Razer Kraken X Lite Ultralight Gaming Headset Review [2022]

By Yvonne

Razer's gaming peripherals and laptops are very popular. Stay tuned for the Razer Kraken X Lite Ultralight Gaming Headset Review.

Razer Kraken X Lite Ultralight Gaming Headset Review

Razer Kraken is the most iconic gaming headset. Although there are a few that come even close to the Kraken, it is instantly recognisable. Razer seems to believe that if it isn't broken, don't fix. The Kraken has been through many versions over the years.

These headsets offer great value and great performance. Kraken X Lite, which is the latest version of this headset, focuses purely upon these two aspects. The Kraken X Lite headset was created to be a more affordable alternative to all the other options. The Kraken X Lite is a great choice for gamers.

Don't be fooled by the low price. The headset is affordable and packs a punch. We'll take a closer look at the headset in our Razer Kraken X Lite Ultralight Gaming Headset Review. You can also read our Logitech G Pro X Review and HyperX Cloud Orbits S Review for more headset alternatives.

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The Unboxing Experience

Razer's black-and-green color scheme has been a constant for many years. The iconic green color is slowly disappearing in Razer's products. The packaging displays the colors well. It is entirely black except for the Razer logo in the upper right corner. It is quite different from other headsets like the HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review.

Below is a photo of the headset, along with some key features and a list of compatible platforms. The sides list the main features and then the back of the box gives a breakdown. We are first met by the "For Gamers, By Gamers" branding at the tab after opening the box.

Finally, the headset is placed inside a brown cardboard box with plastic packaging. These are the contents of the box:

  • Razer Kraken X Lite headset
  • A 3.5mm splitter cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Get the code to download surround sound software 7.1

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Design Quality and Build Quality

Razer Kraken X Lite brings all the great features of Kraken headsets down to a smaller and lighter size. This headset looks sleeker than previous Kraken models. This headset is simply a slightly modified version of the Kraken classic headset. The design is very similar to that seen in the Corsair HS60 Pro Review.

You can use it with any device that supports a headphone socket. It works with all devices, including phones, tablets and consoles. This is a significant difference from the old headset. The new headset uses a 4-pole 3.5mm connector. This allows you to use it for communication. The included splitter cable is required to connect the microphone to a computer.

The overall aesthetics of the matte black look are always a winner for us. This headset does not have RGB or Chroma effects. The logo, the hinges and grills all have the same color. The Kraken X Lite is also extremely lightweight at a mere 230g. This feat is possible thanks to an all-plastic frame.

All-plastic is what we mean when we say it. Also, the frame is made of plastic. This includes the hinge. The hinge has adjustment marks, which are always nice. All-plastic construction is expected to reduce costs and weigh. We're fine with the aluminum headband. However, they should have included it.

The standard Razer Kraken X has onboard volume controls such as a dial or a microphone mute. These can be found on the left earcup of the Razer Kraken X. These controls are gone from the Kraken X Lite, which is the smaller brother. It is impossible to remove the mic, and it is permanently fixed with a rubberized cable. This is quite normal for the price.

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This headset has a very limited problem with its all-plastic frame. The Kraken X Lite's comfort is almost more important than this issue. The Kraken X Lite is a great gaming headset. It is extremely comfortable on your head.

The cups are not swivelable, however you have a wide range of tilting motions. This headset can be adjusted to fit bigger heads, as mentioned above. This headset is truly one of the best. The headband is made of artificial leather, and the earcups have a soft memory foam padding.

The headphones have suitable channels to fit eyeglasses. The external diameter of the headphones is 90x97mm and 40x68mm respectively. Although the padding protects the ears, depending on the size of your head, it may or not be possible to fit completely within the earcups.

But that does not mean you can't feel the comfort. It's just the right amount of clamping force. The clamping force is tight enough for a good seal but not too tight to cause irritation to your ears. This headset is comfortable because of its lightweight design and earpads. The price is not too bad.

Qualitative Microphones

Razer Kraken X Lite has a permanent attached unidirectional cardioid mic. This is a different approach than the HyperX Cloud AlphaS review. These headsets are known for having good microphones because gaming is the primary focus of Kraken headsets. The Kraken X Lite has a fantastic microphone.

This mic is great and makes some improvements over the earlier versions. The box will only allow you to adjust the settings in Razer's software. Because the microphone does not use USB, you will need to adjust all settings on your computer or in the audio interface.

Despite that, we think this microphone is the best-sounding. It does have some compression and doesn't produce the most rich sound. It does the job, but it's worth the money. This mic is crystal clear and can be clipped even when you are extremely loud.

Although you don't get some higher-end features such as chat mix or side-tone for this price, we expected that. This microphone works well for communication with teammates and discord chats, among other things.

High Performance and sound quality

It is very impressive in terms of sound quality. You can turn the volume knob to maximum and drive the car at a very loud volume with no distortion. This one is for you if you like loud music or playing loud games. Even with the onboard audio, they can be very loud.

This will allow you to play loud music on any device. The same goes for phones and computers, as well as a Nintendo Switch. It's just the same story with a PS4 controller. This headset will give you decent volume, but very little headroom. This is a problem with the PS4 Controller, not the headset. The Xbox Controller works better.

The sound quality is excellent for its price, thanks to the 40mm drivers. It sounds more balanced than other Razer headsets we have tried. You'll hear a lot more bass and less treble from this gaming headset.

Highs are extremely detailed and highlighted. They can sometimes be harsh despite the great detail. You'll notice it if you look for it. The bass is not loud and muddy like previous headsets. Although it is powerful, the headset sounds more refined and mature than previous Razer models. This is also true for music listening. These headphones aren't for audiophiles, but they sound fantastic to gamers and most other people.

The imaging is excellent, however the soundstage may be overlooked. The soundstage does an excellent job in all three positions. The rear positioning is also supported by the device. There isn't much verticality, so it's difficult to tell if someone is below or above you.

It sounds very tight, and isn't quite large. It's unlikely that anyone will mind, since you should not be buying a gaming headset if you want this type of sound.

7.1 Virtual Surround Sound

Razer provides a digital download code that simulates surround sound software to enhance the soundstage. It is an innovative designation that adjusts the headset's spaciousness and surround sound quality. It's apparently better than Razer’s earlier solutions.

Simulated 7.1 surround sound can only be used on a PC with the appropriate software. The feature is not available on phones or consoles. This feature only affects the sound interface of the computer, and not the headset. You can also use the software with any other headphones if necessary.

Virtual 7.1 surround sound is controversial in terms of its quality and benefit. While it might increase the soundstage and sound quality, but not as much positional audio, virtual 7.1 surround sound is still not a great option. Some headsets will give you better positioning audio, but this can affect the quality of your sound. The perfect solution is one that expands the soundstage and has great positioning audio, but no effect on actual quality.

The Kraken X-Lite is somewhere in between. Some games work well with it, while others don't. While it helps position the player, depending on how the engine handles the audio, this can cause problems with audio quality. It does the job well when it works. It's a passable product for its price.

Value and conclusion

This headset is a great choice for budget gamers. The headset provides a superior audio experience than you would expect for this price. This budget offers some competition. We reviewed the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset, Corsair HS50 and other less-known headsets that offer some competitiveness to Kraken X Lite.

The Kraken X-Lite is able to hold firm. The Kraken X Lite is very comfortable and sounds fantastic. It also has a good microphone. Razer offers gamers an affordable, lightweight headset that's both practical and cost-effective. We love this budget headset.