even if it is a streaming video, the video data is placed on the Internet before playback begins.

On the other hand, YouTube live streaming uses the streaming data method, and the video is delivered to the viewer almost simultaneously. This is similar to live TV distribution, where video data is provided to viewers almost simultaneously via the Internet. Therefore, even if you try to save a live streaming video such as music live streaming, it is difficult to save it directly using a URL because the video data does not exist in advance on the Internet.

We recommend software that allows you to save YouTube live streaming by URL!

Unlike other video download tools, KeepStream, with its state-of-the-art technology, can perfectly analyze the live video file being played and save it in real time.

KeepStreams YouTube Downloader

KeepStreams YouTube Downloader allows you to download videos, live streams, archives, movies, music, and more from YouTubes.

Downloading is seamless while browsing content. You can also expect an excellent viewing experience as it allows you to download the content in high quality with no protection removed from the streamed content.

Because this downloader only takes the source, ads, overlays, and ending wipes are not downloaded. This ensures that the downloaded video is pure content and is stored in a clean form.

In addition, because it is not played back, downloads are fast, and no other work can be performed on the computer during the download process without affecting the content. It provides an easy-to-use and efficient download experience.

How to save live YouTube streaming with KeepStreams

Download KeepStreams YouTube Downloader and install it on your PC. (3 free trials)

KeepStreams official website

Go to YouTube, play the live stream you want to download and copy the URL.

Paste the copied URL of the YouTube live stream into KeepStreams. Select the quality and other settings, and press the Download button.

*: Only the paid version supports resolutions higher than Full HD (1920 x 1080).

Check the "Downloading " screen.

How to save regular YouTube videos with KeepStreams

After launching KeepStreams YouTube downloader, press "YouTube".

A new tab will open and you will be logged in to "YouTube".

From "KeepStreams", if you are logged in to the video streaming service with a browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc., "KeepStreams" will automatically detect your login information and autologin in the software.

You have clicked on the video you wish to play.

You will see a screen to select the resolution of the video like this one, and then click the "Download Now" button to start downloading.

Check the actual downloading status.

If you check "Downloading" on the left side of the screen, the video you just selected has started downloading.

The download will be complete in no time, as "YouTube" videos last from 10 minutes to 30 minutes at the most.

This is the screen after the download is complete.

It has moved to "Download" on the left side of the screen.

It means that the download was successful.

The location where the file is saved is the location set as the "Output directory" in "Settings".

I checked the location set as "Output directory" in "Settings" in Explorer.

Batch downloading YouTube videos from registered channels

Let's download all the videos of a YouTube channel at once.

Click the "Play All" button of the channel. You will then see the following screen. This time, we want to download all videos at once, so select the "Playlist" button.

After a few moments, the results of the analysis will be displayed. To play the videos, select "Videos (→ Play All)" and "Videos" will appear next to the video. If you select another playback list, the name of the playback list will be displayed.

A folder will be created on your computer with these names, and the YouTube video will be saved in it.

Click on the "Download Now" button and watch the download in progress screen. Downloading will begin and over 100 videos will be downloaded at once. It is really great!