Как связать Amazon Prime с Twitch?

Обновлено на 2023-06-29
Learn how to link amazon prime to twitch and the wide range of benefits it offers to users right from gaming to chatting across the world.

The pandemic is known as a major catalyst for exploding live streams as well as gaming into our mainstream culture. People were locked in their homes and this gave them the time and opportunity to explore new hobbies and be a part of different websites such as Twitch for watching the games of other players or playing it oneself. 

That's why it's important to know how to link amazon prime to twitch to maximize your entertainment. If users learn to link twitch to amazon prime they can easily enjoy watching and playing free video games.

In recent times, this Amazon-owned company earned 82 per cent amounting to 1.8 billion while talking about the total amount of hours being watched. Get to know how to link twitch to Amazon through this article.

Its massive popularity has always moved forward towards the path of growth with many politicians as well as sports companies with the help of the platform as one of the ways to broadcast quality content and brainstorm ideas.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is recognized as one of the popular streaming platforms where lots of users broadcast themselves cooking, live video games or any other activity which could be easily filmed through a camera. Users can also connect twitch to Amazon.

In 2007 Emmett Shear and Justin Kan formed this concept by launching a website named Justin. Tv.

Here is Twitch user base globally

It gives the opportunity of streaming to users along with interacting with a live audience. It was renamed Twitch because of the growing amount of gaming based crowds in 2014. Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million. Read this article till the end to know how to connect amazon prime to twitch.

What Are Some Twitch Prime Benefits?

Twitch includes a wide range of advantages for gaming enthusiasts running the gamut from different free games to specifically Twitch emoticons. Here are some of the benefits of knowing how to connect twitch to Amazon:-

  • Every month users get a free subscription to the Twitch channel
  • Members can enjoy only free games but also free in-game content
  • Options such as chat badge, exclusive emoticons as well as chat color can be adjusted on Twitch
  • Extension of broadcast storage up to 60 days
  • The individuals having the desired partner in mind or Twitch Affiliate should know that they don't have to but 'Twitch Channel Subscription' since it's free from them.
  • The partner or affiliate is paid considering a normal subscription.

However, the cycle of subscription is monthly so there's a chance to swap to another user with the free subscription or consistently support the start streamer each time at the end of the month.

For the individuals who want to play the game rather than watch, the game content of Prime Gaming would be full of attractive benefits. Each month members would receive various offers for in-game goods and full games for free.

For a few offers, users are required to download the app named 'Amazon Games.' After the downloading process, you would be able to get hold of all the content of Prime Gaming.

How to Link My Amazon Account to a Twitch Account?

To enjoy the benefits of Prime, from a free of cost subscription to a premium Twitch account, it's important to know how to link amazon prime to twitch. Users are not required to link amazon prime to twitch to take advantage of any other type of Amazon Prime advantage.

Follow the steps below to link twitch to amazon prime, start by visiting Prime Gaming and proceed with the following:-

If you are an existing Amazon Prime member:-

1. Click on Connect to the Twitch account

2. Sign up for the Amazon account

3. Select confirm after signing into the Twitch account.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member:-

1. Avail for 30 days of a free trial of your Amazon Prime by clicking on start.

2. Sign up for the Amazon account

3. After signing into the Twitch account, tap on confirm

4. After confirmation of your personal information, you can tap on start for a 30-day free trial.

The process to unlink your twitch account link is also quite simple:-

  • Open your Twitch account
  • Tap on to unlink the account present next to your Twitch account for disconnecting

What are the common issues users face while linking their Twitch account to Amazon Prime?

One of the common issues which usually international customers face is that they end up signing on Amazon Prime in an incorrect region which is the cause of an error that shows the failure of enabling your Twitch account into Amazon Prime.

Those users who are done with the sign-in process for Prime and are experiencing this error there's an easy solution for you. If you reside in Japan, the US, Singapore, Canada, Spain, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria or Belgium then it's important to take care of one thing.

If you reside in any other region or country then you are required to apply for cancellation for your current Prime membership first followed by signing up for Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, many users get their Prime canceled by drafting an email that indicates their membership cancellation.

After that, you can easily sign up for Amazon Prime Video. After getting confirmation, users would get assurance that their membership has been canceled. Now go and sign up again for Prime video.

What is KeepStreams? Why has it gained massive popularity in recent times?

KeepStreams offers strong support to various kinds of OTT platforms as well as movie streaming services for a reliable overall video experience for every user.

It is known for assuring fluent video services to its users with higher audio, image as well as video quality. Moreover, users determine the quality of the downloading content which ranges from 320p to 1080p as per the preferences of every user. 

Developers make sure they are using the most latest version of technology which would offer a grand category of popular shows, KeepStreams is the top solution for users who would like to spend their free time binge-watching their Desired TV shows as well as movies in their free time. 

What characteristics of KeepStreams enhance the user's experience?

Some of the features which KeepStreams offers to its users are detailed below:-

1. Eliminates regional barrier site for downloading procedure

KeepStreams Amazon downloader is free of any geographical barrier. Amazon Prime Video is used in a lot of countries. KeepStreams Amazon Downloader gives users a facility to download their desired video from any type of regional prime video site which also includes countries such as the United Kingdom , US, Germany, Japan and others.

2. Installing videos in high picture quality 

KeepStreams for Amazon ensures a smooth download service with good speed for all the Amazon Prime videos. If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, KeepStreams is one of the best tools to view offline Amazon downloads without any limitation.

3. Numerous audio tracks for a better experience 

KeepStreams for Amazon allows users to choose from different audio tracks ranging from EAC3 5.1, and AC3 5.1 to AAC 2.0 sound channels, one of the most suitable Amazon downloaders for audiophiles.

4. Provides the option to skip annoying ads from movies

KeepStreams gives users the option to skip ads and users won't be disturbed by the annoying ads anymore while watching offline videos on KeepStreams.

5. Bulk downloading of different videos at high speed

The batch download on KeepStrems gives you the option to download offline videos from Amazon Prime. Users are free to watch the whole series of their preferred shows or series anywhere and anytime.

6. Follows updated technology 

To cater to the latest requirements as well as trends of users, the developers of keepStreams make sure that they are updated regularly to keep up with the latest changes in technology. That's why KeepStreams is regarded as one of the advantageous video downloaders.

What's special about KeepStreams for Amazon?

The advantages of KeepStreams for Amazon downloader are as follows:-

1. Extends support to build a multimedia library

KeepStreams acts as a video manager. It saves metadata along with the user's favorite videos which serve as great assistance when you want to build a multimedia library.

2. Escalates downloading speed in MP4 version

With the help of KeepStreams, one can download higher speed downloads in the MP4 version offering the best compatibility.

3. Transferring HD videos to various devices

The users using Keepstreams can easily manage their downloads by transferring them to tablets as well as smartphones and more.

4. Built-in Browser

You can explore a wide range of things with the feature of the built-in browser of KeepStreams.

How to Download Amazon Movies with KeepStreams?

Users are just required to follow three simple steps to download their movies with KeepStreams. The steps are enumerated below:-

1. Visit the VIP services section, and choose 'Amazon' from there.

2. Locate your desired video which you are willing to download.

3. Click on "Download Now". You are done.


It's an undeniable truth that Amazon Prime offers limitless advantages. If you admire playing or watching free videos, and you have an account on Amazon Prime then it's highly suggested to take out some time for checking out different types of free content available on Prime Gaming.

If you know how to link amazon prime to twitch then it would make your overall experience more interesting. KeepStreams for Amazon downloader is one of the software which allows users to play their favorite games irrespective of their regional location.