How to remove TAC's audio download deadline (even save videos forever)

By momoka

TAC Qualification School provides audio data for online classes and online exams.

However, an expiration date is set for audio data downloads, and once the expiration date expires, the audio data can no longer be downloaded.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove the TAC audio download deadline (even save videos forever).

What is TAC Qualification School's audio download deadline? Problems with expiration dates are also explained.

Some of the problems with TAC Qualification School's audio download expiration include the following.


Decreased learning efficiency: If you fail to download the audio data by the deadline, you will have to download it again, which will increase your learning time and decrease your efficiency.

Possible cheating on the exam: Sometimes audio data is provided for online exams. If it has expired, there is a possibility of cheating by recording the audio or obtaining it by other means to prepare for the exam.

Restricted learning environment: If audio data is used in an online class and has expired, the learning environment may be restricted and learning may be hindered.

To solve the above problems, it is important to learn how to remove the audio download deadline from TAC Qualification School. By permanently storing expired audio data, you can help improve the efficiency of your study and exam preparation and improve your learning environment.

The following section will explain in detail the need to cancel the TAC Qualification School audio download deadline.

Let's understand the need for lifting the audio download deadline for TAC Qualification School.

By lifting the audio download deadline for TAC Qualification School, learners can permanently store the audio data that has expired. This has the following benefits.


Improved learning efficiency: By permanently storing expired audio data, there is no need to download it again. This reduces study time and improves learning efficiency.

Enhanced exam preparation: Sometimes people resort to cheating to re-obtain expired audio data. However, by permanently storing the audio data, there is no need to re-obtain it, and the test preparation can be done in a more legitimate manner.

Improved learning environment : In order to download the audio data again after it has expired, you will need to set up your learning environment again. However, by permanently storing the audio data, you can save yourself the trouble of setting up a learning environment.

The TAC School of Certification's audio download deadline cancellation not only permanently saves expired audio data, but also has the advantage of improving learners' learning efficiency, test preparation, and learning environment.

The method of cancellation is explained in detail in the next section.

How to cancel the audio download deadline at TAC Qualification School

TAC Qualification School allows students to download audio data of classes in its online courses. However, this audio data has an expiration date and the downloadable period is limited.

To re-download the expired audio data, you can use download software, online audio downloader, or screen recording.

Using download software (and saving the video)

To download TAC lecture videos that normal web video download tools cannot handle, you can use m3u8-compatible StreamGaGa downloader which is compatible with m3u8.

StreamGaGa downloader is a software that has particularly outstanding features among video download tools. Its main features are as follows.


m3u8 support: Supports streaming videos in m3u8 format, such as TAC lecture videos, allowing you to download videos that normal web video download tools cannot handle.

High quality video download Downloading high quality videos : Downloading high quality videos is possible, and settings such as image quality and audio can be easily configured.

Simultaneous download of multiple videos Download multiple videos at the same time for efficient video preservation .

Flexible output formats Downloaded videos can be converted to and saved in popular video formats such as MP4 and MKV . It is also possible to save only the audio as an MP3 file.

Settings after downloading is complete Downloading is complete, you can set up actions to be taken automatically, for example, shutting down your computer.

YouTube Support: You can download videos about TAC and other videos from YouTube.

These features make StreamGaGa downloader a suitable tool for permanent download and storage of streaming videos, including TAC lecture videos.

StreamGaGa How to use the downloader:

  1. StreamGaGa TAC WEB SCHOOL Download and install the downloader Download and install
  1. Launch the software and access the TAC website

  1. Log in with your TAC account and play the lecture videos.

  1. Click on "DRM M3U8", configure your settings, and click "Download Now

Using the download software is a relatively easy and fast way to re-download expired audio data.

How to use the online audio downloader

Using an online audio downloader is as easy as using download software to download expired audio data.

Online audio downloaders include 9xBuddy, KeepVid, and ClipConverter. Using these online audio downloaders, you can easily download audio data that has expired.

How to make a screen recording

Screen recording is different from using download software or online audio downloaders. A screen recording is a recording of an action that takes place on the screen and can be played back.

This method can be used to re-record audio data that has expired. However, it is not the most desirable method because it is time consuming to re-record and the quality of the audio data may be degraded.