How to Add Twitch Chat to Obs?

Updated on 2022-11-16
Saiba como adicionar twitch bate -papo ao obs e desfrute de conversar com outros streamers enquanto transmitem o Twitch e tornem toda a experiência divertida e emocionante.

The involvement of viewers plays a vital part to build a huge base of streaming audiences and chatting is regarded as one of the primary media to maximize engagement with your fans. If you are unaware of how to add Twitch chat to OBS then this article is for you.

This article would brief you on some simple steps to proceed with the twitch chat overlay. Moreover, it would also suggest one of the best downloaders, KeepStreams for Twitch to make the overall process easier and more accessible. Because of the useful features, KeepStreams offers to the users.

Once a stream chat is being featured by your OBS window, it becomes easier for many streamers for viewing as well as chat at the same time. What's advantageous about the whole method is that you can apply it to any kind of streaming device having a popup chat characteristic.

This guide would showcase different ways to add Twitch chat to the OBS screen. It would resolve queries on some common FAQs related to the chatting feature in OBS.

What Is OBS?

The term 'OBS' refers to Open Broadcaster Software. OBS is the best program to record videos as well as live streaming. It is primarily used for different types of trending online content creation like multilingual streaming, gaming as well as music etc. Users can easily install it on Linux, Windows and Mac.

This software is available free of cost to the users. As a result, it puts a limit on the burden of monthly subscriptions as well as additional fees. OBS is generally described as a place that facilitates the meeting of both inputs as well as outputs.

It means it facilitates the configuration of your camera, stream, microphone and game capture in OBS. There are various other beneficial built-in features taking twitch chat overlay in game to another level. One of the primary characteristics is to dock a streaming chat to the OBS window.

This feature could further be used with numerous types of streaming services such as Smashcast, Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Trovo and DLive etc. Although it's less competent with Facebook and YouTube live. Read this article thoroughly to know how to add twitch chat to OBS.

The addition of a twitch chat box to the OBS stream would make the overall process easy for viewers to keep an eye on every action without missing out on the important updates taking place in the twitch stream chat. 

What Is the Method for Adding Twitch Chat to OBS?

As suggested before, there are lots of streaming services that can be used for this purpose. Because Twitch has gained massive popularity in recent years that's why its user base is increasing with every passing day.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to add OBS Twitch chat:-

1. Open Twitch and move to your profile page of the Twitch account.

2. Visit the section of the chat followed by moving to chat settings.

3. From the list of different options, opt for popout chat.

4. Tap right click on the given link present in the popup window followed by copying it.

5. Launch OBS and press on the view on your screen in the upper-left corner.

6. From the drop-down menu click on the docks.

7. From the drop menu, amongst the various options choose custom browser docs. A new window would be opened.

8. Give a name to the chat below the section of the dock name. Keep a simple yet memorable name of the chat.

9. Next to the name of the chat, enter your URL which has been copied from Twitch.

10. Click on Apply.

That's all you need to do. The appearance of the minimized stream chat will be seen in the OBS window's corner. The great thing about the feature is that it possesses the capability of moving the stream chat and you can also resize it.

The twitch stream chat would be highlighted in blue color so it becomes evitable to users where they have to move it. In case you don't require your stream chat, it's easy to remove them within seconds. You have to follow the steps to open your custom browser docs.

What Is KeepStreams for Twitch Downloaders? Why Is This Software Regarded as the User’s Friend?

KeepStreams support different OTT stages as well as film nonstop parts to manage the overall streaming experience of users.

KeepStreams ensures consistent video relationships with users with premium sound and video quality. Furthermore, users can likewise set their ideal chance of their video going from 320p to 1080p as shown by their necessities.

With the fortified parts, latest progressions as well as an enormous spilling of shows, KeepStreams is the one-stop reply for users who need to race critical distances to watch their number one TV shows alongside films with practically no interference.

For what reason would it be advisable for you to pick KeepStreams for Twitch to add chat in OBS or OBS stream chat?

A portion of the advantages that KeepStreams offers to its users is clear:-

1. Liberated from any local constraint

KeepStreams for Twitch downloaders is liberated from any geological square. KeepStreams for Twitch gives you a medium to download your ideal video from an ordinary prime video website page which additionally joins countries like the United Kingdom, the US, Germany, Japan and others.

2. Presenting accounts in high picture quality

KeepStreams for Twitch downloader ensures a smooth download relationship with an amazing pace for every user by following an easy process. KeepStreams is perhaps the most surprising software to appreciate quality substance as well as downloads with no obstruction.

3. Different soundtracks for an extraordinary experience

KeepStreams for Twitch downloaders grant users to investigate various soundtracks going from EAC3 5.1, and AC3 5.1 to AAC 2.0 sound stations, maybe the most fitting exposure as well as downloaders for audiophiles.

4. Skip unwanted ads

KeepStreams gives users the decision to skip ads which don't suit their needs. You won't be making a fuss over the irritating progressions any longer while watching your ideal video content on KeepStreams.

5. Mass downloading of different records at quick

The packaging download on KeepStrems gives you the decision to download detached content which isn't accessible without any problem. You are allowed to watch the whole series of any sort of show or series according to your inclination at any spot and at your expected time.

6. Keep proper track of updated changes in the tech world

To take extraordinary consideration of the latest necessities as well as cases of users, the developers of keepStreams guarantee that they are refreshing the product without fail to remain mindful of the latest changes being created. That is the explanation KeepStreams is seen as one of the beneficial video downloaders.

How Are the Elements of KeepStreams Special in Contrast With Other Downloaders?

The elements of KeepStreams are interesting in the accompanying ways:-

1. Saves metadata for making up a solid media library

KeepStreams goes probably as a video master. It saves metadata close to the user #1 records which go likely as expected to make a media library.

2. Lifts downloading speed in MP4 structure

With the help of KeepStreams, you can download higher speed downloads in the MP4 change offering the best resemblance.

3. Moving HD records to various contraptions

The users using Keepstreams can without an altogether astounding stretch arrangement with their downloads by moving them to tablets as well as cells.

4. Implicit Browser

You can check out a wide range of things with the piece of the master program of KeepStreams.

How to Download Twitch Content with KeepStreams?

You are expected to follow three principal stages to download the desired videos on Twitch with the assistance of KeepStreams. The means are exhibited under:-

1. Visit the live streaming segment, and duplicate the URL of the video which you will download.

2. You need to glue the URL of the ideal video in the location bar.

3. Click on "Download Now". You are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is twitch chat visible while streaming?

A: During streaming on the phone, open your Twitch app to start broadcasting the stream to view your Twitch chat. You would notice your chat getting placed on the screen's bottom. There aren't many options for moving so it's not possible to place it in any position rather than completely closing it.

Q2. How to twitch chat overlay obs?

A: Start with navigating to the chat followed by tapping on the bottom icon of your chat section. Select “Popout Chat.” You would notice the opening of the chat in a separate browser window. Copy the link. Tap on the 'add' option after switching back to OBS on the bottom left.

Q3. How to change the badge of my chat on Twitch?

A: Visit the partner section on the creator's dashboard of your preferences. Open the subscriptions section and select loyalty badges. Opt for the badge which requires modifications and select it from your drop-down menu beneath managing badges.


Hence the process to know how to add Twitch chat to OBS is quite simple. You have to repeat a few steps and you can easily stream and side by side chat while streaming. This overall experience of twitch chat overlay has been proven great for the users.

What makes the overall process of adding chat more reliable is KeepStreams for Twitch. This software acts like a user's friend. Since it consists of all the features which a streamer looks for while using Twitch to have an enriching experience.