Preview Kena: Bridge of Spirits | 10 Things You NEED to Know BEFORE PURCHASE

Updated on 2023-06-29
Kena: Bridge of Spirits chamou a atenção de todos no momento em que foi anunciado pela primeira vez, e continua a parecer promissor em tudo o que vimos até agora.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Yo, what's going on, guys? Today let's talk about the new upcoming game called Kena: Bridge of Spirits. This game will be released on 21st Sep 2021, both available on PS4, PS5, PC platforms. Although probably I think lots of you guys are already interested in this game and prepared your wallet yet. But calm down, guys. I already simplified the content and listed what you need to know before you purchase Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Don't waste time. Let's start.


Let's start premise kena bridge of spirits is set in a world where the passage from life to death, has become quite complicated and the souls of those who live traumatic. Lives find themselves unable to move on to the next place of existence. You play as krna a young spirit guide who can help, such lingering souls kena bridge of spirit's story sees kena traveling to an abandoned village. That was struck by a cataclysmic disaster long ago from where she must head out on a journey to a sacred mountain shrine to uncover the mysteries of the village and restore peace and balance to the world around her.

Zelda Inspirations

Zelda inspirations kena bridge of spirits is clearly taking cues from a lot of popular and beloved franchises from pikmin to god of war. But the one that it seems to owe the most to in terms of inspiration is the legend of zelda in terms of combat exploration and dungeons. Kenase seems to be modeled on Zelda games quite a bit which is fitting because the thing imber labs was most widely known for prior to kenah is an animated short film titled terrible fate which was based on the legend of zelda majora's mask. 

The Rot

The rot the adorable little black critters known as the rot clearly have a crucial role to play. In kena bridge of spirits and while it remains to be seen exactly how they're going to tie into the story. We do know that in terms of gameplay, they're going to be quite the useful companions. Kena will meet several of these rots throughout the game each of whom can be recruited to add to her personal little army and from combat to puzzle solving and much more the rot will be a vital gameplay mechanic. Throughout the game combat in kena bridge of spirits players are going to be equipped with a staff that doubles as a melee weapon and a ranged weapon with the former enabling light heavy and charged attacks. And the latter being made possible by the staff's ability to magically transform into a bow.

Meanwhile the rot as we mentioned, earlier will also be an important part of the combat loop. In addition to being able to distract enemies in various ways to provide crucial support, once you've weakened an enemy enough by yourself, the rot will also jump into combat to be much more of an immediate and tangible aid as well. Including taking various shapes to pummel enemies shooting projectiles, swarming foes, and more pulse. 

One of kena's abilities that's going to be an important mechanic, that players will probably use a lot of in the game is pulse in combat. Pulse will activate a shield that will have a health bar of its own which means it's obviously going to have vital defensive applications outside of combat. The pulse ability will be used to highlight clues or activate objects of interest, so the ability is going to have an important role to play in puzzles as well.

Puzzles and Exploration

Oh, and speaking of puzzles and exploration of course given how heavily keen of bridge of spirits is inspired by the legend of Zelda. It goes without saying that the game will put plenty of emphasis on solving puzzles and exploring environments as well. The rot will of course be central to solving puzzles which will also allow players to gain access to new areas to explore, while the developers haven't talked about how large or dense. The game's world is going to be given its supposed focus on exploration and puzzle solving we do have high hopes from krnah in this area. 

Wide Linear Design

Wide linear design with all of this talk of exploration you might be wondering exactly how king of bridge of spirit's world is going to be structured well. Before you ask it's not an open world the developers describe the game's level design as wide linear with a main path to follow, that will also have plenty of room for exploration. Exploring side areas and engaging in optional activities as you play more of the game, you'll gain access to more new areas to explore while you'll also always be free to backtrack to areas you've already been to hub. As you may have gleaned from previous points about the game's focus on exploration and wide linear design. 

Krna bridge of spirits is also going to have a central hub location the abandoned village that we mentioned, earlier will serve as your hub and it's an area that you'll keep returning to throughout the game. From here you'll be heading out into various connected areas and witness as the village, itself is gradually restored bit by bit throughout the game. 

Customization and upgrades

Customization and upgrades krna bridge of spirits isn't an RPG. So, progression is going to be fairly limited in the game but it's not like it's going to be entirely static either. The rot once again will have an important role to play here, and the more of them you have by your side the more powerful. You'll be able to make your attacks and abilities while additional upgrades, will also be tied to the rot light RPG mechanics are in place too, which means abilities and skills can be upgraded as well. 

In terms of customization, we don't know much about what the game will have on offer but one thing that we do know for sure is that players will be able to customize the rot by putting various, different kinds of hats on them and we're all for that obviously. 


Length as much as we love playing massive sweeping epics, that can last dozens upon dozens of hours. There's something so satisfying about playing a medium length tightly crafted experience that doesn't drag on for too long. Of these two camps it seems like krna bridge of spirits is going to fall into the latter, while the developers haven't provided exact numbers where the game's length is concerned. They have said that players will be able to comfortably finish it over the course of a weekend.

Dualsense Features

Dual sense features most games coming out for the PlayStation 5 are implementing the unique features of its dual sense controller. In some way and the same is going to be true of krna as well with ember labs having confirmed that the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are both going to be implemented. 


Of course, how well these features are leveraged isn't something we're going to be able to judge until we've actually played the game for ourselves. But it's easy to imagine what with krna's bow being such a central weapon, how the adaptive triggers in particular could be used. 

Next-Gen Upgrade

Next-Gen upgrade krna bridge of spirits is going to launch for both the PlayStation 5 and PS4 and PC. Of course, and as is the case with most but sadly not all crosston games coming out right, now it's going to have a free upgrade path in simple terms. If you purchase the game on the playstation 4 you'll be able to upgrade to its ps5 version at no additional cost. 


Price more than a few major releases in recent months have drawn the ire of fans, because of their pricing strategies. But kena bridges spirits thankfully is making some good calls. The game's standard edition will cost $39.99 across all platforms, while the digital deluxe edition will cost $49.99. 

Digital Deluxe Edition

Speaking of which digital deluxe edition what exactly is kena's digital deluxe edition going to include. Well it's mostly going to be cosmetic stuff in addition to the base game itself. It will include the digital soundtrack a unique silver kenase staff for players to use in the game, and a golden rot skin to dress up. 

Your critter companions with pc requirements so what if you're planning on playing kena bridge of spirits on a pc, well thankfully the requirements are not too demanding. On minimum settings you'll need either an amd fx 6100 or an intel i3 3220 either an amd radeon hd7750 or an nvidia geforce gtx 650 and 8 gigabytes of ram.

Meanwhile recommended requirements stipulate either an amd ryzen 7 1700 or an intel i7 6700k, either an amd rx vega 56 or an nvidia GTX 1070 and 16 gigabytes of ram storage requirements for the game will be 25 gigabytes across the board