Anker Soundcore 2 Review

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The Anker Soundcore 2. Review: If you are looking for a fun, loud, and affordable Bluetooth speaker that will not break, the Soundcore 2 is the one. During our testing, we were impressed by its sound quality.

Anker Soundcore 2

Anker Soundcore 2
We like this
  • Super cheap

  • Sound quality is solid

  • Battery life is excellent

The Things We Hate
  • A little quieter than I expected

  • Beware of fingerprints and other blemishes

  • No flashy extra features

Anker Soundcore 2, hands down, is the most affordable Bluetooth speaker option in this price range.

This article explains.
  • Design: Simple, but well done
  • Portableability: Compact and dense
  • Durability and build quality: It feels like a tank but it isn't.
  • Connection and setup: Easy and unflashy
  • Audio Quality: Great for average users
  • Price: An impressive deal
  • Treblab HD7 vs. Anker Soundcore 2.
  • Final Verdict
  • Specifications

For those people who don't know if they want a Bluetooth speaker, the Anker Soundcore 2, is probably the best portable Bluetooth speaker. In our modern lives, we've got so many options for listening to music on the go—from super-tiny true wireless earbuds to perfectly passable stereo speakers in our smartphones.

The use case for a portable Bluetooth speaker is therefore pretty specific—things like backyard barbecues and beach days. Are you willing to pay $100-200 for a device that is only used occasionally? Anker is a great brand to consider. The Soundcore 2 Bluetooth speaker at Amazon is a great value for money. It's loud and portable and very lightweight. The Soundcore 2 is a little less powerful than the JBL and Ultimate Ears models, especially in terms of bass response at louder volumes. There are also no distinguishing features. This is an excellent addition to any beach bag for under $50.

Anker Soundcore 2

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Design: Simple, but very effective

JBL's best-selling portable speaker, the cylindrical Pringles can design, has been the standard, but Soundcore 2 uses a rectangular chassis and softly-rounded corners. In a category where tech is known for using loud, bold colors, this makes the device much less noticeable. The only thing that can be called a design choice is the Anker logo in light gray on the grille. The soft rubber has had the logo imprinted onto it, and not ink.

Two LED indicators lights for Bluetooth pairing or on/off are small and bright. Even the buttons on the top are rubber punch-outs. For a more bold look you can choose from black or bright red/blue. However, the design remains simple.

The downside to soft rubber is the possibility of greasy fingerprints. This is not an issue when the speaker is used indoors, but outside you will likely get greasy fingerprints from using it.

Anker Soundcore 2

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Portability: Compact and dense

The material options will be covered in more detail later, but what you first notice when the speaker is out of its box is its weight. The Soundcore 2 is only 13 ounces in weight, which for a device measuring 6.5 inches, seems a bit heavy. However, this is mainly to ensure durability. I prefer a more robust build but it's still possible to keep the device small. And that's what you get here—a reasonably thin, totally portable little speaker that will slip inside a backpack, laptop bag, or into the center console of a car without taking up too much real estate.

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Build Quality and Durability: It feels like a tank but it isn't.

The Soundcore 2's weight is one of its most striking features. But that's not the only thing. The weight of the Soundcore 2 was already mentioned in the section on portability. However, I think that the device's dense feel is a major factor in its portability. The speaker feels solid when placed flat on a surface. The entire device's shell is made of thick plastic that has a soft, rubberized exterior. This acts both as a protection case and shock absorber.

Metal grilles give the device an extra premium look than those made from plastic or mesh. One gripe on the construction is that the small rubber feet that stabilize the speaker when it's sitting on a table actually don't seem to be fastened into the chassis—one of mine fell out leaving a deep hole in the build.

Although this is not a major problem, the rubber outer shell can be used as a tabletop. However, it does create a little crevice to collect dirt and other debris. What's more is, even though this speaker sports IPX7 waterproofing on paper—enough to handle any amount of precipitation, and enough to submerge the device in water—that hole underneath that became exposed when one of the feet came off seems pretty vulnerable to moisture.

Anker Soundcore 2

Setup and Connectivity: Easy and unflashy

If you want flashy functionality or other fancy features, you won't find a Bluetooth speaker priced at $50 on a company like Anker. The Soundcore 2 does what it's supposed to—you take it out of the box, turn it on, and find the device in your Bluetooth pairing menu. Although it takes slightly longer to pair than I would like, this is a minor issue. It's easy to pair another device by using the large Bluetooth button at the top of the phone (next the volume-up button), and then finding it in the menu.

Soundcore also offers Bluetooth 5 for a stable connection that provides 33 feet range and allows you to connect up to two devices simultaneously. You can also connect two Soundcore 2s together to create a stereo system. The connectivity proved to be very stable even far from the source device, according to anecdote. The speaker was more stable when used outside, probably due to the line of sight. However, indoor usage proved just as stable. It also has an auxiliary input of 3.5mm, useful for handing out cables at parties.

The Soundcore 2 does what it's supposed to—you take it out of the box, turn it on, and find the device in your Bluetooth pairing menu. Although it takes slightly longer to link than I would like, this is a minor issue.

Sound Quality - Excellent for average users

If you are looking for a speaker you can stuff into your coat pocket, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. A larger speaker driver is required and an enclosure that can carry the bass to achieve a truly amazing bass response. The Soundcore 2 was extremely impressive in delivering the same level of bass as top 40 songs. Anker pins the frequency response at 70Hz to 20kHz, which notably leaves out about 50Hz on the low end—to be expected with drivers measuring only a few inches.

Anker credits this to some smart digital signal processing and a "spiral bass port" (a term they use for the speaker's internal circuit). If you hold the speaker with bass playing, the loud bass resonance will be felt. This can lead to some harmonic distortion when you play really loud bass. Don't expect to be able to create punchy EDM tracks or crank up the volume with no artifacts. The sound quality is great for average users, even when you consider the cost. The sound quality is excellent, with plenty of high-quality mid-to-high details. Podcasts, music by singer-songwriters and pop/top 40 are all supported. However, I would have preferred more volume (6W max handling), and better-def Bluetooth codes.

The sound quality is great for the average user. This includes the cost. You can listen to podcasts and singer-songwriter songs, as well as basic pop/top 40 music.

Anker Soundcore umbrella sells headphones and speakers at a very affordable price. However, portable batteries and chargers are perhaps the most well-known product of the company. The Soundcore's battery management is outstanding. The speaker is heavy due to the massive 5,200mAh lithium battery. It provided 24 hours continuous playback. You'll see these figures on smaller earbuds because they emit less sound. However, it's still surprising to get a whole day of listening with an earbud that pumps as much air.

The Soundcore 2 was about 60% charged when it arrived in its box. I listened to the Soundcore 2 for 15 hours straight without interruptions. It's difficult to get the Soundcore 2 to zero with a 24-hour battery life. However, I feel confident enough that the 24 hour time is reasonable as long as the volume is not too high. The speaker charges using micro-USB, not USB-C. It can take up to a couple of hours for it to completely recharge. Despite this headroom, it's unlikely that you will be using the speaker much.

The speaker is heavy due to the massive 5,200mAh lithium battery. It provided 24 hours continuous playback.

Price: An impressive deal

Anker is an affordable brand so it was not surprising to see the Soundcore 2 priced at $40. But what surprised me the most is the value that you get from the Soundcore 2. This speaker is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a full day of uninterrupted listening on one charge. It also boasts excellent sound quality and a stunning build.

Brand name isn’t expensive and the features aren’t flashy (no app or eye-catching design touches),It is crucial to set your expectations accordingly. For those who are price conscious, it will be difficult to find better features for the same amount of money.

Anker soundcore 2 vs. Treblab H7

It can be difficult to pick the best Bluetooth speaker for you, particularly when there are many options. There are many reviews of the Anker Soundcore 2, and it has proven reliable enough over time. However, the Treblab HD7 (view on Amazon) offers a more powerful option for people who need something louder. You'll also get a lot more value for your money with the HD7, which has a solid build. The Anker's design is a little more elegant.

Anker Soundcore 2, a portable speaker, is for people who don't need to pay too much money on music machines. The price of this device is a major selling point. It feels like it's a secondary product to your speakers and at-home setup. The Soundcore 2's affordable price and reliable performance make it an easy recommendation.


  • Soundcore 2 is the product name
  • Produkt Brand Anker
  • SKU B01MTB55WH
  • Prices starting at $39.99
  • Weight 12.6 oz.
  • Product dimensions 6.6x2.2x1.9in
  • Choose from Black, Red or Blue
  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • Wired/Wireless wireless
  • Warranty: 18 Months
  • Range wireless 20m
  • Bluetooth spec Bluetooth 5.0
  • Audio codecs SBC, AAC

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