Samsung Galaxy Buds: True Wireless Earbuds For Android Users.

Samsung Galaxy Buds


We like this

  • Battery life is amazing

  • Secure, solid fit

  • Price point reasonable

The Things We Hate
  • Construction is a little bit more expensive

  • There are limited Bluetooth codes

  • A little bit weak bass response

The Samsung Galaxy Buds may not be the most authentic wireless earbuds, but their battery life and comfortable fit make them an excellent choice for Android users.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds were purchased by us so that our expert reviewer could fully test it and evaluate it. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds is the latest in a long line of wireless headphones that are trying to outdo each other with features. These earbuds offer the same functionality as the Apple AirPods, but with a stronger seal to provide a better sound and fit, they are truly wireless. Samsung users will enjoy more functionality due to their automatic pairing, however we are happy to recommend the Galaxy Buds for any Android user.


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Design: Elegant, unassuming

The majority of wireless headphones are either stem-based like the AirPods or ear-shaped like the Jabra Elite 65t. This is an enormous positive. The Samsung Galaxy Buds are in the second camp.

These earbuds have a smaller footprint than one inch and are true wireless. This is a good thing because the charging case, which looks like a pill, can be smaller than other models in this category. You can get the Galaxy Buds in white, yellow or black. However, we prefer black as it is less likely to sustain wear and tear on lighter tech.

It has a rubbery, matte finish and a triangular, glossy touchpad that allows you to play/pause music or call your smart assistant. We love the modern, unassuming design of each earbud. The wings are quarter inch smaller than those on other units.

The case completes the package. The case measures 2.75 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. It is smaller than the AirPods charging bag. It has the premium appearance you would expect from a high-end pair of wireless headphones.


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Comfort. A surprising tight seal

Fit is the Achilles heel for many wireless earbuds. They don't have wires and are small and lightweight so they must fit comfortably in the ear. This will ensure that they provide sound isolation and security. The Samsung Galaxy Buds are our favorite earbuds.

It provides excellent sound isolation and good resonance. There are several sizes available for eartips, wings and other accessories. This gives you a variety of options in the event that one doesn't work. This seal can also be helped by the smaller speaker grille openings in the ear tips than other earbuds. All this means that you can get great noise isolation for your workouts or on the go, provided that you choose the perfect fit.

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Sound Quality - Decent but not great.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds have mixed reviews in terms of sound quality. We were hopeful that these newest earbuds would be a follow-up of the Gear IconX by Samsung.

It might appear that the sound quality of this product is very promising at first glance. AKG tuned the Galaxy Buds, which seem to offer decent bass response. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Although it isn't as bad as Apple's Airpods in bass, the earbuds won't be able to match premium models. You'll also lose some of the music's quality due to compression in transmission. AAC is the low-quality SBC and Samsung's proprietary Scalable codec. However, it does not seem to have the same quality as aptX.

The seal blocks much of external noise, making it very useful for commutes.

It's still not bad. We mentioned the tight seal that helps to confirm how little bass is actually present. Although we were not impressed by the volume, it is pleasant and has a natural sound. The seal blocks out much of external noise, making it very useful for commutes. The Galaxy Buds proved to be very useful for listening to music, podcasts and top 40. We used them around NYC for a bit over a week. The Galaxy Buds are a small, compact package that delivers decent sound. However, they won't be able to win any awards.

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Battery life: Meets your expectations

Samsung included 58mAh battery in the earbuds, which makes the listening time about 6 hours. This is amazing considering the size of these earbuds.

The battery case also contains a 252mAh lithium battery, which should provide you with at least four times the power without needing to charge it up. These predictions will depend on your connectivity and use as well as your lifestyle.

Although our tests did not drain the battery in a single listening session, we definitely tended to be closer than Samsung claims. Although it isn't a scientific view, it's refreshing to see such optimism. Our earbuds were used between an iPhone and a laptop. However, we believe that pairing with Galaxy phones will allow for better connectivity, which could lead to longer battery life. The Galaxy Buds are distinguished by the inclusion of wireless charging and an updated USB-C input.


Build Quality and Durability: High quality, but with some concerns about durability

AirPods are a popular choice for wireless headphones. The premium design is a large part of Apple's appeal. Galaxy Buds are nearly all the way. You will find the Galaxy Buds fit perfectly in the Elite Jabra series.

It's a premium looking pair of wireless earbuds.

The soft-touch plastic is light in weight, but it has concerns about its durability. The earbuds don't feel heavy enough to withstand drops from hard surfaces. Samsung claims that the earbuds can withstand water but gives it an IPX2 rating. It isn't dust-resistant (although X would indicate it), and it only has the second level. It is protected against dripping and sweat but not from heavy rain or submersion.

Samsung offers some functionality for fitness, with an integrated accelerometer. There are also some workout features, if desired. The case is sturdy, premium and looks great, but the earbuds are lightweight. They can be used for exercising, although we doubt they are designed to do so.


Software & Connectivity: Give the other earbuds some competition

The Airpods automatically pair with your Apple device as soon as it is opened. This makes them a great choice for those who are part of the Apple ecosystem. You can have almost the exact same experience if you own a Galaxy phone. Galaxy Buds automatically pair with Samsung devices just as the Airpods.

Pairing is seamless whether you have an iPhone, or another Android phone. Samsung uses a proprietary codec that isn't compatible with the AAC and SBC codecs. This means you won't get seamless connectivity like you would get using something like aptX. This means that there is some audio lag when you watch videos or play games. This is a common problem with wireless headphones, but it's not noticeable unless it was being noticed.

Just like Airpods, the Galaxy Buds automatically pair with Samsung devices.

An Android phone with the Galaxy Buds will also have the benefit of having access to additional software to enhance the sound quality. You can choose from a limited EQ setting that allows you to select presets specific for your music genre.

The battery level can be viewed on each earbud. This is especially useful if it's being used as a Bluetooth headset for calls. The Galaxy Buds can be set to amplify ambient sound, which will help you remain aware of your surroundings. Overall, the Galaxy Buds are going to be in the middle for their functionality. They will have a slight advantage if they can access the companion app, which is not accessible for iPhone users.

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Pricing: Fair and affordable, with no compromise on quality

The Galaxy Buds come in at $129.99 MSRP. We think they are very affordable. The Buds are more affordable than many premium wireless earbuds that cost upwards to $200. It feels especially fair when you factor in the decent sound quality, the beautiful fit, and the near-category-leading battery life. You'll need something to withstand rain and last through many drops. If you are looking for something more exercise-oriented, such as the Jabra Elite 65t, or Elite Active, then you will have to spend more. The Galaxy Buds are a great option if you value affordability.

Here's a comparison of the top 3 wireless earbuds

Competiton: There are many options if you have the funds

Apple AirPods - We've already mentioned them a couple of times in our review. So it shouldn't surprise that we're mentioning them again here. Apple has the best form factor if you are looking for the ease of pairing your iPhone with Apple AirPods.

Bose Soundsport The Bose Soundsport Bluetooth headphones are among the most popular, while their free true wireless version is a great choice if you love the Bose design. Although the earbuds feel heavier than the Galaxy Buds, they are still very comfortable.

Jabra 65T: Many reviewers have rated the Jabra 65T as the best. It's not hard to understand why, given their excellent sound quality and great connectivity. We were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the Galaxy Buds feel, in terms of fit as well as overall packaging.

Final Verdict

It's worth it.

With a few snags, the Samsung Galaxy Buds is a solid set of earbuds. The codec can be a little shaky and construction may feel unreliable. The Galaxy Buds are a great addition to a already competitive field thanks to their premium case and high-quality battery life.


  • Galaxy Buds Product Name
  • Samsung Product Brand
  • Prices from $129.99
  • Weight 4.8 oz.
  • Dimensions of the product: 1.6x3.7x3.4in
  • Color Black
  • 6-hour battery life on one charge
  • Theoretical wireless range of 800 feet
  • Bluetooth spec Bluetooth 5.0
  • Audio codecs SBC, AAC, Samsung Scalable

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