Código do armário 14 de setembro |CARTO DE RECUNTERAÇÃO TOP 15 TOKEN!Sem gastar dinheiro !!

Updated on 2023-06-29
O novo código do armário para o NBA 2K22 MyTeam.Continue atualizando o código do armário.Nenhum dinheiro gasto time auxiliar

Yo, what's going on, guys? I believe someone already started the new season for NBA 2k22. Here I will list some good cards in the NBA 2k22 MyTeam token market. Let's go and have a look. By the way, guys, here is the new locker code & pack info.

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Emerald Players

Darren Collison

darren collison

Suppose you've played 2k21 and redeemed the Emerald player --- Bobby Jackson during the pioneer period. That's right to redeem this card. He's basically a substitute for Bobby Jackson. His shooting bag is good, with his own running shot and seven badges. The organization side also has good badges such as the first step of conversion, glue sailor, etc. Outside defense is not perfect, but em... It's okay, better than nothing. Even if you have Trae Young, you can still let Collison on your bench.

Marquese Chriss

For this emerald, Marquese Chriss is a pretty strong player in the paint area. Both dunks overall are 85. On defence, he can catch rebounds perfectly and interference shooting tendency with 99—a good dunker.

Jared Dudley

A good shooter with 86 three-point overall. Although his speed and defence are not suitable, you can still redeem Jared Dudley to be a three-pointer in your team if you want to be a no money spend player.

Roger Mason

I can say you may not redeem Jared Dudley, but you must redeem Roger Mason and Darren Collison in emerald players. Roger Mason got the same shooting bag as Curry, and he also is a fast released shooter. For his 82 speed is pretty enough under the current situation. I can't say he has a good defence, but I am pretty looking forward to see the diamond or pink-diamond Roger Mason in the future update.

Sapphire Players

Thaddeus Young

Thaddeus Young is a pretty good player. The position for this card is PF and C. I can say that his height is okay for the PF position but not enough for C. An excellent and robust dunker better than Marquese Chriss. You can add some badges for him, and this card will be up to the next level. If you are still not sure yet, redeem this card. You will get a surprise.

Seth Curry

Seth Curry is an excellent three-point shooter. But the speed is a little bit slow.

Patrick Mills

Patrick Mills, this card is better than Seth Curry. You must try this card.

Kelly Oubre Jr

Kelly Oubre Jr can play two positions but is better in small forward. He got fast speed and can shoot the ball, but he needs more badges—a valuable Sapphire Card.

Jumaine Jones

Jumaine Jones is better in Power Foward in MyTeam. Three balls & speed are both 79 overall, so you can use coach & shoes to upgrade this card.

Ruby Players

Ricky Pierce

Ricky Pierce is a good player with balance in everything but not perfect, with lots of badges.

Devonte Graham

Devonte Graham is an excellent Point Guard. He can shoot the three and organization.

Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose with an excellent height, the height it's okay in Small Forward. Little bit slow, and ball control is not well.

Tim Hardaway JR

Tim Hardaway JR is a 3D player, excellent three-point shooter.

Mitchell Robinson

Mitchell Robinson is an excellent paint defender. He is a 7 feet tall centre, and he can block pretty well.