Lebron James: “Nah, I should be 99 in NBA 2k22”

Updated on 2023-06-29
New overall rating for NBA 2K22 players. NBA 2K22 will available on 10th Sep 2021.

Steph Curry & Kevin Durant

Yo, what’s going on, guys? Today NBA 2k22 released the top 10 player’s rating online. Steph Curry, Kevin Durant are both 96 overall. 

steph curry

kevin durant

Lebron James

lebron james

This morning 2K sent the text to the Lakers player Lebron James and asked him, “what overall do you think you should be?” and Lebron James replies:” Nah, should be 99”. But in NBA 2k22, Lebron is 96 overall. Compared to NBA 2k21, the Lakers won the Championship, and Lebron James got the FMVP, and he was 98 overall in 2k21, so he’s overall a little bit lower than last year. Although someone doesn’t think Lebron James should be 96 should be lower now. As we know, Lebron James is getting older and older, he also got injured last season, and the Lakers lost the series playoffs game with the Suns. He cannot win the game by himself, but I am sure Lebron James is also the best small forward in the league. After the Lakers trading Russell Westbrook in, the Lakers will get the new Big Three in the coming season: Lebron James, Russell Westbrook & Anthony Davis. I am looking forward they can win the Championship next season.

Perviously Overall Rating for Lebron James

By the way, Lebron James already leading the 2k overall rating 14 times. Here is the previously overall rating for Lebron James: 

lebron james

Bucks Big Three


The 20 – 21 NBA NBA Championship Bucks big Three’s rating: The FMVP Giannis Antetokounmpo is 96, Khris Middleton is 88 & Jrue Holiday is 85 in NBA 2k22. 

20-21 NBA MVP: Nikola Jokic


20-21 NBA MVP Nikola Jokić is 95 overall. Em...I just want to ask 2k: Why not 96 for Jokic? Cause he like coke? 

Zion Williamson

zion williamson

So far, so good, the rating for Zion Williamson from New Orleans Pelicans is 89 overall. Good on you bro, I am just guessing Brandon Ingram will be 87 or 88? But anyway, looking forward to the Pelicans can back to the playoff in the coming season. 

Melo Ball

melo ball

The second year’s rookie point guard Melo Ball from Charlotte Hornets is 84 overall in NBA 2k22.

Trae Young & Luka Doncic

trae young

luka doncic

Trae Young is 89 overall in 2k22, and Luka Doncic is 94 overall. But I think Trae Young bring the Hawks to the east final last season but only 89? I am a little confused with this rating; he should be 90+ at least. However, Luka Doncic is the cover player for NBA 2k22 and can get 27.7 points, 8 rebounds and 8.7 assists for the regular season. In playoffs, Luka Doncic can get 35.7 points, 8.8 rebounds and 10.3 assists, and he is only 94 in NBA 2k22? Seriously?

Other Ratings 

Let’s go and have a look at the new rating in NBA 2k22, and you might find your favourite player in the list below.

Top 10 Overall 2k Ratings:

Top 3 Points Shooters in NBA 2k22: 

Top Dunkers in NBA 2k22:

Top 5 WNBA overall rating in NBA 2k22:

Top French players in NBA 2k22:

Top German players in NBA 2k22:

Top Spanish players in NBA 2k22:

Question Time

Lastly, thanks for reading, guys, and we will keep updating the news for NBA 2k22. Did you find your favourite player in this article?