[Latest in 2022] Sutopuri's face is revealed! ? Introduced in the real face handsome ranking!

Updated on 2022-10-26
Sutopuri is active in singing and playing games, mainly on video distribution sites. Koron-kun, Satomi-kun, Nanamori. kun , Ruto-kun, Jeru-kun, and Rinu-kun are known as idols who don't show their faces. This time, we will look at Sutopuri, which is a hot topic when you are concerned about your true face .

Sutopuri is active in singing and playing games, mainly on video distribution sites.

Koron-kun, Satomi-kun, Nanamori. kun , Ruto-kun, Jeru-kun, and Rinu-kun are known as idols who don't show their faces.

This time, we will look at Sutopuri, which is a hot topic when you are concerned about your true face .

Sutopuri's face is exposed! What is the reason for your face?

Sutopuri basically does not show its face and is active as an illustration character, but many photos of the members' true faces are circulating.

Some of them are circulating due to exposure and mistakes, but recently the members themselves are uploading images of their faces , and the exposure is increasing.

Here, we will take a look at Sutopuri's face baldness.

Show your face in live

The leader's name. According to Kun, Sutopuri said the reason Sutopuri did not reveal her real name or face was that she was taught not to post private information online .

However, at events such as live performances and handshake events, he reveals his true face.

Live shows are the only place where you can interact with fans, so it seems that they want to show their true appearance without displaying it.

Reason for face exposure ① Mistake by the person himself

In the past, there was a mistake that the real face was leaked during live distribution .

At the 48-hour relay that started on August 10, 2018, Rinu-kun accidentally switched the camera to the in-camera, revealing his true face.

This image was spread on SNS, and SNS became turbulent when it was picked up by Youtuber Korekore.

At a later date, Rinu-kun said about the face that was circulated, "My face was found out," so it can be said that the face that was circulated without processing is Rinu-kun himself.

Reason for face exposure ② Leaked live images

If you were searching for images of Sutopuri, you may have seen a photo with a completely different face from the image posted by the members .

Of course , it is a violation and is strictly prohibited by Sutopuri.

It seems that there are times when you see such leaked images and find out about your face.

The reason why my face is exposed ③ I don't feel like hiding it anymore

In fact, I've been showing my face on SNS recently even outside of live performances, so I can see the real face even if I don't go to the live.

Due to the corona crisis, there are many people who have painful circumstances such as being unable to come even if they want to come to a live show, or being unable to go even though they were planning to go, so is this a temporary service? There seems to be a view that it is, but the truth has not been clarified.

Even so, I don't show the whole face, but in all the photos, part of the face is hidden with stamps, so it feels like you can see a little bit .

[With image] Sutopuri real face handsome ranking!

Fans who saw their faces live said that they were all handsome .

Now then , regarding the faces of the members of Sutopuri, I would like to summarize them in a ranking system .

Sutopuri has 6 members, but who is the most popular and handsome?

6th place: Nanamori. Kun

Nanamori. Kun is the leader of Sutopuri and also the CEO of STPR Co., Ltd., a company established to support the activities of Sutopuri and members.

Nanamori. Kunhas and Puri have been doing distribution activities on Niconama and TwitCasting since before their activities, and photos that are thought to have been taken at that time have been leaked.

Also, in 2015, he appeared in a round-table discussion hosted by Noriyuki Ishikawa , which was distributed on TwitCasting , and he introduced himself as "Nanamori", so there is no doubt that he is himself.

Regarding the unprocessed face, there are voices such as “ handsome ” and “ gentle ” .

5th place: Riken-kun

In the past, Riken has confessed that he has "gender identity disorder" and that he is "mind is a man, body is a woman", and he has publicly announced that he is actually a woman.

Before joining Sutopuri, Rinu-kun was active as a singer on various distribution sites, and is still active as a singer, voice actor, and lyricist.

In addition, Rinu-kun is also active on his personal channel, and as of July 2022, Rinu-kun's song "Chiisana Koi no Uta" has recorded 27.58 million views.

In the past, Rinu-kun accidentally revealed his real face during a LIVE broadcast, but after that he posted a photo of his face on his Twitter.

Compared to the leaked photo, he is so handsome that he looks like a different person .

4th place: Jel-kun

Jeru-kun is popular for videos from the "Tooi-san" series of funny otome game-style cartoons.

The number of followers on TikTok has exceeded 1.5 million, and the cumulative number of followers ranks 11th in Japan.

According to those who went to the live and saw the actual Gel-kun, he is quite handsome, and many people said that he likes his mouth and his teeth are beautiful .

However, most of the photos posted on Twitter and Instagram have their mouths hidden, but the reason is unknown.

3rd place: Ruto-kun

Ruto-kun is a charming person with a gentle singing voice, and he is also active as a solo singer, and is in charge of releasing CDs and opening animations.

The image of Ruuto-kun's face is processed in some way, so you can't see the whole face.

It is said that it is very rare to see Ruto-kun's face because the rate of appearances among Sutopuri members is low .

Even at live performances, measures are taken to prevent faces from being exposed, such as the large monitor has a faint blur.

Fans who actually saw Ruuto-kun live said, “He has a cute face” and “Refreshing good-looking guy” .

2nd place: Koron-kun

In addition to Koron-kun Hastopuri, he is active by posting videos centered on game commentary and singing.

Looking at his name, some people might imagine that he's a soothing type of person, but if you watch the game live, he's quite a high-energy person .

Such Koron-kun has released his real face on Twitter, etc., and there are many voices saying that "the eyes are droopy like a puppy" , "pretty handsome!", and "cute" .

1st place: Satomi

Satomi-kun is the oldest Sutopuri member and is 29 years old as of 2022.

He is also very popular as a singer, and even held a solo live at Zepp in Tokyo.

In addition, I am active in game commentary, and I often comment on a game called Fifth Personality, but there are many other horror and surreal games, and I am watching women with a cool voice (Ikebo) and skillful talk. It is very popular among people.

Satomi-kun reveals half of his face on Twitter and videos, and even if he doesn't show his face clearly, he says, " He's got big eyes," "Anyway, he's handsome," and "He's more beautiful than handsome!" There are many voices praising her overly well-groomed face.

What was Matsuko Deluxe's ​​reaction to seeing Sutopuri's true face?

Sutopuri and Matsuko Deluxe co-starred for the first time in "Matsuko Conference" broadcast on June 5, 2021 .

This time, they wanted to see each other face-to-face and talk, so it was decided to show Matsuko Deluxe's ​​face and record it in a hidden form during the broadcast.

Immediately after the broadcast, related words were lined up in the trend, including “Matsuko Kaigi”, which won the first place, “Jel-kun”, “Sutopuri no Attraction”, “Rinu-kun”, etc. .

Who is Matsuko's favorite?

The broadcast started with all six members hiding their faces with stuffed animals, and at the request of Matsuko, who liked Gel-kun's voice the most , Gel-kun was the first to appear.

Matsuko, who saw Jeru-kun's real face, talked about his first impression, "Look, he's a little mature," and after that, the other members also showed their real faces.

Matsuko commented, "I realized that I'm a fool like Jel-chan," and it seems that Jel-kun's impression was the best.

Jeru-kun also responded with a quick wit, saying, “I’m also Matsuko-san’s type,” and he showed us his side of the excitement.

Deep talk between Sutopuri vs Matsuko Deluxe

Nanamori, the leader who brings together unique members . When Mr. Kun explained the reason for the activity, Mr. Matsuko commented, "After all, you're the type to persuade someone by speaking alone."

"I'm Nanamori like this. If I listened to you, I think I might have bought the last pot ."

At the beginning of the program, there was also a scene where Jeru-kun's voice was said to be his type, but he corrected it by saying, ``My voice is Nanamori .

Summary of Sutopuri members' real faces

Basically, by doing activities without showing your face, it is also a great attraction that delusions expand as to what kind of person you are.

It's a bit different from other idols so far, but the place and possibilities for activities are endless!

I'm looking forward to seeing how big it will grow.