Recommended Mods for "RimWorld": Utility

By momoka

In the introductory article of "RimWorld", we introduced mods that change gameplay, and then introduced mods related to hairstyles . .

Pick Up And Haul

"Pick Up And Haul" is a mod that allows you to carry things together regardless of the type of item. It's also included in the "Most Subscribed" section of the Steam Workshop, so many people are probably using it.

In vanilla, items are transported by type, so it is not possible to collect various types of items at a place away from the base and return to the base, but this mod makes it possible. increase. If the stockpile of items is far away, you may have to go back and forth between the stockpile when you put the items you've brought in, but that's about the problem I've encountered. It's a mod that's so convenient that you can't go back to a state where you don't have it.

Allow Tools

"Allow Tool" is a mod that allows items to be prohibited/permitted, selected items of the same type, and emergency transportation of items (higher priority than normal transportation). This is also included in the "most subscribed" of the Steam Workshop, and many people are probably using it. Japanese Submod " [1.3] Allow Tool Japanese translation addedThere is also a detailed explanation in Japanese here. In addition, the mod " HugsLib' is required .

" Dubs Bad Hygiene " introduced in the introduction article of "RimWorld"” adds pipes (two types of water pipes and ventilation pipes) in the wall like electric wires, so the function of selecting all at once in this mod is effective. I don't use it often, but it would be nice to have the ability to block/permit items all at once.

Simple sidearms

"Simple sidearms" is a mod that allows you to have multiple weapons (such as ranged weapons and melee weapons). Japanese Submod " [1.3] Simple sidearms Japanese translation addedThere is also a detailed explanation in Japanese here. In addition, the mod " HugsLib" Harmony”I need both .

In vanilla, you can only have one weapon, but with this mod, you can go hunting with a rifle and knife, for example, and create a situation where you can manage to fight frenzied animals in close combat. However, I think that the battle balance will change from vanilla, so some people may be concerned about that.

Medical tab

"Medical Tab" is a Mod that adds a "Medical" tab to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen so that you can check the health status of pawns in the map in a list. You can also decide whether or not you can self-treat and restrict the medical supplies used for treatment. Japanese Submod " [1.3] Medical Tab Japanese translation addedThere is also a detailed explanation in Japanese here. Although it is not set as a prerequisite mod on the introduction page of the workshop, the mod " Harmony' is required .

This mod is probably the most powerful when conducting large-scale battles in large-scale bases, but setting limits on medical supplies used for treatment is especially convenient even in small-scale bases.

Character Editor

"Character Editor" is a mod that adds a highly functional editor that allows you to set various aspects of your pawn from within the game. Japanese is also installed. You can edit not only your appearance, background, personality, and skills, but also your health and relationships with other pawns. In addition, for the introduction, the Mod " Harmony' is required .

It is a mod that fulfills the desire of "I want this kind of pawn" at the start of the game, or "If this pawn is like this ..." during the game. It's very convenient, but it can also be used during the game, so some people may be concerned about that.

Common Sense

"Common Sense" cleans the room before work, preferentially consumes ingredients and meals that are closer to the expiration date (although I feel that this is not so reliable). It is a mod that makes pawns behave in a "common sense" way. In addition, for the introduction, the Mod " Harmony' is required .

To be honest, it's a mod that works so naturally that it's hard to remember what the environment without this mod was. If it doesn't conflict with other mods, I think it's a good mod to put in for the time being.

Map designer

"Map Designer" is a mod that allows you to control the elements of the base map that is generated (not the world map). Japanese is also installed. In addition, for the introduction, the Mod " Harmony' is required .

It is possible to adjust a great many factors such as the amount of mountains and hills, the presence or absence of caves, the ratio of water tiles, the type of rocks, the density of flora and fauna and ancient structures, the size of rivers, and so on. Being able to limit the types of rocks and prevent ancient structures from appearing is a great feature for me personally.

Realistic Rooms Rewritten

"Realistic Rooms Rewritten" is a mod that changes the rating of pawns' rooms (basically makes them rate smaller rooms as well). Originally called " Realistic Rooms”, and another person can take over this mod that has stopped updating, and it has been improved so that the value can be adjusted from the mod settings. In addition, the mod " HugsLib' is required .

In vanilla, if you don't make a fairly large room, the pawn's feelings will be negatively corrected, but this room's size evaluation will be corrected so that there is no problem even if it is a realistic size. Although it is plain, it can be said that it is a Mod that enhances the feeling of immersion.

No Random Relations [1.3]

"No Random Relations [1.3]" is a mod that prevents pawns from suddenly having relatives or ex-spouses in the game. Originally " No Random Relations”, and another person has taken over and published this mod that has stopped updating. In addition, the mod " HugsLib" Harmony”I need both .

Sudden appearances of Pawn's relatives, ex-wives and ex-lovers in the game greatly reduce the sense of immersion in role-playing, so personally this is an essential mod (I think so, Looking at the fact that the number of subscribers is not so large, I wonder if there are many people who don't care, or if it can be handled with another mod or function...). It would be nice to be able to set things like that from the in-game scenario editor...

Together with the mods introduced in the introduction article of "RimWorld" and the mod introduction article about hairstyles , I have introduced most of the mods that I usually use this time. Of course, it may depend on the order of mods, but basically there should be no interference between mods with the combinations of mods introduced so far (at least there should not be any that interfere with play). is. We hope it will be useful for your "RimWorld" life.